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Fee fixed by the Gori local self-government and then annulled with the government’s conclusion
Gori municipality assembly had to annul one of its resolutions based on the remark they received from the central government. The resolution fixed fee for the car-parking in the town. According to the official notice of the government, the resolution was declared unlawful as only Tbilisi and Batumi City Halls are authorized to fix fees for car-parking. Considering that, on May 25, the Gori municipality assembly had to cancel the fee, which they had fixed several months ago.
Doubts over the Authenticity of the Tyumen University Diploma
On May 25, Irma Papidze held press-conference in the Gori Center for Civic Engagement and brought new accusations against Gori municipality mayor. Papidze doubts that the mayor appointed his representative in Verkhvebi-Kvernaki settlement based on fake diploma. Papidze said there are some circumstances which confirm her allegation. First of all, the diploma was not verified by the Commission on the Verification of Educational Documents in the Ministry of Education. According to the current regulations, the diplomas issued by the Russian universities shall be acknowledged by the commission. 
Parliament renewed discussion of drug-policy liberalization draft-law
The legislative authority of Georgia continued discussion of the drug-policy reform. It is noteworthy that the Parliament of Georgia postponed discussion of the drug-policy liberalization draft-law but after the events of May 12, the chairperson of the Parliament of Georgia stated that the bill on the drug-policy shall be ready for the next two weeks. 

Young people in Kaspi protest oppression from police
On May 23, part of young people held demonstration in Kaspi and requested resignation of the head of the police unit. They said law enforcement officers often insult them and prohibit movement in the streets during night hours. 

Menu for muslim convicts during fasting
Lawyer of Human Rights Center stated that during fasting period, in the penitentiary establishment # 5, special menus are not offered to Muslim inmates. As HRC lawyer Nestan Londaridze clarified, the Muslim convicts do not complain about it loudly because they are afraid to encounter problems.
Festival participants injured on the broken stage on the Ilia Lake
In Kvareli, on the Ilia Lake, the stage broke when participants of the 4th Republic Festival of Folk Dance Companies were dancing on it. Several children were slightly injured and the head of the company canceled their dance number.
'Population is leaving the villages alongside the occupation line'
The difficult heritage from 2008 Russia-Georgian armed conflict is still issue of concern 10 years after the war. Thousands internally displaced people and occupied territories – nothing has changed. The only thing that is changing is the creeping occupation line and moving fences, which became daily routine for the locals together with the difficult heritage. 
Resort Akhtala to be sold for 3, 755 million GEL
Ministry of Economics and Sustainable Development, in the frame of the project “50 Properties for Your Hotel”, is selling balneology resort Akhtala in Gurjaani. The auction was announced on May 16 and deadline for the submission of applications is June 14. The starting price of the resort is 3 755 000 GEL.
May 17, 2018 in Georgia
On May 17, the world marks the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia. The main goal of the May 17 events is to raise awareness about the violence, discrimination and repression against LGBT society worldwide. The day was established in 2004. One-year-long campaign finished on May 17 2005 with the celebration of the first International Day against Homophobia.
Drug-user is banned to occupy position of the kindergarten director
It is now prohibited to appoint a drug-user or a person with criminal record on the position of kindergarten director. By now, 45 municipalities have adopted this regulation. 
Issue of Tatunashvili’s case investigation during Ergneti IPRM meeting
On May 15, the 86th meeting in the frame of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism was held in Ergneti village, which lasted nine hours. The main issue discussed during the meeting was Archil Tatinashvili’s death. Representatives of the Government of Georgia stated that Archil Tatunashvili was killed and de-facto authority of Tskhinvali shall transfer them all documents, including the internal organs of Tatunashvili.
Narco-Policy in Georgia is unfairly strict and inhuman
Nongovernmental organization Human Rights Center analyzed the court judgments into drug-related criminal cases passed against female convicts and identified legislative miscarriages in them, as well as positive tendencies. 
Attack on the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah Witnesses in Gori
On May 16, somebody shot the door of the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah Witnesses located in Tsmindatskali settlement in Gori from firearm. As locals told humanrights.ge, presumably somebody shot the door of the Hall from so-called hunting gun. Besides the bullet hole, a massage was left on the door of the Kingdom Hall - “Trust In Our God.”  
Performance in the penitentiary establishment # 5
The performance – “You are explosion of my April before the fall of my life” is about a former prisoner, who goes back to daily routine after a years-long imprisonment. The play is about spring, love, friendship, betrayal, motherhood, missing, problems, dreams – the life, which does not recognize closed and open spaces, which are equally painful and joyful everywhere.
Consultations are going on to improve pardon mechanism
From April 16, the Pardon Commission temporarily stopped consideration of the prisoners’ applications, who were convicted for domestic violence. President Giorgi Margvelashvili made the decision after the murder fact in Barnovi street, Tbilisi. Vepkhvia Bakradze, suspect in the murder of 25-years-old girl, was pardoned by the President several months ago. In the past, Bakradze was convicted for domestic violence. 
Convicted Tamar Talikadze still on hunger-strike
Inmate of the penitentiary establishment # 5 Tamar Talikadze notified Human Rights Center that she has been on hunger-strike since May 1.

Human Rights Center is working on the application against Russia in Archil Tatunashvili’s case
Human Rights Center, in Archil Tatunashvili’s case, is working on the application to the European Court of Human Rights against the Russian Federation. At the same time, the HRC calls on the Government of Georgia to use all international mechanisms to ensure effective investigation into Archil Tatunashvili’s murder case.
Psycho-social state of the war victims 10 years after the war
With the financial assistance of the EU, organization Global Initiative in Psychiatry surveyed the psychological state of the conflict affected population. According to the survey psychological problems become more evident 7-8 years after the armed conflict than during the military operations. The victims stated that the war is not only shooting and escaping the scene of military operations, it is post-war period of hopelessness and the problems, which they cannot address alone.
Mysterious case of robbery
On April 25, the Appellate Court held the scheduled hearing into the case of Temur Beridze, Koba Shevardenidze, Nodar Artmelidze and Ketevan Khmaladze. They are convicted for the robbery, which happened on January 23, 2016. According to the investigation, 5 persons broke into the house of B.S in Charentsi Street # 17 in Ninotsminda to rob the family. According to the case files, the mother of B.S (owner of the flat) resisted the robbers and one of the robbers started beating her, finally killed the woman with knife. However, the accused persons were acquitted in the murder as there were no evidence to find them guilty in the murder. In parallel to that the court found all three accused persons guilty in the robbery and sentenced them to 9 years imprisonment. The verdict was passed on October 4, 2016.  
Convicted women are refused to enjoy home-arrest alternative without any grounds
HRC lawyers identified several problems in the frame of monitoring in the penitentiary establishment # 5. One of the problems is groundless refusal to the convicted women to replace their imprisonment term into home-arrest, the lawyer monitors reported about this problem.
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