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We Must Catch Up and Overtake Time – Drivers Will Use Autoban Opened on November 23 Only in 2010
On December 3, a car-accident happened near Igoeti village on Tbilisi-Leselidze motor-way – driver of the “Infinite Jeep” could not control the car and it made several turns in the air. Fortunately, nobody died in the accident. It happened on the new autoban which was opened on November 23 by the government and president of Georgia.

Tskhinvali De-Facto Government Demands to Release the Convicted for Terrorist Act in Gori
“Popular topic – Georgian children are captured in the prison of South Ossetia – has been resolved!” said Boris Chochiev, representative of the de-facto government of South Ossetia in post-conflict issues. He said the international community will not speak about the detention of underage children because 17-year-old Viktor Buchukuri and 16-year-old people are in the Tskhinvali custody now. 14-year-old Giorgi Romelashvili and Aleko Tsabadze, arrested on November 4, are already released.

UDO Commission Intends to Set About 200 Prisoners Free
Prisoners still call Russian name “UDO” to the Commission on Early Conditional Release. Short time ago, the commission satisfied the application of 15 out of 127 prisoners and recommended the court to release them earlier. 2 of the released prisoners will be sent to monasteries for the rehabilitation within the Memorandum signed between the Patriarchate and Government.

City Mayor –Achilles’ Heel of Kutaisi
Kutaisi mayor Nugzar Shamugia resigned. He wrote resignation letter on December 7.

Policemen Were Interrogated At the Trial on Eka Beselia’s Son and Brother
Batumi City Court continues discussion of the incident in the café-bar Elza in Batumi. Among 4 accused are Rati Milorava, underage son of Eka Beselia, leader of the political movement “For the United Georgi”, and her brother Sergo Beseliaa. They are accused for hooliganism and resistance to the policemen. The crime is punished by the imprisonment from 4 to 7 years. The incident happened in café-bar Elza in Batumi on August 19.

The US Congressman Frank R. Wolf: ‘I urge your government to release all political prisoners”
The Topuria case should be viewed as a key test of the progress that the Georgia is making toward reform of its judicial system. I urge your government to release all political prisoners and to work to ensure that Georgia moves toward a fair and independent judiciary.

Part of Society Sent Tabooed Questions to Chatholicos Patriarch of Georgia
Part of society, who previously discussed the issue at internet-forums and social networks, sent questions to the Catholicos Patriarch and the government of Georgia.

Commissionaire of the CoE Discovered Disappeared Ossetian People
News sources from the South Ossetian de-facto government described the visit of the Human Rights Commissionaire of the CoE Thomas Hammarberg to Tskhinvali in details. Among them the negotiation with the leader of the separatist government Eduard Kokoity… Tskhinvali media sources described the visit details based on initial sources.

Endless Hatred
On December 2, everybody hoped the one-month epopee of the adults kidnapped from Tirdznisi village will end in happy-end but decision of Ossetian separatists showed we have to wait for the happy-end for more ten days. However, we can speak about the conditional end because release of the children does not mean hatred has disappeared and nobody will be kidnapped in future.

New Message of the National Movement – “King Is Generous”
President’s visit in Kutaisi caused serious resonance in the city on the same day. The water-drops leaking through the roof of Sarkisashvili’s family fell on Saakashvili’s head. .Nugsar Shamugia, the city mayor was strictly reprimanded in front of TV cameras.

Protest Demonstration in Support of “Batumelebi”
On December 1, in front of the Cinema “Amirani” in Tbilisi journalists and human rights defenders organized a protest rally in support of newspaper “Batumelebi”. Demonstrators attended presentation of the film in the cinema and then joined the demonstration; they requested the representatives of the government and international organizations to react on the oppression and blackmailing of the newspaper.

Paata Zakareishvili: “Georgian Side Will Have To Release Arbitrarily Detained Ossetians”
On November 30, Human Rights Commissionaire of the Council of Europe – Thomas Hammarberg met officials of the de-facto government of Tskhinvali in regard with the release of children kidnapped from Tirdznisi village. Separatists claim that the Georgian government has arbitrarily detained about 20 Ossetian people; so, they will release adults from Tirdznisi only after the hostages are exchanged under principle - “everybody in exchange of everybody”.

Kutaisi City Mayor Fired a Public Official Because of Her Party Membership
Head of department for children’ rights and juvenile issues at the Kutaisi local government was fired for the fifth time already. Maguli Giorgadze appeals to the Kutaisi Prosecutor’s Office against the City Hall.

Is “SAI” Coming Back?
Draft-amendments to the Law on Police were submitted to the parliament last week by the initiative of the government. Explanatory letter of the draft-amendments states it aims to make the Law on Police more refined, to correct the law and to support the police system in future.

Television – In Service of Government
Most villages of Gori district get information from national TV-channels. People complain that TV-stations do not highlight local problems. Residents of the village of Dvani think journalists get interested about their problems only when somebody is kidnapped or something is exploded in the village.

“Watching TV, I Think I Am Listening News About Other Country”
Georgia has been celebrating the anniversary of Rose Revolution on St. George’s Holiday for 6 years already. The “government of roses” has been eagerly reminding people for six years that everything what has been done since the revolution was in sake of people. They claim that 6 years ago they liberated the country from corruption and turned it into a democratic state. For the government, November 23 is associated with economical progress, creation of new working places and development in general.

SOD Blackmails the Head of Investigative Group of Newspaper “Batumelebi”
Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) continues to oppress the personnel of the newspaper Batumelebi. Now, the police tried to humiliate the name of Tedo Jorbenadze, the head of investigation group, in regard with the sexual orientation based on the stigma in Georgia.

TV Broadcasters in the government’s service – “International transparency – Georgia” diagnosis
In his interview to CNN on October 15 of 2009, the President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili stated that there were 27 independent channels in Georgia and more than one political talk show was on the air daily. In fact, there are even more channels in Georgia, though information on their actual owners is unavailable.

Public Defenders Office comments on arbitrary detention of “7 November” movement members
Based on Article 12 of the Organic Law of Georgia on Public Defender, the Public Defender started an independent investigation into the case related to the termination of peaceful assembly of the citizens Dachi Tsaguria, Djaba Djishkariani and Irakli Kordzaia in front of the Parliament building on 23 November of 2009 and their arbitrary detention.

Silent protest action in front of the Parliament
On the initiative of Human Rights Center and the South Caucasus Network for Human Rights Defenders, a silent protest action was staged in front of the Parliament building. The South Caucasus Network defenders from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, the Human Rights House Foundation from Norway as well as other representatives of NGO community made a protest against the arbitrary detention of the activists of “7 November” movement by patrol police.

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