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Violations in Gori
Like many districts throughout Georgia, various violations were observed in the Gori district as well. It must be pointed out that most violations were observed in the village polling stations, while a better situation could be found in the town polling stations. Both members of the opposition and authorities admitted that a large number of observers influenced the situation in the polling stations of the cities.

Election Violations (Part II)
January 5, 2008

Data received by the Coalition For Democracy observation headquarters.

According to Nino Shavdatuashvili, the observer coordinator of the Centre for Constitutional Rights, there were violations regarding marking process at polling station #48 (Village Karaleti) of the Gori District Election Commission. Observers made official complaints in the record book, resulting in a temporary suspension of the polling process.

Policemen Physically Assaulted the Observers
In Kakheti, policemen physically assaulted observers from NGOs and political parties from the opposition. The incident occurred in the evening of January 8 in Gurjaani. Observers from the Human Rights Center and Fair Elections demanded the Precinct Election Commission (PEC) to declare the results of several Polling Stations (PS) invalid. In reply to their demand the police officers from the Gurjaani Department of the Internal Ministry beat them.

Flawed Presidential Election in the Samtskhe-Javakheti Region
What was going on in Adigeni and Akhaltsikhe polling stations from 7:00 AM on January 5? How was the process going? Observers did not realize their role and violations went undetected. The final conclusion: “Wow! The election has succeeded!”

Report of the Mission of Observers of the International Expert Centre for Electoral Systems in the Presidential Elections in Georgia, 6th January 2008
A mission from the International Expert Centre for Electoral Systems (ICES) which includes 51 international observers from Israel, Great Britain and the USA, should like to present a report on the preparations and procedures of the Presidential Elections in Georgia, which took place on the 5th of January.

Fraudulent Elections Held in the Kakheti Region
“Either Number 5 or Prison! Do Not Dare Deceive us!”
Snap Presidential elections in the Kakheti region on January 5th, 2008, saw numerous, blatant violations. Voters were terrorized, the Election Code was disregarded in  polling stations, independent observers were prevented from carrying out their activities and one person even pushed dozens of ballots into the ballot box. Despite the serious nature of these complaints from NGOs and the Central Election Commission, many foreign observers and the Georgian government have assessed the elections as fair.



“I Have Elected The President Of My Country But The Winner Is Another”
The publication of the final result of the extraordinary elections is getting closer and closer. The January 5 election caused controversy among the society from its very beginning. Some consider that nothing has been done to prevent electoral fraud and another part of society thinks that the presidential candidate who really deserved the victory, has won the election. What are the views of Georgian people on the 2008 election? Was the election fair and democratic? And would they expect such an outcome?

“Election Carousel” Continues
Together with the other violations, so called “carousel” is still actual. There have been observed several mini buses in Tbilisi taking people from one polling station to another. One of the drivers of these mini buses said to Ucha Nanuashvili, executive director of the Human Rights Centre that the National Movement hired him to move people in the city.
Elections Are Totally Fraud (Part I)
Data from Observing Headquarter of the Coalition for Democracy

Gela Mtivlishvili, an observer of the Human Rights Center monitoring several polling stations in Kakheti, reported that in Iormugalno in the Sagarejo voting district, the chairman of the PEC, Nari Arakhbediani, and her deputy, Risgan Abasueva, are following voters into the voting booth and requesting them to circle presidential candidate number 5, Mikheil Saakashvili of the National Movement. Mtivlishvili has also received reports of the same occurring in the village of Tivi at polling station #12 in the Kvareli district. Mtivlishvili will follow up on these reports.
Interim Elections in Georgia
Today a special presidential election is held in Georgia. Seven presidential candidates participate in it. They are: #1 - Levan Gachechiladze (political movement  ”Tavisupleba” (”Freedom”)),  #2 - Arkadi (Badri) Patarkatsishvili (initiative group), #3 - Davit Gamkrelidze (political party – New Rights), #4 - Shalva Natelashvili (Labor Party of Georgia), #5 – Mikheil Saakashvili (political party – United National Movement), #6 – Giorgi Maisashvili (initiative group), #7 – Irina Sarishvili (initiative group).
Murder or Suicide
The police are investigating a case concerning putting a person in the position of committing suicide.

Jumber Nagervadze hung himself in the cell of the pre-trial detention center in Batumi. This is the official version of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Family members of the deceased cast doubts on the version but cannot afford an independent investigation. Regarding the accident the second division of the Batumi Police Department launched a case under the law concerning putting a person in the position of committing suicide.

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