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Public Defender: “Mortality Rate among Prisoners Increased”
Public Defender of Georgia has published National Prevention Mechanism Special Report. It describes the results of the monitoring in penitentiary establishments and temporary detention isolators carried out over the first half of 2011. According to the Report, the rate of mortality among prisoners has increased and inmates are still ill-treated in custodies.

Prisoner Describes His Torture
Ombudsman of Georgia sent an explanation note of the prisoner who explains how he was tortured by the employees of #18 Prison Department to the main Office of Prosecutor of Georgia.

Prisoners Unable to Call Lawyer of Human Rights Center
The head of Legal Department of Human Rights Center Nino Andriashvili states that the prisoners cannot contact her since the month of November. The lawyer assumes that her telephone is blocked on purpose.

Deceased Prisoner’s Body Brought to Zugdidi Prison
On November 8, family members of late prisoner Murman Kalandia, 42, brought the deceased in front of the Zugdidi prison # 4 where he served his term before death; Kalandia died on October 31.


“My Son Was Beaten to Death at Zugdidi Prison”
The family of late prisoner Murman Kalandia blames the administration of the Zugdidi Prison # 4 in his death. The family alleges the prisoner died of traumas he had received in prison.

“Political Heart Attack” in Geguti Prison
Israeli businessman under arrest Zeev Frenkel has had a heart attack. He had a shunt surgery in one of the new clinics of Kutaisi. As the lawyer of the convict Archil Kbilashvili states the reason of the heart attack was deprivation of medicines sent to the Frenkel. Instead of reaching the addressee, the medicines were left in the doctor’s cabinet.

Public Defender Addresses Chief Prosecutor of Georgia to Investigate Case of Ill-Treatment
According to subparagraph C of article 21 of the Organic Law on Public Defender, the Public Defender of Georgia Giorgi Tughushi addressed the chief prosecutor of Georgia Murtaz Zodelava to start preliminary investigation regarding the facts of ill-treatment of prisoners in #2 Penitentiary Department.

“Demetradze Might Be Killed But Publicly Reported as Suicide”
Former player of the Georgian National Football Team Giorgi Demetradze is in poor conditions in prison. He was convicted for the membership of the criminal world and sentenced to 6-year-imprisonment. At the moment, he is waiting for the discussion of his cassation suit and decision of the Supreme Court.

The Human Rights Center Requests Investigation in Prisoners’ Torture
On September 5, press-conference about torture and inhuman treatment of prisoners was held in the office of the Human Rights Center. Executive director of the Center Ucha Nanuashvili and head of the Center’s Legal Clinic Nino Nadriashvili underlined the problems of the convicted Rudik Ovakimyan.

Public Defender for Liquidation of Prisons
Prevention and monitoring department of the Public Defender’s Office of Georgia finished monitoring of penitentiary institutions in the western Georgia by visiting Batumi Prison # 3 and Zugdidi Prison # 4; the preliminary report of the monitoring was also prepared. The Public Defender of Georgia has been requesting to liquidate those two institutions since 2009.

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