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Family of Murdered Soldier Is Threatened
The family of Roin Shavadze, soldier who was first tortured and then murdered has been offered money in exchange for keeping quiet about the case.  Otherwise it is claimed that either drugs or weapon will planted on family members, or they will become the victims of some accident. Tsitsino Shavadze, wife of the murdered soldier, and her brother have already shared information about the brutal threats with the prosecutor’s office of the Adjara Autonomous Republic. Yesterday, Sozar Subari, Georgian Public Defender, visited the family.
Mugareti Village without Drinking Water
Those living in Mugareti, Akhaltsikhe district are forced to obtain their supply of drinking from a nearby stream. However, this stream dries out in winter and this creates a water shortage.  The villagers are forced to bring drinking water from the neighboring village in freezing weather in winter. The local government does not have the means or resources to solve the problem. The government now relies on NGOs and hope that they can better address the problem.
TV Company “Iveria” May Cease Broadcasting in License Squabble
Giorgi Andriadze, director of the TV Company “Iveria” accuses authorities for violating articles of the Constitutional Agreement. The TV Company has been demanding to be issued a separate frequency for a long time but in spite of all their demands the central government is not responding.
Domestic Violence and Family with Nine Children Homeless
 Lela Nikolishvili, mother of nine children and resident of the village of Tezi in Kaspi district, is being evicted from her house. Inspectors of Igoeti police department have already made an official decision in her cases. Lela Nikolishvili applied to the Human Rights Center’s Shida Kartli office for help. Reportedly, based on the suit of Zhuzhuna Javakhishvili, the mother-in-law of Nikolishvili, Igoeti police has to evict the woman and her husband Nikoloz Javakhishvili together with their nine children.

Out of Protest Journalist Refused to Anchor TV Program
MP does not deny his close relations with criminals

Journalist Marina Gogoladze refused to lead up the weekly TV program “Studio-Dialog” for the regional TV Company “Lagodekhi” and citing Gogoladze, she explained “that because of the interference of the director of the TV Company in the editorial independence of the TV talk program is why she decided to refused to host the program.”

How Money Allocated by Central Georgian Government Actually Spent in Kakheti?
Based on the Georgian government’s resolution 125, issued on March 14 2008 and another resolution, #327 issued on May 15 2008, and before parliamentary elections that were held  on May 21 2008 Sighnaghi, Lagodekhi, Gurjaani and Sagarejo municipalities received 6,805 200 GEL for their respective budgets. Sighnaghi district received 1, 891 200 GEL; Lagodekhi-1,550 000 GEL; Sagarejo-1 392 00 GEL and Gurjaani-1 972 000 GEL. The allocated money should have spent on the rehabilitation of water system and streets; besides that villages should have been supplied with gas; facades of the multi-storied houses should have been painted; roofs should have been repaired, etc. And all must have been done, as protocols, AKTS, of the implemented work stated that everything was completed to the highest quality standards.  However, time tells and bridges have already collapsed in Lagodekhi, and roofs of the multi-storied houses have been blown off by wind and still locals are without a supply of water.

Dangerous Return
The village of Knolevi in the Kareli district borders the Znauri district, which is now under the controlled of South Ossetians militiamen and their Russian backers. The Russian checkpoint is located a mere 70 meters from the end of the village. Ossetian paramilitary militia is deployed just on the other side of the uneasy divide; they can be found in the forests and nearby Ossetian villages.

Georgian Opposition Parties Declared November 7 a Day against Violence
Interim presidential and parliamentary elections in spring of 2009, freedom of expression, re-assignment of the TV Imedi on its legal owner before November 23 and release of political prisoners- these demands were raised by opposition parties at the demonstration on November 7 2008. Several thousand demonstrators gathered in front of the parliament building in Tbilisi and later they moved to the residence of the Georgian president. 

Gali Georgians Demand Gravesites NOT Dug-up by Russian Army
Almost the entire perimeter of the border territory of Georgian-Abkhazian administrative border has been trenched for security. Russian military units continue constructing military facilities, to locate checkpoints, place gun installations and to dig a network of trenches. The local population seems to have adopted and reinforced a regime of occupation that is supported by separatists in the various Georgian villages in Abkhazia and near administrative border. However, in this process grave sites are disturbed and the occupying Russian troops defiled the graves of their Georgian ancestors. It appears that for the most part the graves have survived the network of trenches, as the Russians backed down on their original intentions because the local residents demanded Russian soldiers not to do this as it was not respecting their (Georgians’) memories. Russian military units tried to dig up Georgian graves in a total of three villages of Gali district-Pichori, Nabakevi and Zemo Barghebi. The Human Rights Center was able to access photos of the villages of Pichori and Gagidi where Russian soldiers have completed a serious of trenches.
Recently Constructed Prison in Kutaisi Needs Reconstruction
On December 20, 2005 Kutaisi Penitentiary Establishment # 2 was opened with a huge ceremony and lots of fanfare. Central authority of the country started speaking about its high standards and how the most perfect of living conditions would be provided for inmates. More than two years have passed since it was opened but the prison is already being reconstructed.

