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Reverend Andria Advises the Government to Install Filters on the Kaspitsementi Ovens
Members of European Regional Assembly visiting Shida Kartli expressed their concern over the dust produced by Kaspitsementi, cement factory in their interview with the Human Rights Centre. In the evening of June 15, 2008 the European guests were invited to village Teliani (Karaghaji), Kaspi District to see traditional Georgian wrestling. The village Teliani is situated rather high elevation. The guests saw how the dust from Kaspitsementi was powdering the Shida Kartli valley and it was an environmental hazard.

Prosecutor’s Office protects high-ranking police official who wounds man
“Otar Dioghmelashvili, the deputy head of the police department, hit my face against the car with and I broke out four teeth.  Several other teeth cut into in my lips. My face is swollen and my jaw is now broken. When I was brought to the Judge Tamaz Jaliashvili I was bleeding and nobody inquired what had happened with me. The judge believed the false testimonies of the police who claimed that I was injured as a result of falling down and sent me to prison for seven days for resisting arrest,” said Gela Kutibashvili.

“I want you to be my mother” – foster child care in Georgia.
You will often hear these words in boarding schools and orphanages these days. The moment you cross the threshold of any of these institutions you see the sad eyes of abandoned children and at that very moment you want to find their mothers and persuade them that their children need them.

Lecturers Fired from Telavi University as Political Payback
On the next day of the Parliamentary Elections on 21 May 2008 lecturers supporting the opposition parties were fired from the Telavi University. Hamlet Razmadze, the head of the University Administration, stated that Neli Tskitishvili, associated professor and head of the Rector’s Office, Archil Jorjadze, and the coordinator of the Legal Faculty resigned at their own initiative.

Fired Georgia Teachers and Political Repression over Parliamentary Elections
Teachers reported the case of  director of a Public School who continues to insults those whom she considered to have supported opposition parties in the recent parliamentary elections; and if any on them would even dare to stand up to the recriminations, she merely spits on them. And if that is not bad enough, she then questions their state of mental health, requiring them to provide proof from a mental hospital that they are fit to perform their duties in the classroom.

100,000 GEL PR Campaign for Regional Governor Vardzelashvili
Shida Kartli regional authority spends such vast sums on the PR campaign, which show just how it serves the public interests. We estimated that in 2008 Lado Vardzelashvili has already spent more than 100,000 GEL.

Nobody Cares about Employees’ Rights in Georgia
The State Protects Employers

Georgia has ratified various international conventions for protecting labor rights. However, the rights of employees continue to be violated in Georgia. Experts consider that in the past the state protected employers in secret but now the interests of employers are openly preserved.

Kutaisi-2nd Georgian Capital
During pre-election campaign the Georgian president stated Kutaisi will be the second capital when he was visiting the city. He also made many other promises to local; he claimed that Kutaisi will gain back its old beauty; many institutions will be opened where a lot of people will be employed, etc. Mikheil Saakshvili, in order to make his promises more convincing, directly stated three center-based agencies will be transferred to Kutaisi, and that is just for the beginning.

Wretched Poverty and Getting Worst
Increased price on petrol will cause a rise in consumer prices

The minimal salary in the country is 115 GEL. One sack of wheat flour now costs 55 GEL and price on food products and petrol are increasing on a daily basis.

“When a shop-assistant requested 70 tetril for a small loaf of bread I nearly went crazy. I have a large family and we need at least four loaves of bread each day. And we cannot eat only bread,” said Leila Kapanadze, a resident of Akhaltsikhe.

Why Reduction of Criminal Age of Responsibiliti?14 to 12 years-of age, rights of children violated
The representatives of Georgian NGO protested against reducing the minimum age of criminal responsibility from 14 to 12 years. The NGOs handed a petition to the President to express their grave concern.

Khurcha Incident: Will the Guilty ever be punished?
Georgian law enforcers have not published any investigation materials on Khurcha incident up to present time. The incident in Khurcha occurred on May 21, 2008, on the parliamentary Election Day in Georgia. The investigation results have not been evaluated by the representatives of the peacekeeping forces operating in Georgian-Abkhazian conflict zone as well. The UN mission to the conflict zone is still reluctant to make any concrete conclusions. Representatives of Commonwealth of Independent States’ (CIS) peacekeeping forces have been the only ones to provide statements.

History of Arrears
“I am not requesting anything special. I just want them to pay our arrears and treat us as human beings. It is shameful to beg for our salaries for such a long time in the country, and at a time when the government is making claims each and every day that unemployment crisis will be eradicated and new jobs will be created. It is unfair, nothing more,” explained Naili Khvadagiani.

Worked-over: Mamuka Kvaratskhelia - Did Political Views Gets Him Beaten?
Mamuka Kvaratskhelia, UEFA In spite of the fact that those who carried out the assault were demanding money, Mamuka Kvaratskhelia is almost certain sure that he was beaten for attending the May 26 demonstration.

A Hollowed Fir Tree Lands Man in Jail
Roin Gabaidze, 26 is facing a-five-year term of imprisonment for bringing home a hollowed out fir tree from his personal forest plot. A criminal case was launched against him in April 2007. The defendant’s attorney considers that his client was charged under the incorrect   legal Article.

Socially Excluded Seek to Escape Poverty, “One Fine Day”
The number of people living below the official poverty level has dramatically taken an increase in the same country where the government claims to have unleashed a never-ending war against poverty. Many promises have been made but again people have been deceived (especially in light of the many pre-election promises that the National party made to get votes). Jobs were promised as well as finding solution for many other pressing social problems.

Five Journalists Assaulted in One Day
The CEC accredited journalists together with the independent observers and the represeintatives of the oppositional parties were beaten on May 21, 2008 Election Day in Kakheti.

Deconstructed in Secret, “Old Tbilisi”
Although Georgian Ministry of Culture and Old Tbilisi State administration protested, Tbilisi City Hall passed legislation that gives permission for the demolishment of the building in Old Tbilisi. Is it necessary to tear down the building on the corner of Tabidze and Leonidze Street, at such time as if the City Hall “ordered” to destroy the house? Why certain people do not want Old Tbilisi to be inserted on the UNESCO Heritage List?

Journalistic Solidarity and Professionalism is the Solution, Dato Chaganava
“I didn’t protest when News Stories of “Other Journalists’ were blocked”

Dato Chaganava, a former journalist of TV-company Rustavi 2 was dismissed for lack of discipline – at least that’s what the administration officially told him when he was fired. Prior to his dismissal he had prepared two rather critical stories on the terrible events of November 2007. However, in spite of all his work, they were never aired.

Subscribers against Energo-Pro Georgia
Who Will Pay 18 000 GEL?

Residents of the village of Akhalabastumani in Zugdidi district are protesting in front of the District Administration building time-to-time. They are demanding to be supplied with electricity. Nearly 150 subscribers have been living without light for ten days already. According to the report drawn up by the Western Georgia’s Supervision Service Department of the Energo-Pro Georgia the debt of the people has amounted to 18, 000 GEL. The subscribers do not intend to pay the debt. They plan to take their concerns to the court against the company.

History of Political Prisoner’s Detention
Merab Ratishvili was arrested based on the phone call; though nobody knows who made the phone call

Although, the government claims there are no political prisoners in Georgia, others take exception. The Ombudsman and attorneys representing Merab Ratishvili claim the complete opposite. Why do they think that political scientist and former president of Georgian National Golf Association were imprisoned on political grounds? What have been the associated e motivations and who benefits?  Details in the case material don’t hold up to closer scrutiny.

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