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Prison-Closed Zone for Control
Overcrowded cells, poor medical service, inmates tortured by various diseases and several facts of suicide - these are problems that are often spoken about in regard with Kutaisi Prison N 2.

Levan Gogichaishvili – Victim of Revenge
Trial on the young activist of the opposition party Levan Gogichaishvili still continues. The court is discussing the claimings of the prosecutor... Attorney and friends of Gogichaishvili speak about the partiality of the court and claim that they do not trust to the judge.

Parliament Enacted Rules To Appropriate Properties
Today, property of businessman Kibar Khalvashi - International Building Company and Priza - will be put up to auction once more. Ministry of Finances of Georgia intends to sell the holiday-house of Nino Burjanadze, former chairperson of the parliament of Georgia, on auction as well. If the property fails to be sold at the auction two times, according to the new legislation, the head of the department for revenues is entitled to remove the sequestration from the property and assign it to the state.

Kubaneishvili Did not Have Right to Be Head of Competition Commission
“Sigma Plus Ltd” brought suit to the Administrative Collegium of the Tbilisi City Court against Public Broadcasting on February 27, 2009. The suitor requested to annul the results of the competition that was held in September of 2008. Although there was no legal reason for hindering the trial, the process was postponed several times artificially. Lawyers from the NGO “Article 42 of the Constitution” Meri Japaridze and Manana Kobakhidze represented “Sigma Plus Ltd” at the court.

”Court Is Oppressed By Prosecutor’s Office”
According to the current legislation, an accused pays the bail to the state budget only after the court passes verdict. According to the Criminal Procedural Code of Georgia the judge is entitled to satisfy the solicitation of an investigator completely or partially; or refuse to satisfy the solicitation at all and release the accused. Despite the estimated rules, prosecutor made the accused to pay the bail before the judge passed verdict.

Georgian Opposition Journalist Released from Prison after Serving Full Four-Year Term for Alleged “Extortion”
Concerns Remain that Jailing was Part of Clampdown on Critical Media

Georgian authorities on Wednesday released journalist Shalva Ramishvili from prison, after he served a full four-year term for alleged blackmail.

A Citizen Requests Execution of Court Decision
Wife of Ramaz Gorgadze, participant of the Abkhazian war, requests to execute the decision of the Kutaisi City Court. According to the executive paper released by the court on April 7, 2007, judge instructed the City Hall to study the mentioned issue and to assign a plot to the family of Nutsubidzes. Marina Nutsubidze sent the application on the execution of the decision to the City Hall but this has not been reacted so far.

A former prison boss, who has been both credited and criticized for a clampdown on organized crime in Georgia, has been nominated as the country’s latest defense minister.

What Is The Difference Between “Old” and “New” IDPs?!
People, who were internally displaced from Abkhazia and Tskhinvali regions in 1991-93, think that Government of Georgia pays more attention to the victims of the war in August of 2008. Officials of the Government of Georgia are proud that unlike previous president, the current one has created comfort for new IDPs.

Street Trading in front of Kutaisi City Hall
Street traders of household materials and hygiene kits have changed their address in Kutaisi. They have been trading in front of Kutaisi City Hall for several days now instead of the area near the central market they had been trading before. This is a how the street traders express their protest against the police ousting them from the area they had been trading before.

The Families of Vazagashvili and Robakidze Plan to Hold Protests
Buta Robakidze would have become 24 on August 24. He was killed at Didube church in 2004 by Grigol Bashaleishvili, a patrol police officer. Grigol Bashaleishvili was sentenced to 4 years in prison . However, Zurab Mikadze and Guram Donadze, whom the family of Buta Robakidze considers as patrons of the killer, have not been punished. They have not been interrogated in the course of court proceedings. They continue working in theMinistry of Internal Affairs.

One Step Forward Two Steps Back
Most of the IDPs from the Kodori valley that live in Kutaisi have only one table, 4 chairs, a bed, a TV set and a fridge. They live in a former military college building which was renovated by foreigners. The IDPs have been living there since March 2, 2009. They are very dissatisfied and tell about their problems to everyone hoping that their problems might be taken up by the government.

State against “Okruashvili’s Slaves”
The Ministry of Defense of Georgia sued hundreds of former soldiers  alleging that they violated a term of the contract under which they served in the army. All these soldiers signed the contract when the Minister of Defense was Irakli Okruashvili who is in opposition to the current government of Georgia. The Ministry of Defense demands that former soldiers pay the liquidated damage specified in the contract which varies from 30 -40,000 US Dollars.

Representatives of the Republic Party in Search of Justice in Gori
The Gori District Court sentenced Tamaz Tlashadze, an activist of the Republic Party to 3 years of prison term on August 14, 2009. The party members claim that he is punished for his political views. The next day Zaal Gudadze, another member of the Republic Party was sentenced to 4 years of prison term. Gudadze was charged for possession of firearms and explosive material. The Republic Party is planning to appeal the court verdict in the Tbilisi Court of Appeals. 

Melor Vachnadze who was Imprisoned for 14 Days Might Spend 7 Years in Prison
Melor Vachnadze, a member of a youth movement “Shemogviertdi” (Join Us) who was arrested on July 20, 2009 during a protest in front of the Parliament Hall is still in  pre trial detention.

Deceived Villagers and Health Problems Caused by Mobile Phone Masts
The inhabitants of the village of Kokati, Lanchkhuti District who do not have roads, transportation, electricity nor water in the village, started suffering from health problems in recent times. The inhabitants of the village claim that the reason for their health problems is the mobile phone masts that are in their village.

The Government Started the Process of Releasing Political Prisoners
The ministers of law enforcing bodies and several opposition parties met each other on August 12. The meeting was planned on August 6 during the Security Council meeting in the residence of the President of Georgia.

Georgia is on the 33rd Place in the Rating of Unstable Countries of the World
Georgia is on the 33rd place in the rating of unstable countries of the world which was published by the influential US magazine Foreign Policy. 12 key indicators served as a basis of the rating. Economic downfall, human rights, emigration, critical sentiments of population towards their governments are some of the indicators.

I am the Law!
The suspects in the Mukhrovani Mutiny were subjected to pre trial detention by the Tbilisi City Court in May. The two-month pre trial detention term and the preliminary investigation are over. The Collegium on the Criminal Cases within the Tbilisi City Court will take up the case  on August 21. The fate of the 42 suspects charged with participation in the mutiny will depend on the decision of Judge Jemal Kopalyan.

Leisure for the Officials and Hardship for People….
Some inhabitants of the village of Plavi went Gori to ask for help from the Shida Kartli Regional Governor’s Office.

The villagers found very few officials in the office.  Most of them are on vacation. During this time Zurab Lomidze, a head of the Office Chancellery, is in charge of the Shida Kartli region.

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