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IDPs Settled in Berbuki Village
The government is boasting about the cottages built for IDPs and the plots that were assigned to the internally displaced people as private properties. However, as yet nobody has registered the cottages and the plots t. Although, the IDPs have been requesting to be employed most of them still are unemployed.

A Chronicle of Violence Before and After April 9
Despite the great desire and attempt of the government of Georgia to reduce the number of incidents during the rally to minimum it became impossible to do so. Opposition parties report almost every night that activists are detained or beaten. The number of people who have been beaten and wounded before and after rallies has already reached alarming number.

Singer and Businessman Is Beaten
Demonstrators were harassed during the night of April 14. The Human Rights Center was informed about attacks in several districts of Tbilisi. On April 14, at about 7:00 pm singer Zurab Manjavidze was attacked. Before that, Vakhtang Laghidze, director-general of “Coca-Cola”, was beaten and then his car was stolen. Three members of the People’s Party, political party “Tavisufleba” and Alliance for Georgia were beaten. They are Gizo Sartania, Hamlet Gulordava and Malkhaz Charkviani. They were so ruthlessly beaten that all three people were put in the central hospital.

Tents Will Be Set Up in Telavi Too
Tents will be set up in Telavi close to the Kakheti regional administration. Ordinary citizens, not representatives of opposition political parties, are going to express their protest in that way. The people are dissatisfied with the activities of the government and with the current injustice reigning in the country. Deputy Chairperson of the Telavi office of the Conservative Party Giorgi Mosiashvili, who participates in the protest demonstrations in Tbilisi, claims that the organization council of the opposition parties in the regions also are discussing the possibility of starting protest demonstrations.

In Batumi Mini-Buses Were Deprived of Drivers
In Adjara, patrol police deprived the drivers of mini-buses of their driving licenses. The “punished” drivers transported people to Tbilisi to take part in protest demonstrations. The drivers of the mini-buses that served people to join the demonstration on April 9 also were deprived of their driving licenses. The drivers reported to a journalist for the Human Rights Center that patrol policemen cannot explain to them the reason for their activities.

High Ranking Officials of Law Enforcement Bodies Took Part in Dispersal
As  was expected, the government could not control themselves for long and on the night of April 11 they dispersed the demonstrators in front of the parliament building. According to information of the Human Rights Center law officers took part in the dispersal.



Violence On Political Ground Continues
Activists of the opposition parties were attacked on political grounds on the night of April 10 as well. The violence occurred in several districts of Tbilisi. It was reported to The Human Rights Center that late at night people were threatened, beaten and persecuted.

Nation-Wide Disobedience Is Declared in Tbilisi
On April 11 at 6:00 pm nation-wide disobedience was declared in Tbilisi. Levan Gachechiladze, one of the opposition leaders, announced it to the demonstrators in front of the Parliament.

Travel Documents Are Issued on Refugees
Travel documents are issued on refugees for the first time in Georgia; with those documents refugees can cross the border of Georgia. Chechen Refugees residing in Pankisi Valley have been asking for travel documents for a long time already.
Demonstrators Are Forbidden To Travel From Regions
Today, movement was restricted from various regions of Georgia in the direction of Tbilisi. Mini-buses could not leave Zugdidi, Gurjaani and Khashuri.

The Night of April 9 Was Not Calm At All
During the night of April 9 activists of the Movement “April 9” and Movement “Why” were attacked. Leaders of the movement reported to the Human Rights Center that the attack happened at 11:00 pm in Tbilisi. Iraklil Khukhuneishvili, Lasha Kopaliani and Otar Chelidze were beaten.

Policemen Forced People Out of Mini-Buses in Kakheti Region
On April 9 policemen forced people out of mini-buses which were driving people from Kakheti to Tbilisi. The passengers reported that the patrol police cars blocked their mini-buses on the road and forbade the drivers to continue to Tbilisi.  Tthe law enforcers threatened the drivers with detention if they did not obey the law enforcers..