November 7, 2008, 1st Anniversary of Death of Democracy in Georgia
Until recently time was counted from the time of the 2003 Rose Revolution but benchmarks of measurement has changed, as in the US with 9/11 or 7/7 in the UK, which brought the message of terrorism close to home. In the final analysis, only peace protects freedoms in post-9/11 world, as reported by “Reporter without Borders” in a recent news release.

Official Vote at Polling Station, Khelvachauri District, Adjara “Null and Void”
I came to the village Akhalsopeli Precinct # 37, Khelvachauri District, Adjara at 6:48 am on November 3, 2008. I was planning to stay here for 15 minutes only. However, this is only if I do not observe any election violations. However, taking into consideration that there was a big fight in Precinct # 37 on May 21, 2008, the day of the so-called snap Parliamentary Elections and many election violations were observed, so I thought that I would actually have had to stay here for more than 15 minutes. Surprisingly, in retrospect, however, the election results from the Precinct # 37 were not invalidated following the May 21, 2008 election – much to my surprise.

Electricity Utility Polls and Live Wires Threaten Persa’s Villgers in Akhaltsikhe District
The electric power utility polls are not firmly fixed in the ground and the power post wires are being pulled down in the village of Persa, Akhaltsikhe District.  Villagers in Persa have become rather concerned about this problem.

The village of Persa is basically inhabited by the migrants from Gori and Dusheti Districts., and they were relocated to Persa village back in 1944. They are not the kind of people who like to complain. However, their “main concern forces them to speak out loudly,” according to Mariam Gogolauri, on of the villagers. Their “main concern” is old electricity polls are hardly able to stand up and they are not firmly set in the ground. There is a small hill over Mariam Gogolauri’s house. The power posts are falling down because they are properly set as they should be on the hill.

Forcible Return of IDPs to Villages Regardless of Safety Concerns
Internally Displaced People residing in the building of the Rustavi Vocational Institute # 17 has been forced to vacate the building prior to November 10. However, those who fled from the village of Knolevi in the Kareli district are still afraid of returning to their village. They state it is dangerous to go home because de-mining process has not been completed as yet and there is still unexploded ordnance. In addition, the village of Knolevi borders with Znauri district that is controlled by Ossetians.

“Trust but Check-it”- Election Slogan of the National Movement
During the elections of the Supreme Council of the Adjara Autonomous Republic on November 3 people were called at home and asked whether they came to the polling stations to vote. One of the voters registered at Batumi Polling Station 23 received such a telephone call, from number 895 30 55 25. The Human Rights Center called the number and there was reply:
“It is Lana Murvanidze, a representative of the election HQ of Zaza Gogotishvili (candidate of the National Movement). Have I broken the law by making a call? Yes, I called the voter according to the election list. I just wondered whether people took part inn the elections or not. Lana Murvanidze has not exactly explained what list she was talking, and it was clear that she did not want to continue carrying-on this conversation with us.

“Russian Soldiers Looting” - NOT Surprising when Georgian Officials Have Robbed and Looted Us
The Office of the Prosecutor General started an investigation on the claimed facts of property being deprived from their rightful owners under serve duress, which includes blackmail, acts  violence and threats of being framed and arrested. Back in October 2007. Manana Macharashvili and Tamar Tarashvili, now the former owners of commercial units in the center of Sighnaghi town, gave detailed testimonies and provided all necessary evidence to the investigation. However, no active steps have been taken by the Prosecutor General’s Office.

Dagestanian Lezghins Now Refugees in Georgia
Tens of Lezghins have come from Dagestan to Kakheti District, Georgia in the last few days. They are being sheltered with their relatives and acquaintances in Lezghian settlements (three villages in the Kvareli district). The North Caucasian refugees state that the situation in Makhachkala District and all of Dagestan has become tensed. The local law enforcers under the military government instruction are under duress recruiting young men between the ages of 18-38 years old into army and those who resist serving are arrested.

Measles Vaccination Scandal Results from Misleading Media Reports
210 people were injected with measles vaccine at the policlinics # 26; 180 people were injected on the second day; 22 were injected on the third day and 6 more on the third… the number of people that were being vaccinated had been reduced each day.  The reason for the changes was that TV has carried stories about the children who ended up in hospital after being vaccinated. Consequently, many people became afraid about the measles vaccine and did not trust that it was safe and they would not have complications themselves.

Political House Cleaning at Telavi University in East Georgia
Georgian legislation on higher requires that the administration of institutions are to treat all staff equally regardless of their political view. Despite the legal requirements, Giorgi Gotsiridze, rector of Telavi Iakob Gogebashvili State University, refuses to accept Archil Jorjadze back to the university. The professor was dismissed from his job based on what is perceived to be political grounds and this would consequently be a violation the acting law. “I will not accept him back and that’s all there is to be said. This person has bothered me, and even if I wanted to restore him to his position of the coordinator of the Law Faculty, I cannot because that department has been since abolished,” explained the rector of the university. However, he employed his relatives in the university as lecturers it is also claimed by various sources that the rector bases salaries of employees according to their personal faith and obedience to him

Results of Russian-Abkhazian Provocation or another Georgian Mistake
Two people died in the explosion allegedly from a distance remote detonator in village Muzhava, Tsalenjikha District on October 25, 2008. Gia Mebonia, Tsalenjikha District Governor and Otar Sabulua, a local both immediately died from blast.

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