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Islamic Army Threatens Us with Terrorist Acts
Iraq Islamic Army protests Georgian soldier’s participation in peace-making operations. Several days ago, they sent threatening letter to Georgia which stated that if we go on cooperation with American people, they would arrange terrorist acts in Georgia.
On The Edge of Impoverishment
Mzia Jachvliani, a disabled woman of the second group, lives in the village of Meore Svireli in the Zestafoni District. She lives with her family in the half-ruined house she had inherited it from her father. In 2002 the family’s situation worsened when their house was damaged by landslide. The walls of the house cracked and it became dangerous to spend nights in the house. The family expects their house to pull down everyday.
“Here Women Have No Rights and They Are Blind…”
We heard the stories of three women in the village of Jigrasheni in the Ninotsminda District and initially, the stories seemed quite very ordinary. Women, having got used to hard work, do not complain about poor life; they are telling you about their everyday life without any regret.
Number of Georgian Soldiers in Iraq to 2 000
Since 2007 the contingent of Georgian soldiers working as peacekeeping troops in Iraq and Kosovo will increase from 280 up to 2000. If Georgian peacekeepers patrolled the green line and carried out mine-clearing operations, hereafter they will be moved to the red line. Many people fail to understand why Georgia increases its contingent in the war zone while other countries have either reduced or withdrawn their troops from Iraq.
“We Are People Deprived of All Rights”
IDPs from Abkhazia have visited the Human Rights Center’s Kutaisi office lately. They complain about their rights being violated and recall many facts, too. Their complaints are varied: some complain about unemployment, others complain about poor living conditions or evictions.
Impoverished Patient Blames Doctors for Carelessness and Corruption
The family of Abetsvashvilis, living in the Signagi District, blames the doctors of the Tsnori hospital and Tbilisi Burn Center for negligence. They claim that the doctors did not treat three-year-old Ana Betsvashvili, who was in poorest conditions with severe burn, until the media and NGOs got interested in the situation. Disabled child could enjoy the medical card, with which Abetsashvilis could be treated free of charge as well as other kind examinations, only after the increased interest in their problem.
Residents of Salibauri Were Cut Off Water Supply
The village of Salibauri in the Khelvachauri District, where more than 180 families live in, has not been supplied with water in the summer for the last few years. Two days ago, the villagers held warning demonstration in the center of the village. They said that their problem was caused by the selfishness of the people from the village of Akhalsheni who are using the water for irrigation. Representatives of the Republic Party think that this problem is caused by disability of the Local Government. District Governor, Badri Shavlidze said that the problem is eradicated formally and cannot help his anger when the people listen only to the opposition.
Closed Doors and Broken Bridge in Gori
Non-governmental organizations have been widely discussing the restriction of the freedom of expression in Gori; however, there is no result yet. Representatives of the NGOs said that local authority’s activities hinder their organizations and journalists to work impartially in the region.
Reactions of MPs on Sorry Campaign
Representatives of the Georgian legislative body give various estimations regarding the Sorry Campaign which was launched by the non-governmental organization “Human Rights Centre”. The centre has spread the appeal to Abkhaz people within the campaign. Some MPs think that the campaign was launched to gain grants or survive. The others think that it means to plead guilty.
Authority Has Dispersed the Only TV Company in Shida Kartli
Local authority has opposed the mass media vehemently in Shida Kartli. On May 26, at 2:00 AM tractors pulled down the fence of the TV Company Trialeti.
Case on Irakli Batiashvili Will Be Sent to Strasburg
Seven-year-imprisonment for “Intellectual Support” of the Kodori Gorge Rebel-it is the verdict of the judge at the Civil Court, Maia Tetrauli, which she has passed on a famous politician, former Security Minister and active member of national movement, Irakli Batiashvili few days ago. The accused went on a hunger strike and his case materials are going to be sent to Strasburg.