People Are Detained on Political Grounds in Gori
April 8 did not end  in Gori without incidents. A representative of Irakli Alasania’s political party was arrested for insulting law enforcers and minor hooliganism in Gori yesterday. Tamaz Makashvili from the “Alliance for Georgia” was set to prison for 10 days.

A Two-Day Kidnapping and Interrogation
Unidentified people kidnapped Avto Beridze, chairperson of the Batumi youth office of the political party “United Georgia”, for two days. The kidnappers tried to get some information from him but Beridze does not comment about the requested information with journalists or in private conversations.

European Court of Human Rights Took Up Case of People Killed During Special Operation
Maka Malakmadze, Batumi

Government Might Have To Pay Large Amount of Compensation

Special operation that was carried out in the auto-station “Navtlugi” in Tbilisi at 7:00 pm on January 12, 2006 ended with the death of three young people.

The case was sent to the European Human Rights Court. However, Lasha Jincharauli, attorney of the victim side, stated they are not reported about the exact date of the case discussion at the European Court.

Injustice Leaked from a Scandalous Pipe(part II)
Why Was Not An Inspection Arranged Under the Earth? 

The Judge, the experts and the attorneys were discussing the details of the conclusion (#4580/18) of the numerous experts for two days and very often they were in a curious situation. The experts gave such strange answers to the questions that everybody suspected those experts may not have attended the examination; and suspected no expert examination really had been conducted. Finally, it was clear that the experts studied only the work that was performed above the soil while the most part of the work had been done under the soil. The trial witnessed the dialogue between attorney Aleksandre Baramidze and Mamuka Kalandadze, a specialist who participated in the repeated expert examinations.

Injustice Leaked from a Scandalous Pipe(Part 1)
On February 19 2009 Tbilisi City Court sentenced Professor Omar Kutsnashvili to four-years in prison The professor is 66-year-old and  has been detained for 9 months already. He is the father of Zakaria Kutsnashvili, a former member of the Parliament of Georgia. Omar Kutsnashvili was arrested based on an anonymous letter to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. According to the letter, an organization of which Omar Kutsnashvili was director, had appropriated state funds. The court could not determine if in fact there had been an appropriation but sent the professor to the prison pursuant to a charge of fabricating documents. The lawyers, human rights defenders and experts of economics think that Omar Kutsnashvili was not guilty of fabrication either and this judgment smells of politics.

Open Letter to President Saakashvili
Options for your legacy: for good or bad

“There are three classes of intellect: one which comprehends by itself; another which appreciates what others comprehend; and a third which neither comprehends by itself nor by what others have to demonstrate. The first is the most excellent; the second is good; the third is useless”. What Machiavelli has to say here about intellect could as well be applied to the governance of Georgia.

Governmental and Law Enforcement Bodies Have Started Working On An Emergency Rule
In order to prevent people from joining the protest demonstrations planned for April 9 in Tbilisi, local self-governments and law enforcement bodies in the districts of Kakheti region have started working on emergency rule. At the demonstrations the people will demand the resignation of the President of Georgia and to establish the date of snap presidential elections. District governors, chairpersons of the municipality boards and heads of police departments demanded that the leaders of public agencies prevent their employees and their family members from going to the demonstration. Since Monday groups of policemen are moving in the villages and threatening the families who are considered supporters of opposition parties with the detention of their children or relatives.

Rights of Sexual Minorities in Georgia
On March 30, the non-governmental organization “Human Rights Center” organized the fifth media club in the “New Art Café” with the support of the Swiss Embassy in Georgia. Foreign diplomats, representatives of international organizations and Georgian journalists took part in the media club. The topic of the meeting was the rights of sexual minorities in Georgia and media coverage of their issues. The speakers at the media club were Paata Sabelashvili, president of the Fund “Inclusive” and Eka Aghdgomelashvili, project manager.

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