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Tbilisi TV Mast Possible Sellout Posing Threat for Georgian Media?
Part of the Georgian media still protests on the streets – this time the reason of the protest is the internet auction announced on Tbilisi TV mast which shall determine a new owner of the mast and transfer 100% share of state ownership  on Tbilisi TV mast and other related objects for four-year management.

Facts of Torture, Inhuman, and Degrading Treatment in Georgia
The prohibition of torture and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment is enshrined in the national and international law, though similar facts still occur in Georgia. 

Deconstruction of Private Properties For the Construction of House of Justice
Property located in the Papa Park in Gurjaani is being seized from Anna Zakalashvili-Mtivlishvili for the construction of House of Justice. Her building was destroyed yesterday before she satisfied the request of the Kakheti regional and district governors and assigned her property to the state as a gift.

Statistics about Plea-Bargain
The practice of plea-bargain, which has become one of the most appropriated method of the government in regard with the detainees, was first introduced in the Georgian judiciary in 2004.

Sopo Verdzeuli: “Georgia chose repressive way to implement lustration process”
Interpressnews talked to the representative of Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA) Sopo Verdzeuli regarding the motivation, efficiency and shortcomings of Lustration Law adopted by the Parliament on May 31st.

Transportation Prices Increase
The promise that the tariffs of Tbilisi mini-buses 50 tetri will stay the same remains to be a promise. Four companies selected in the tender on “marshutka” lines are:  TbilCar, Ltd. TbilLine, Ltd. Capital Group and PublicCar which divided the city according to the received points.

IDPs under Intolerable Conditions
7 families of IDPs from Abkhazia are living under the intolerable conditions in the village Mukhrani of Mtskheta region. Two weeks ago, the apartment building where the IDPs lived in was burned and they are sheltering in the damaged building of the polyclinic right now.

Peter Rozic: “Lustration is not the form of legal or moral judgement but the form of political judgement solely”
Interpressnews interviewed Peter Rozic the reasearcher of the Georgetown University in the issues of politics and practice of lustration in Eastern Europe and Georgia regarding the motivation, efficiency and shortcomings of Lustration Law adopted on May 31st by Georgian Parliament.

Mtskheta-Mtianeti Information Center Requests Reaction from the Public Defender
Mtskheta-Mtianeti Information Center addressed Public Defender Giorgi Tughushi and asked to react upon the facts of hindering their professional activity.

“Tell us who we are?! Aren’t we human beings?!” – State the Ossetian Residents of Tvaurebi
The population of the village Tvaurebi of Kaspi region lives under the severe circumstances. The population suffers from the absence of gas supply, bad auto roads and most importantly – lack of water. The village is inhabited by the ethnical Ossetians and is situated near the border of occupied Akhalgori region where there is a Russian post beyond.

Vakhtang Maisaia: “I was punished because I did not confess what I had not committed”
Political scientist Vakhtang Maisaia was detained in May of 2009 under the charge of espionage. He confessed the crime during the preliminary investigation. However, he did not confess crime during the trial. The court passed 20-years imprisonment sentence against him. He is serving sentence in Rustavi #2 prison.

Stop Forest Reform – Save Yourself, Each Other and Our Future
With the initiative of the Caucasian Environment NGO Network (CENN), the appeal of the civil society was spread by social networks about the comments of the Minister of Energetics and Natural Resources on leasing out the forests for 49-year term. The appeal of the civil society:

Zurab Imnadze Requests Punishment of Aslan Abashidze
Zurab Imnadze has been holding hunger strike in Batumi, at the monument of Ilia Chavchavadze. He started hunger strike three weeks ago. The son of former deputy head of Adjara Supreme Council, Nodar Imnadze requests the investigation of his father’s murder case to be completed and to find Aslan Abashidze guilty.

The Human Rights Center Suggests Lawyer Shalva Shavgulidze to Stop Discrediting Statements about the Center’s Lawyer
The Human Rights Center protests the recent statement of the Lawyer Shalva Shavgulidze in the TV-Programs of the TV-Company “Kavkasia” on July 21 and 22. The lawyer deliberately misleads the society and tries to discredit the Human Rights Center’s lawyer Nino Andriashvili due to his personal offence.

Kakheti Prosecutor Appointed to the Post of Judge
Kakheti regional prosecutor Tamaz Tsabutashvili is appointed to the post of judge. The President Saakashvili signed the relevant decree on July 4th. Tamaz Tsabutashvili replaced Joni Khetsuriani whose term expired on July 6th.

Gogi Gvakharia: “President Shall Apologize to Tamar Amashukeli”
President of Georgia shall apologize to Tamar Amashukeli- Cinema critic Gogi Gvakharia stated in his interview to the radio-program Résumé of the Radio-Station “Palitra”. He said Amashukeli was more insulted with the statements of the president than he.

Eka Beselia Suggests Colleagues Not to Sign Illegal Plea-Agreement
Lawyer of the detained photo-reporter Giorgi Abdaladze Eka Beselia suggests her colleagues not to sign illegal plea-agreements [between the prosecutor’s office and their clients].

Zurab Kurtsikidze, Irakli Gedenidze, Giorgi Abdaladze and Natia Gedenidze Released from Court Room
Photo reporters Zurab Kurtsikidze, Irakli Gedenidze, Giorgi Abdaladze and Natia Gedenidze released from Tbilisi City Court room of session.

Action of Ukrainian Women Movement FEMEN Supporting Georgian Photoreporters in Ukraine
The officials of Georgian Embassy in Ukraine beat the journalists and activists of the organization FEMEN. This is how the action of women movement FEMEN ended entitled – “photo hunting.”

Government Continues to Forcefully Evict IDPs
The third stage of IDP eviction takes place with violations. The IDPs have been evicted from 4 compact settlement places of Tbilisi: Varketili #204 kindergarten, Samghereti St, 8 Uznadze St and 16 Kazbegi St.

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