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Ban Ki-Moon Emphasis the Khurcha Incident in UN Security Council Report, Situation in Abkhazia, Georgia
On July 23rd, 2008 the UN Security Council issued a report on the situation in Abkhazia, Georgia. The international body discussed the Khurcha incident within the framework of this larger report. The authors of the report have presented questions that have not been answered till the present time. Considering the diplomatic tone of the document, which can be interpreted in a number of ways, this begs the question as what do UN experts actually mean between the lines in their statements?

Georgia on the 56th Position among Failed States
Georgia Competes with Belarus for

“Deteriorating Situation”

“Foreign Policy” and “Fund for Peace”, two well-know American institutes published an eye-opening annual list of failed and disturbed states. Georgia is on the 56th position in this list. The report clearly shows that things are not improving to the better and the country has been reduced in its position on list, and down from last year. Belarus is a bit worst and falls in the 53rd position – and the higher the score the worst the situation that a country faces. 

Radio Liberty Broadcast Restricted in Adjara Run-up to Adjara Supreme Council Elections
Radio Liberty has not been broadcasting in Adjara for the 4th week now. The Adjara TV-Radio Department states that the Radio Liberty programs have not been broadcasted for the radio does not have a subsequent contract. Tea Tsetskhladze, the director of Adjara TV-Radio Department and the former head of Levan Varshalomidze’s Press Department (Levan Varshalomidze is the head of Adjara Autonomos Republic government) states that the Radio Liberty’s programs will be broadcasted via the Adjara Radio if only the Radio Liberty Tbilisi Bureau accepts the terms of Adjara TV-Radio Department.

Seven Teachers Dismissed Without Justification in Tbilisi
As the result of the education system reform the teachers can be dismissed for no particular reason and without opportunity for recourse. Such a process is supported by the Labor Code of Georgia.  In short, teachers can be terminated without cause and there is nothing that they can do about it.

Mother of Nine Prefers Food for Children, NOT “Violets” on Mother’s Day
You can see many people every day who stand in long lines in front of chambers of various officials and are asking for some form of assistance. Some want to ask for money so that his/her child can have a medical operation, others need money for the house roof repair, some ask for help for they have no income and therefore they are just hungry. According to Zviad Khmaladze, head of Gori Municipality-Sakrebulo, 80, 000 GEL was spent in the last 6 months of 2008 on socially excluded people. This amount of money was redistributed among a total of 165 citizens.

No Verdicts of Acquittal Contradicts UN Protected Rights of Children
“Everyone knows that the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child is concerned about state level policies and legal amendments in the field of juvenile justice among many countries. However, in spite of the body of knowledge of such rights and supporting legislation at the international level, there are numerous signs indicating that governments violate regularly violate children’s rights. Generally, simple decisions can be rather dangerous, even leading to the new cycle of violence, even if the intention was to make a positive contribution,” says Dainius Puras (the UN Committee for the Rights of the Child) in his recent report.

“People Constantly Detained When Conflict Situation Escalates in South Ossetia”
Georgians and Ossetians have moved to the next stage of conflict escalation, which is connected to the recent detention of various persons. The detentions were illegally carried out.  However, in spite of all recriminations, those on both sides that were detained for serious allegations have been since released. What does this mean? Why do both conflict sides detain people and release them later?

Journalist Assaulted in Sighnaghi District Board of Administration
Gela Mtivlishvili, a journalist physically and verbally assaulted by representatives of Sighnaghi District Board of Administration The security then ousted the journalist from the Board of Administration. Pikria Jokharidze, the representative of the Board of Administration told the journalist that they had been instructed by the Board of Admnistration and who in turn were instructed by Kakheti Regional Administration to adequate use force against  journalists should it be deemed necessary.  

Patriarchate Denies Religious Discrimination in Georgia
The Public Defender named 13 instances of religion based violence and discrimination in his most recent report. The experts talk about “Orthodox Nationalism”, while the Patriarchate states that there has been no such problem since 2003. 

Administration of “Kakhetis Energodistributsia” Stand Accused of Abusing Power
Former employees of JSC Kakhetis Energodistributsia now demand that the company administration covers their salary arrears. Natalia Nibladze, Zaur Mghebrishvili and other former employees of Kakhetis Energodistributsia have lodged an appeal in Telavi District Court. The judge upheld the appeal and ordered that JSC Kakhetis Energodistributsia be forced to pay the salary arrears. However, the JSC is facing bankruptcy proceedings and as a result the Kakheti Executive Bureau can not execute the court decision and force the company to pay the judgment on the arrears.

