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We Either Survive or Die (part II)
One more problem is that the customer cannot protect himself. According to Giorgi Maghradze, representative of the “Georgian Green Movement”, food products are not controlled and everybody acts willfully. “The situation is really urgent. We hoped a new service department will be created, but even it was delayed. Most of food we eat is dangerous for our health.”
Investigation on Journalist’s Assault Has Been Renewed
The Prosecutor General’s Office has renewed the preliminary investigation on the fact of Ramaz Samkharadze’s physical assault after the Public Defender sent a recommendation to them. Samkharadze is a director of the Kakheti based Radio Hereti. The investigation was dropped on December 11, 2006 under the Gurjaani District Prosecutor’s resolution.
Nursery Schools May Be Closed In Akhaltsikhe District
Governesses from the nursery schools in the Akhaltsikhe district have worked without salaries for four months. Representatives of the local government stated that they could not fund the organization which does not exist legally.
News-Room of the Telavi Television Has Stopped Working
Long controversy between the local government and the Telavi TV Company Tanamgzavri resulted into ceasing the working of the news-room for the company. Daily TV program Matsne has not been functioning for two weeks already. The program used to spread the information about the situation in the Kakheti region.
We Either Survive or Die(part I)
“Prohibited”, “causes cancer”, “dangerous”, “causes high blood pressure”, “suspicious” and “poisonous”-these are the words from the conclusion of the research carried out on the numerous food products from the Georgian market. The reason is simple-there is no corresponding body to control the products in our markets. We should only rely on the entrepreneurs’ dignity while eating the food they produce.
Potatoes in the Morning, Potatoes in the Afternoon, Hunger in the Evening
Everyday ration for the family is just boiled potatoes; however, there are days when they do not have it either. Nodar Inasaridze’s family with seven members in it lives in the village of Andriatsminda in Akhaltsikhe District. They are nearly starving
Kakheti Regional Administrative Board Made a ‘Black List’ of Non-Governmental Organizations
Gia Natsvlishvili, having been appointed to the position of the Kakheti region governor for two months, finally drew his attention to the NGOs too. The governor met the representatives of the third sector several days ago. NGOs, who were not in the “Black List” during previous governor, were represented on the meeting.
Abkhazia, Lost in Borjomi (part II)
-Granny, they are from the government and want to aid you-the boys joke. -Enter, please, where are you from?-having heard where we are from, she shakes her finger at the boys, looks in the mirror and brushes her hair. She offers us to sit next to her on the bed and starts speaking...
Hungry People Went Out Into the Street
On January 24, socially excluded and hungry people started protest demonstrations in front of the building of the Georgian Parliament. Pensioners, veterans, unemployed people and teachers demand their rights protected, to live in human conditions and to renew their allowances. They are not going to stop demonstrations and threaten with death.
Abkhazia, Lost in Borjomi (part I)
Temporary electricity, firewood for heating, drinking water in the yard only and 11 laris a month to live on, empty walls in the room –these are the living conditions they have in Borjomi, in the building of a former hotel “Mtis Kheoba”(Mountain Gorge). These people do not demand much-they just want proper floors, ceilings, water, electricity, flour and to be included in the list of socially excluded people.
Kyrgyz Girls Became Trafficked Victims in Gori
On December 7 2006, Special Operation Department of the Georgian Interior Ministry detained Zaza Amiridze, a resident of Gori, and later on, in January 2007 Ana Mazanashvili was detained at the Georgian-Turkish border. They were accused of trafficking. It should be pointed out that Amiridze worked as a bailiff at the Gori District Court.
Installation of Communal Meters Will Cost Too Much for Villagers in the Kartli Region
Most villages in the Gori district have been cut off of electricity since January 15. Officials of the Gori District Power Company said that the subscriber who did not pay the bill until January 15 was cut off of electricity.
Brucellosis Has Broken Out in Gurjaani
In Gurjaani, domestic animals were found to have the symptoms of brucellosis. According to veterinarians, the disease has already widely spread, however the district vet laboratory has not received any information regarding the situation. One person has already become ill with the disease and in the district hospital premature births have increased.
Vintage 2006 Is At Court
The peasants filed a suit with the court against the board of the Senakuri Wine Factory Ltd located in Gurjaani. They decided to appeal to the court after they were lied to by Manana Elikashvili, the director of the factory. She had been lying to them for five months.
Kakheti Power Distribution Company Blackmails the Population
The JSC Kakheti Power Distribution Company [KPDC] was accused and forced to plead guilty several times. Despite that, the representatives of the company still abuse the subscribers’ rights. The boards of the local service centers, in order to eradicate the hidden use of electricity, in addition to increased taxes on electricity, are going to install individual meters for each family. For that service a family would pay 110 GEL.
Series of Evictions Have Started in Batumi
In Batumi, nearly 300 families were left without shelters for the last week. Eviction of the illegally lodged in families from three different buildings started.
Taxes Increase, Allowances Are Being Abolished, Suicide Becomes More Frequent
At the beginning of 2007, the Tbilisi Municipality had a bad surprise for the people. They have increased the taxes, abolished current allowances, reduced jobs and did its best to force the people out in the street to start begging.
Herr’s Problem, Rejected by Government
Ingilos, from the village of Samtatskaro in the Dedoflistskaro District, have been urging to open the way to Saingilo. They have sent open letter to the Georgian President, met the Patriarch, MP Elene Tevdoradze, representatives of the Public Defender; held protest demonstrations but their attempts ended in failure. Several days ago, the Herr brought a suit to the court with the assistance of the lawyers for the Human Rights Center.
Musicians Warmed by Fire-wood
“I would not be surprised if the Kutaisi Opera House is closed because of the poor working conditions there. Nobody goes to performances; no more first-nights are held, either. I am sorry for the actors because they cannot get salaries and shiver of cold. Some of them went to Tbilisi, others went to Batumi. I will not be surprised if I see some of them in the market trading. Our country has become a great market,” said one of the Kutaisi residents, who despite his great love to music, could not remember his last visit to the Kutaisi Opera House
People Blow up on landmines Every Month in Georgia
Territories in Georgia, where landmines were planted years ago, still seriously threaten Georgian population. Accidents, when people blew up on the shells, occur very frequently. The last accident happened on January 14 in the village of Ternali in the Tskaltubo District. Grandfather and a nine-year-old grandchild died on the scene. Six-year-old Keti Chagunava had her eye badly injured after the accident. Experts demand maps of the area from Russia to eradicate the problem of the shells finally.
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Last time, I visited Abkhazia five years ago. Since then, not a day goes by without thinking about it, without missing the Abkhazian
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