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iInformation bulletin - Parliamentary Elections 2016.
Human Rights Center prepared an information bulletin - Parliamentary Elections 2016. 
The bulletin provides information about the pre-election period, Election Day, second round and post-election period of the 2016 Parliamentary Elections in Georgia. 

რეაბილიტაცია გისოსებს მიღმა - გზა თავისუფლებისაკენ
„ჩვენ შორის კედელია ცივი; მავთულხლართები და რკინის კარი, რომელიც არასოდეს გაიღება, რადგან გასაღები მე თვითონ დავკარგე; ჩემი თავი ცოცხლად დავიმარხე რკინა-ბეტონის კუბოში... როცა იმედები კვდება, გულიც კვდება ნელ-ნელა... შენ კი იხარე, ცხოვრება მშვენიერია...“ - ეს არის ამონარიდი მოთხრობიდან „იანვრის თოვლი“, რომელიც ჟურნალ „რიწაში“ დაიბეჭდა. მოთხრობის ავტორია მსჯავრდებული პ.ლ. 
Chabuk Was Refused to Get Refugee Status in Georgia and Threats to His Family

Unidentified people threat the family members of Mustafa Emre Chabuk, Demireli School Manager, with liquidation – his wife Tuba Chabuk made statement about it. The family requests state defense from the Government of Georgia. Several days before this fact, the Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation of Georgia refused Chabuk to grant the refugee status.
Has Gori District Election Commission Violated the Law?!
Chairman of the nongovernmental organization Gori Information Center Mikheil Chitadze continues fight against the unification of the local self-governments and together with the Gori City Council member Tamar Tedliashvili applied to the Gori DEC # 32 to get registered as a candidates for Gori City Mayor and municipal governor on behalf of the initiative group. The initiative group wished to register Chitadze as a candidate for the position of the Gori City Mayor and Tedliashvili for the position of the municipality governor.. 
Barbed wires, fences, banners and tillages – occupation dynamics
“It started with barbed wires, continued with fences, then it changed into illegal installation of banners and final phase of the so-called “borderization process” is digging so-called “anti-fire line” tillage alongside the occupation line,” head of the Analytic Service at the State Security Service Kakhaber Kemoklidze described the dynamics of the moving occupation. 
Information Bulletin of Human Rights Center– International Criminal Court Investigation in Georgia
Human Rights Center prepared Information Bulletin – International Criminal Court Investigation in Georgia. The bulletin reflects main tendencies regarding ongoing investigation by the International Criminal Court into the situation of Georgia, over alleged crimes against humanity and war crimes committed in the context of international armed conflict between 1 July and 10 October 2008.

Persons with Disabilities Face Problems When They Apply to Banks for Employment
“Georgia ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2014. Despite that there are still many challenges in the effective implementation of the Convention. Regardless our many recommendations, the facultative protocol of the Convention was not ratified yet,” Public Defender of Georgia Ucha Nanuashvili said at the presentation of the Special Report about the State of Persons with Disabilities. 
Road was blocked in Khidistavi with the request of gasification of the village
On June 26, population of the Khidistavi village in Gori municipality held protest demonstration because of installment of the natural gas pipes in the village. The locals were told the tubes were installed for the gasification of Ateni village and not for Khidistavi village, where those tubes are actually installed. 
Life with the Fear of Being Expelled from Georgia and Being Tortured
Azerbaijani politician Dashgin Agararli has been sheltering Georgia for the third year already. With the legal assistance of Human Rights Center, he was freed from Georgian prison, but since then he has been living under permanent fear of being extradited to Baku. As he said, this fear particularly reinforced after his friend journalist Afgan Mukhtarli was abducted from Tbilisi.

Problems of Persons with Disabilities
“Georgia ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2014. Despite that there are still many challenges in the effective implementation of the Convention. Regardless our many recommendations, the facultative protocol of the Convention was not ratified yet,” Public Defender of Georgia Ucha Nanuashvili said at the presentation of the Special Report about the State of Persons with Disabilities. 

Teachers at Nikozi Village Public School Request Dismissal of the Director
“Enough with the director’s dictatorship”- the teachers of the Nikozi village public school met the director, when he arrived at school on June 22 and did not allow him to enter the building.

Fake Investment in Akhmeta – Fake Deals of the Municipality Governor with His Friend
Akhmeta municipality administration sold two agricultural plots with the space of 8 090 square meters to Archil Kotchliashvili in 2015 with the condition to carry out investment in the land within 2 years. In fact, the agreement with the “investor” did not envisage any investment obligations but the Akhmeta municipality governor prolonged the investment term for 4 years and finally the plots were registered on the brother of his closest friend Mamuka Kholegashvili. 
Baby-sitter at the Family of Gori Vice Mayor Faked Robbery of the Family
In the evening of June 15, masked people attacked the house of the Gori vice-mayor and robbed them. According to the initial information, the baby-sitter of the vice-mayor’s children was injured. The robbers took the jewelry. Law enforcement bodies started criminal investigation under the Article 179 Part II and Part III of the Criminal Code of Georgia that is about illegal entry into other’s dwelling and robbery. 
„Natural Disaster Cannot Be Blamed in the Damage”
The water-flood of June 10 caused 10 million GEL damage in Surami, Khashuri municipality. Heavy rain moved silt and ruins from the mountains, which filled the river bed and the flooded water flew into the basements, cellars and agricultural plots of the locals. 
შშმ პატიმრები საჭირო სერვისებით ვერ სარგებლობენ და არც სათანადო მკურნალობა უტარდებათ

„მაქვს ექსპერტის დასკვნა, სადაც წერია, რომ ვარ მძიმე და პალიატიური ავადმყოფი. დაკავების დღიდან ირღვევა ჩემი უფლებები პროკურატურის, შინაგან საქმეთა სამინისტროსა და სასჯელაღსრულების სამინისტროს მხრიდან. დაბოლოს, ჩემს უფლებებს არღვევს ჯანდაცვის სამინისტროც“, - წერს მსჯავრდებული ს.ს. ადამიანის უფლებათა ცენტრს №18 სასჯელაღსრულების დაწესებულებიდან.
„Free Chabuk!”
Mustafa Emre Chabuk, who was arrested upon the request of Turkey under the charge of membership of the terrorist organization, is still in the Prison # 8 of Georgia. Regardless the protest statements of the international and local nongovernmental organizations, there is risk that the manager of the Demirel College Mustafa Emre Chabuk may be transferred to Turkey.  

Facts of abuse of power by police officers have increased
This article is available only in Georgian.
Georgia Marked the Day “World without Tobacco” with New Law
On May 30, the Parliamentary Committee on Healthcare and Social Issues of Georgia marked the international day World without Tobacco and held reception in the parliament of Georgia. Representatives of the Parliament of Georgia, Government, President’s Administration, representatives of the institutions, who were members of the Tobacco Control Governmental Commission, representatives of the international and local NGOs participated in the event. 
Coalition Protested Opaque Appointment Process of Judges in the High Council of Justice
The High Council of Justice received the resignation application of Valerian Tsertsvadze, Chair of the Appeal Court, four days ago and on May 29, the HCOJ scheduled a session, which was conducted in parallel to the protest of NGOs. Part of the civil society organizations believes the resignation of Valeri Tsertsvadze four days ago was suspicious. They doubt he quitted job in favor of his successor. 
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