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Eleven-Year-Old Giorgi: “Main point is job but not “Hard Job””

Everybody knows Giorgi in town. He has lots of friends and dreams a lot. He does not want to complain about his problems and avoids speaking with journalist. However, he speaks like an old person about politics, history, his family and his job.Giorgi Gelashvili lives in King Parnavaz Street in Akhaltsikhe with his mother and sister.
Hullabaloo in Taleri Public School
Who breaks the law, teacher or their pupils?!

Everybody can answer this question in the public school of the village of Taleri in Martvili District. However, teachers and pupils are pointing the finger at one another.  The school has been famous for serious discontent between its human resources a long time already; pupils have recently become activists. Last week, the controversy between teachers and pupils reached a peak. Consequently, the adults were brought to the police station; and teachers and Board of Trustees are discussing their dismissal.

“I want you to be my mother” – foster child care in Georgia.
You will often hear these words in boarding schools and orphanages these days. The moment you cross the threshold of any of these institutions you see the sad eyes of abandoned children and at that very moment you want to find their mothers and persuade them that their children need them.

Single Mother: “I will do impossible things for their sake.”
They live in the village veterinary clinic and they are afraid that they might be ousted from there at any minute. The only income of the family is a meagre pension. The family lives under the most intolerable of conditions.

“Were can I find justice? Whom can I address?” asks Maia Kipshidze, a single mother of five children and 3 of them are physically disabled. Maia Kipshidze is the inhabitant of village Bulajuri, Adigeni district. 

Have you lost your job because of the spread of the COVID-19?
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Another proposal on agreement
The society knows that since December 2017 I have a court dispute with the Tbilisi City Hall and the Georgian Water Distribution Company
Women – victims of violence
ცხოვრება ეჭვისა და უნდობლობის სამყაროში


Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?


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