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თელავის საარჩევნო კომისიის თავმჯდომარის ანგარიშსწორება მერობის კანდიდატის მიმართ
თელავის საოლქო-საარჩევნო კომისიის თავმჯდომარე გიორგი კალმახელიძემ თელავის მერობის კანდიდატს ლეიბორისტული პარტიიდან ნიკოლოზ ვარდოშვილს ადმინისტრაციული სამართალდარღვევის ოქმი შეუდგინა და მის დაჯარიმებას ითხოვს 500 ლარით. კალმახელიძე ვარდოშვილს საარჩევნო კომისიის მუშაობაში ხელშეშლას ედავება.
People from Noe Settlement Ask for Water
12 Roma families live in Noe settlement of the Agtaklia village in Gardabani municipality. They have to cope with the problems of drinking water, road and street illumination every day.
Private Demirel College Was Refused to Take Authorization
On September 15, Private Demirel College will not renew school year. The college stopped 25-years-long education activities based on the decision of the Authorization Council for General Educational Institutions. On August 29, 2017 the Council refused the Private Demirel College to get authorization. As their conclusion reads, the Council made decision considering the legal violations they discovered in the educational institution. At the same time, in accordance to the decision, all three standards necessary for the authorization (educational programs, material resource and human resource) were violated. 
Human Rights Center Will Defend Rights of Irakli Butkhuzi
Lawyer of the Human Rights Center’s Shida Kartli office Aleksi Merebashvili received information about the results of the investigation into the case of physical assault of Irakli Butkhuzi in the Kaspi police unit. The Kaspi district office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not adequately respond to the incident of August 25. Considering that, the nongovernmental organization got involved in the case.
Personal Data Protection Inspector of Georgia Recognized Pam Club to Be Offender into Lasha Tordia’s Case
Based on the petition of Human Rights Center, the Personal Data Protection Inspector of Georgia recognized the café Pam Club to be administrative offender into Lasha Tordia’s case, former chief auditor of Georgia.
Public Defender Responds to Prosecutor Jarji Tsiklauri's Accusations
The Public Defender of Georgia is responding to the public statement of Jarji Tsiklauri, the prosecutor in the so-called cyanide case, and calls on him to refrain from intentionally making incorrect statements, to respect the constitutional mandate of the Public Defender and to show professional respect for the employees of the Public Defender's Office.

Statement on So-called Cyanide Case Verdict
The Public Defender is echoing the verdict delivered in the so-called cyanide case and considers that the guilty verdict does not serve justice.
The Public Defender confirms his respect for the court, as the main institution of judiciary. At the same time, considering his constitutional mandate, the Public Defender considers it necessary to inform the public of the main results of the continuous monitoring of the case over 7 months.
Human Rights Center Evaluates the Verdict into the so-called Cyanide Case
Human Rights Center does not agree with the verdict issued by the Tbilisi City Court on the so-called cyanide case, based on which Deacon Giorgi Mamaladze was sentenced to 9-year-imprisonment.  
The Fire in the Occupied Territory Was Localized
The fire in the occupied territory broke out during night hours on September 3. The bushes and forest nearby the Gori municipality villages of Zemo Artsevi and the occupied village Otevi were on fire. The fire in the occupied territory got so strong that it was visible from the villages in the Georgia controlled territory. Fire-brigades and rescue teams were working alongside the occupation line to combat the spread of the fire. 
Care Taker of the Street Dogs in Signagi Was Beaten
42-years-old Matilda Mirzoeva was beaten in front of the municipal administration building in Signagi. She has multiple injuries on the body. As Mirzoeva told Reginfo, at about 8 pm on August 28, she was trying to take street dog from the town center to the dog shelter, when 22-years-old man attacked her and physically assaulted. 
Concrete Hedge Was Constructed Around the 18th Century Church in Matani Village without Permission
There is the 18th Century Church in the yard of the Ancient Fortress, which belonged to the Georgian noble family of the Cholokashvili’s in Matani village, Akhmeta municipality. The Church has status of the cultural heritage. Recently, the locals, upon agreement with the Alaverdi Church Eparchy, constructed a concrete hedge around the church and the stairs without official permission from the respective state institutions. The width of the hedge is almost 2 meters and the height about 1 meter.
Life is the most precious thing – a cancer patient about her experience
According to the WHO estimates, nowadays there are 10,000,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed every year throughout the world and about 6,000,000 people die from the disease. Currently there are 46,000 people diagnosed with cancer in Georgia. 
Court Sentenced Heads of the Financial Company Georgia to Imprisonment
The Tbilisi City Court sentenced Merab Peradze, manager of the financial company Georgia to 10 years of imprisonment, his wife Tamar Metreveli to 7 years of impris
Two Months Passed after the Tragedy in Takhtisdziri Village
On August 13, two months had passed since two women were ruthlessly killed in Takhtisdziri village, but the investigation is still underway. The investigation was commenced under the Article 109 Part III of the Criminal Code of Georgia which applies to the premeditated murder in aggravating conditions. 
Family of Jaba Bojgua Requests Restoration of Social Allowance
Mother of Jaba Bojgua, Manana Gvalia said her family has lost social allowance several months ago. She used to get the social allowance of 156 GEL per month during four years. In the end of January, 2017, the state cancelled the social allowance for the family because of the used electricity. According to the Social Agency, nowadays, the family has different rating points – 69 340. 

Rally to Request Irrigation Water
On August 4, the residents of Kheltubani village in Gori municipality blocked the Gori-Mejvriskhevi motorway with the request to supply village with the irrigation water. The participants of the rally requested meeting with the local authority and solution of the problem. 

Disabled Convicted Blames Influential Prisoners and Prison Administration Members in His Attempted Murder
“On July 24, 2017 I was sent from prison # 18 to prison # 17 by force. On July 26, inmates of the prison # 17 tried to kill me. They planned to kill me ruthlessly. From about 5-6 pm to 11-12 pm I was under psychological oppression,” prisoner Solomon Sekhniashvili wrote in his letter, which his lawyer Eka Kobesashvili from Human Rights Center presented to journalists. 
Investigation of Crimes Committed during 2008 August War
Public Defender’s Office organized a public debate “Investigation of Crimes Committed during 2008 War and Security Challenges“ on July 28, in the Gori Civic Engagement Center to discuss the investigation being carried out by the International Criminal Court into the crimes committed during the 2008 war against the citizens of Georgia.
Nepotism of Vano Zardiashvili – How Family Members of Mikheil Chinchaladze Got Employed
MP Vano Zardiashvili from the Georgian Dream was deputy chief auditor of Georgia in 2013-2016. Soon after Zardiashvili occupied the position, the wife and mother of Mikheil Chinchaladze, who was his close friend and acting deputy chairman of the Supreme Court of Georgia, got jobs in the State Audit Office. 
The State Purchased Cars for up to 13 million GEL from the Companies Owned by the Sport Minister
Throughout 2017, different state institutions purchased the cars from the companies owned by the Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia Tariel Khechikashvili for 12 793 101 GEL for them. Among them was the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which purchased 262 new cars for 11 704 820 GEL.
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