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Population VS Mother Superior of Bodbe Nunnery (Part 1)
Residents of Kedeli settlement in St. Nino Street in Sighnaghi oppose Mother Superior of Bodbe Nunnery. Locals claim that the Mother has been appropriating their territories illegally for several years already. Those people, who refuse to give in their land to the monastery for free or for cheap price, face unbearable conditions. 

Criminal or Political Prisoner
51-year-old Anzor Mezvrishvili, a resident of the village of Garejvari in Gori district, was arrested when he sheltered Tbilisi Public School # 165 during the war operations in August, 2008. According to the decision of Tbilisi City Court, policemen from division # 5 of the Old Tbilisi Department within the Ministry of Internal Affairs arrested Mezvrishvili in Janashia Street in Tbilisi. The law enforcers discovered white-brownish powder on him. Trials on Mezvrishvili still continue and he is charged under Article 260 of the Criminal Code of Georgia (illegal storage, purchase and transportation of narcotics).

Law Enforcers Dispersed Demonstration
“Why did you kill Roin Shavadze?” “Murderers of Zura Vazagashvili must be punished,” “Murderers of Sandro Girgvliani must be punished,” these were slogans of the demonstrators in Batumi. However, law enforcers forcefully dispersed the demonstration. The policemen seized video-cameras from the organizers of the demonstration.

State Seized Property from the Union of Architects
163 sq. meters of the Adjara office of the Union of Architects was seized by the state. The ministry states that the space was state property and based on the resolution of the Government of Georgia was assigned to them. The Union of Architects holds data of the inventory archive according to which the union was the owner of the space. The suit has already brought to the Batumi City Court.

What Is Yours Is Mine, Or How to Seize Strange Property
Today, private property owners unsuccessfully tried to protect their properties from the predatory plans of the government. These people are shareholders, private persons and legal entities; the seized property had been their own for many years. Our investigation will expose one script of the Government written for the court – how to seize the property of people?

Former Hostages of Ossetian Separatists Urge the Government for Help
During the war in August of 2008, Temur Jarmelashvili was hostage in Tskhinvali for 16 days. He still does not know why he was released from the captivity; he supposes that he was exchanged in Ossetian people arrested by Georgian law enforcers.

Accused for the Restriction of Free Opinion Is Appointed at High Position
Davit Kapanadze, former member of the Georgian Parliament, who was condemned by Lagodekhi district court for the persecution of free opinion in 2008, has recently occupied the position of the deputy head of the administration at the Chamber of Control. Journalists and human rights defenders consider that this fact is continuation of the governmental policy because those, who fight against freedom of expression and try to frighten journalists, are appointed to high positions.

Activities Started Without Tender
Reconstruction of Old City of Batumi should finish before December 31, 2009. 25 million GEL is allocated for the purpose. The activities have already started though without tender. “Bazplastic” and “Anagi” are carrying out the activities in Old Batumi. Zaza Gogotishvili, single mandate member of the Supreme Council of Adjara Autonomous Republic is the owner of the Company “Bazplastic.”

Georgian Judiciary System under Influence of Political Narcotic?!
Merab Ratishvili is known among Georgian society as a political prisoner; however two instances of Georgian court found him guilty for drug-addiction and illegal storage of narcotics. He often appeals and urges Georgian society to resist cruel judiciary system. He considers that on July 15, 2008 Tbilisi City Court sentenced him to 9-year-imprisonment because of his political activities. He is not very much looking forward to the verdict of Supreme Court as he knows the decision of previous instance will not be changed. Consequently, one more suit will be submitted to the European Court in Strasbourg since there is no fair trial in Georgia.

83-Year-Old Teacher Urges Government for Help
Dimitri Gogishvili, a resident of Zemo Khviti in Gori district, was wounded during the war in August, 2008. He is 83. Shells were dropped in his yard during the war operations and his house was half-destroyed. Despite that, government has not compensated him. Dimitri Gogishvili is former teacher; he worked at Georgian School # 1 in Tskhinvali, then he was a director of the secondary school in the village of Nikozi for 30 years.

Zugdidi Office of National Lies Functions Successfully
Georgian TV Companies have been reporting that Abkhazian separatists ruthlessly beat and wounded Irakli Bigvava and now he shelters in Zugdidi. Abkhazian side is demanding his transfer and is raiding ethnic Georgian population of Gai district unless he is not transferred to them. Furthermore, reportedly about 50 families were evicted from the village of Otobaia, Gali district. Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia were seriously worried about the incident and they made several statements as it usually happens.

HRIDC Report on Khurcha Incident – Factual Event or Machiavellian Conspiracy?

The 2008 Khurcha incident refers to the attack on buses in the Georgian village of Khurcha, near the ceasefire line with the internationally unrecognized breakaway region Republic of Abkhazia that has recently been recognized by the Russian Federation. The attack took place on Parliamentary Election Day May 21 2008 injuring 3 people.

“If You Do Not Leave the Area We Will Drag You Out With the Support of Special Unit”
IDPs from Abkhazia are being evicted from the building where they have lived for 16 years. Despite their protest, Koba Subeliani, Minister of Refugees and Accommodation, stated that resettlement of the IDPs aims to create better living conditions for them; 138 million GEL is envisaged for the purpose in the budget of 2009. The Minister claims the decision will not be changed and resettlement of IDPs will finish in 2009-2010.

Assassination of Guram Sharadze Is No More Tabooed
Based on recently discovered circumstances, Human Rights Center, family members of Guram Sharadze and their attorney, Gela Nikolaishvili, appealed to the Prosecutor General’s Office and requested repeated investigation of the assassination of Guram Sharadze. In a month we will know whether the prosecutor’s office has considered the appeal.

Five Years in Prison for Having Chopped Three Dry Trees
Gurjaani District Court is judging Otar Berelashvili, father of four children; he chopped three dry trees alongside the road in the village of Kachreti. Kakheti regional prosecutor’s office blamed Berelashvili for illegal chopping and stealing of trees; the crime envisages liability for 5 years.

Introduction to the 2008 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices
The year just ended was characterized by three trends: a growing worldwide demand for greater personal and political freedom, governmental efforts to push back on those freedoms, and further confirmation that human rights flourish best in participatory democracies with vibrant civil societies.
A Citizen Demands Gori Hospital to Return the Reimbursement for His Treatment
After being treated in Gori hospital Jemal Tsiklauri considers that medical personnel breached his rights. Tsiklauri claimed that several days after his treatment in the hospital he needed urgent operation.

Political Prisoners in Georgia
 Topic of political prisoners is still urgent for Georgia. Although Georgian authority acknowledged “democracy” and “freedom of expression”, criticizing the government is still dangerous.

It is natural that authority does not acknowledge persecution of people on political grounds in order not to damage its own image.   read more...
Employment Program Works Effectively for Former MPs
Most of Adjara Supreme Council former MPs were appointed in executive and legislative government.  30 former MPs continue to work in Adjara Autonomous Republic Supreme Council, in the Ministries of Agriculture, Finance and Economics, and Education and in the Division of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources. 12 out of 30 work as deputy ministers, assistants to ministers and advisers. They receive salaries from 885- 1 500 GEL.

People with Burnt Houses Are Not Compensated Yet
 Over 300 houses were burnt and destroyed in Gori and Gori district during Russian aggression in August 2008. The government issued 15 000 USD to those families whose houses were seriously damaged and its rehabilitation required over 20 000 GEL. However, not every owner of similar houses was compensated. There are people who did not receive any assistance from the government and they still shelter at their relative’s. These people claim the government has not aided them at all.

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