“Menagerie” Created for Art Director of Gori Theatre
“Once in a Menagerie” the premiere of Mamuka Tkemeladze, Art Director of the Gori Theatre, has turned into a serious problem. The idea of the performance was even discussed by the “Board of Advisors” that exists with the Shida Kartli Regional Governor. Most of them disliked the performance though they had not even seen the play. Soon, Tkemaladze was invited to the Culture Department of the regional administration and categorically demanded to submit a letter of resignation.

Who Violates UN Mandated Rights of the Child in Kutaisi?
Several days ago TV Company Rustavi2 released an item in news program where under-age children were being publicly implicated in commercial prostitution. Georgian society became anxious about the revealed  fact; mostly they became very angry with the  people who brought such fact to public light. The administration of the City Service Department for Child Rights exposed the “shameful episodes” of 13-15-year-old girls.  Later, however, they explained their behavior as follows.

Mass Firing of Governmental Employees for Weak Support in Parliamentary Elections
After the parliamentary election employees of the governmental agencies who received salaries from the state budget have been fired in mass. Employment agreements were initially dropped in regions. More than 100 teachers were dismissed from Gurjaani Musical Schools alone.  Nearly 40 employees of the Gurjaani Culture Center were refused to have their agreements extended. According to official information, widespread personnel changes will be carried out in local governmental and self-governance bodies before September.

Turning a Blind Eye - Georgian Prisons without Monitoring
The Monitoring Groups existing at the prisons were deprived of their authorities. The monitoring group members can only assess the fact as the governmental interest to keep the real prison conditions in secret. Only representatives of the Public Defender’s Office and Supreme Council Members of Adjara Autonomous Republic have the right to monitor prisons. In comparison, the Supreme Council enjoys the right even less frequently.

Kakheti Ethnographical Museum Closed
Based on the President’s decree issued on April 30 2008, the Gurjaani based Kakheti Ethnographical Museum has been closed down; more than 50 thousand items were held at the museum. It is reported that in light of illegal construction that is on-going on the territory of the museum, the Ministry of Economical Development now intends to sell the territory and building on it.

Out-Patient Clinics Being Brought Into Shape in the Samtskhe-Javakheti Region
“An out-patient clinic in every village,” this was the pre election slogan from the National Movement. The winning party’s promise is now in the implementation stage. However, this process is accompanied with some problems and various misunderstandings.  In Soviet times every village had its out-patient clinic. The doctors could offer not only full first medical aid but could also handle the delivery of babies.

How Long Will “War Games” and Standoffs Last?
Closed Border and Deadlocked Georgians

The central bridge over the Enguri River has been locked-down for eighteen days and counting. The Abkhazian side does not have any intentions of opening it anytime soon.  However, the road is open for peace-keeping missions and diplomat corps. Small part of Georgian population residing in Gali District still manage to travel by roundabouts on foot and by horses. However, locals are not able to get food from Zugdidi and they urge the Georgian authority for food assistance since Georgians feel that they can face starvation and the impact of war.
Labor Code of Georgia-Employees Are Fired Over One Lost Khachapuri
The rights of the employees are breached in Georgia. There are no laws protecting them. The report of Georgian Trade in the first half of 2008
Subari Forced Government to Recall November 7 – “A Day Government Wants to Erase from Georgian History”
“November 7 Events Reveals the Real Face of the Government”

Eka Kevanishvili, Tbilisi

Sozar Subari, the Public Defender of Georgia did not say anything new to the Georgian MPs on July 15th. However, the representatives of parliamentary majority revolted as if the November 7, 2007 events were mere fantasy of Sozar Subari or that Subari had somehow invented the TV-Imedi raid, a reign of terror towards the Georgian media, rigged elections and numerous instances of human rights violation. That is but the tip of the iceberg is defining the assortment of above-mentioned violations as laid out in the Public Defender’s report covering the second part of 2007.
What Do Inmates of Kutaisi Prison Need?
“Exploration of the conditions in the penitentiary system of Georgia exposed facts of torture, inhuman and degrading treatment of prisoners. We were particularly concerned about the attitude of the state towards the prison population. The lives of many inmates were saved and their medical treatment was provided only after the public defender’s office personally interfered in the problem,”- which is provided as a short extract from the report of Sozar Subarui, Georgian Public Defender he had prepared for the second half of 2007. Today, in July of 2008 the situation has not changed to the better inmates and they are still complaining about unbearable conditions they face in Georgian prisons.

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