Everyday Life and Problems of Dukhabors (The End)
There are not young people in the village of Gorelovka at all. All respondents are over fifty. “Now you will meet only old people everywhere-on the plots, on the road, in the yards…Only elderly people remained here. I live with my eighty-two-year-old father who has got deaf and blind and I am looking after him. My children went to Russia. My youngest son went there during the first migration. Although he worked on combine, then he could not get any job and went to Russia. He moved to Tula in the Arkhangleski district with his wife and children. I do not want to go to Russia, I have got used to living here but I have no choice. I have to go…I receive only 38 lari a month. I could not plant potato this year either,” said sixty-year-old Anastasia Tikhonova. Finally we found a young man next to the shop in the center of the village. He was sitting near the wall in the sun. Local people seldom see sunshine in the village.
Who Has Destroyed the Church Under Construction?
Society got furious and protested the deconstruction of the St. Gabriel’s Church which was under construction on the Feria Mountain in Batumi. As it became clear, before the deconstruction, the Chairman of the Adjara Government, Levan Varshalomidze, in the name of the President, was trying to persuade the Father Dimitri, Bishop of the Batumi-Kobuleti Eparchy to stop the construction and give the territory to the authority. Simultaneous to it, iron cross was removed in Kobuleti. The parish and representatives of the church consider the facts as a fight against the Orthodoxy. Particularly sever was the reaction of the parliamentary and non-parliamentary opposition. The re-construction of the destroyed churches started on the same day. The government gave in and stated that it was unpleasant misunderstanding.
Everyday Life and Problems of Dukhabors(part I)
They are free and independent people-all journalists having visited the Dukhabors in the Javakheti region described them with these words. Nowadays, these people are deprived of their freedom and independence. Fear and desire of getting over the hard situation can be noticed in their eyes. They do not have any wish to speak with journalists and hide in their homes. “Minorities are suppressed here and we will soon abandon the area,” said Dukhabors who have spent 160 years in Georgia.
American Citizenship Is a Guarantee for Impunity
On December 7 2007 on Gori-Tbilisi high-way, American engineer Charles Thruceld knocked down Mamuka Gobejishvili when driving his car near the village of Agaiani. Gobejishvili died on the scene of the car-accident. Georgian law enforcers did not arrest American citizen on the place. At the moment Thruceld is in his native country. The investigation was dropped for the lack of evidences. However, the American citizen left Georgia before the Prosecutor’s Office made final conclusion. The relatives of the dead man still go on with their appeal and demand the punishment of the criminal.
Bloodshed on Religious Grounds
Two weeks ago, an accident between Caucasian Avars in Kvareli district ended with bloodshed. Rivals stabbed each other with axes and daggers and fourteen people were injured finally. Criminal case was launched on the accident under the Articles envisaging attempted murder and hooliganism. Police detained thirty-year-old Shamil Gazimagamedov whom the villagers blame for being leader of armed gang and for having terrorized people. Part of the population in the village of Saruso claims Gazimagamedov was persecuted because he converted into Christianity. Villagers demand to release him from the prsion.
Victims Demand Rehabilitation of the Dead Person
On December 7 2006 patrol police murdered nineteen-year-old Varlam Pkhakadze in Chavchavadze Street in Kutaisi. The relatives of the murdered boy protest the suspended investigation. Two criminal cases have been launched on the fact.
Internally Displaced Persons Will Be Evicted in Zugdidi (Part II)
Zugdidi based non-governmental organizations are helping IDPs residing in the former building of Association for the Deaf and Dumb. The NGOs are deeply concerned regarding the situation and are going to send an urgent appeal to the Georgian Parliament. The authors of the appeal consider that the eviction of IDPs from the communal centers might have negative influence on future events and violate the rights of IDPs to adequate accommodations.
Gori Administration Board Stalls on Releasing Information to the Public
Although the government is trying to build a democratic state, the problem of getting public information is still unsettled in the country. The current Georgian Prosecutor General enacted the perfect General Administrative Code where the chapter III deals with independent and transparent public information.
Human Rights in Imereti
Although local and international non-governmental organizations have severe reactions on human rights violation in Georgia, the number of people with violated rights is quite large. Consequently, the representatives of the Georgian Public Defender in the Western Georgia, whose office is in Kutaisi and its stuff serves the whole region, have a lot to do.
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