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Agenda of the occupants in Gugutiantkari
While the occupant forces were constructing the banners indicating at the so-called border in Gugutiantkari village, local Givi Razmadze was dismantling his own house because the representatives of the occupation regime told him his house was now in the occupied territory and he could no longer live there. The occupants gave three days to him to take the construction materials and other items from his estate. 
Gorashvili vs Natchkebia
Lector of the Law Faculty of the Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University Giorgi Gorashvili sued the student of the same faculty Buba Natchkebia for cursing him in the closed group of facebook.

Occupation in Gugutiantkari
11 years after the Russia-Georgia war, the representatives of the occupation regime actively continue annexation of the Georgia-controlled territory. This time, they started so-called “border demarcation” works alongside the occupation line in Gugutiantkari village of Gori municipality.
Warning action of the school students at the Tbilisi Sea: 'Nobody protects you here! Do not be next victim!'
On August 10, from 09:00 am to 11:00 am, the participants of the Summer Green Camp of the CENN held another action nearby the so-called waterfall at the Tbilisi Sea, where the River Aragvi joins the Tbilisi Water Reservoir. 
Owner of the medical center Lancet sent back to prison
The court sentenced the owner of the medical center Lancet in Tbilisi Farman Jeyranli to additional 4 years in prison as he had to leave the prison on August 20. He is convicted for forgery. Farman Jeyranli was arrested in 2017 when two patients passed away in his clinic.
The Court Ordered the City Hall to Surround the Dangerous Site with Wall
The Tbilisi City Court partly satisfied the claim of Aleko Tskitishvili and Maka Tsiklauri and ordered the Tbilisi City Hall to install warning banners nearby the so-called waterfall on the Tbilisi Sea. The City Hall is also ordered to construct 2, 5 meters high concrete wall alongside the channel to prevent people from climbing over it.
The owner of the agricultural plot located on the occupied territory pays the land tax for years
Human Rights Center continues monitoring of the situation in the villages alongside the occupation line to identify the needs and problems of the local population. This time, the HRC representatives visited the villages of Tsitsagiantkari, Akhrisi and Jariasheni of Gori municipality on July 25. 
Noise over the proposed extension of the lease agreement with Giorgi Kandelaki
On July 26, the issue of lease agreement extension with additional 5 years over the 35 square meter land with Giorgi Kandelaki, World Champion in Boxing and businessman, caused noise at the bureau session of the Gori municipal assembly. The businessman plans to arrange an open café in the area of the Stalin Museum in Gori. He petitioned the assembly with the request to extend his lease agreement with additional 5 years. 
Campaign Swim Safe to hold protest action in the Rustavi Park of Culture and Rest
On July 19, at 12:00 pm, the participatory organizations of the campaign Swim Safe will hold next protest action in the Rustavi Park of Culture and Rest, where short time ago an adult drowned. 
Participants of the Campaign Swim Safe met the Rustavi City Mayor after the action
On July 19, the participatory organizations of the campaign Swim Safe will hold next protest action in the Rustavi Park of Culture and Rest, where short time ago an adult drowned. 
Tskhinvali de-facto authority does not answer questions about Tatunashvili and Basharuli’s cases
On July 17, the Georgian law-enforcers arrested Armat Gabaraev and Andrey Kabisov, who had fled from the occupied Tskhinvali region, in the territory of Ergneti village. According to the Ossetian media, they were charged for fleeing from the Tskhinvali prison and assault on the Ossetian militia. 
10 Years after the August War: Victims of the Situation in Georgia
On July 17, on the International Day of Justice, the five member organizations of the Georgian Coalition for the ICC (GCICC) presented the special report “Ten Years after the August War: Victims of the Situation in Georgia.” The following members of the GCICC worked on the report: Article 42 of the Constitution, Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association, Human Rights Center, Justice International and the Georgian Center for Psychosocial and Medical Rehabilitation of Torture Victims (GCRT).
Constitutional Amendments
The Parliament of Georgia will start working on the amendments in the Constitution in the fall of 2019 to hold the 2020 Parliamentary Elections with the proportional system. The Parliament needs constitutional majority to shift from the mixed election system into proportional. 
Majoritarian MP from Kaspi municipality responded the opposition
Majoritarian MP from Kaspi municipality Irakli Mezurnishvili requests to investigate how the Russian MP Sergei Gavrilov turned up in the armchair of the chairman of the Parliament of Georgia on June 20. 

Successfully litigated cases of Human Rights Center (March, April, May and June)
After the Tbilisi Appellate Court announced verdict, Mikheil Kalandia was arrested for participation in the Khorava street teenage murder case
Report Presentation -'10 Years after the August War: Victims of the Situation in Georgia'
On July 17, 2019, International Day of Justice, the member organizations of the Georgian Coalition for the International Criminal Court (GCICC) will hold presentation of the report – “10 Years after the August War: Victims of the Situation in Georgia”.
Campaign Swim Safe continues informative meetings with the school children
On June 28, the HRC executive director Aleko Tskitishvili and the coordinator of the environmental programs at the CENN Rezo Getiashvili met the school children participating in the summer camp at the Bulachauri Green Center and discussed the campaign Swim Safe with them. 
A deputy left the session of the Gori municipality assembly in protest
On June 28, the session of the bureau at the Gori municipality assembly started with the discussion of current developments in the country. The member of the United National Movement Vasilisa Jabakhidze left the bureau session in protest. Before leaving, she said it is unacceptable for her to sit next to those deputies, who justify the Minister of Interior Giorgi Gakharia for the bloody dispersal of the peaceful demonstration and cannot see the citizens injured as a result of dispersal.
Kremlin comeback is a threat to Council of Europe and European security
International Partnership for Human Rights in cooperation with partner organisations has organized a side-event "Kremlin comeback is a threat to Council of Europe and European security: widespread, systematic and ongoing violations of the rights protected by the European Convention, resulting from Russia's aggression in Georgia and Ukraine". 
Issue of political and legal responsibilities
On June 20, about 280 citizens, 80 police officers and 38 media representatives got injured as a result of the dispersal of the demonstration in the Rustaveli Avenue. According to the Ministry of Healthcare, 240 individuals were taken to hospitals. Two protesters lost eyes, among them is 18-years-old girl. 
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