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Human Rights Center Presented Report on the Research on Psychiatric Institutions in Georgia
On August 6, Human Rights Center presented its report “Research on Psychiatric Institutions in Georgia – Problems, Needs, Recommendations”. Executive Director of Human Rights Center Aleko Tskitishvili said the research revealed many urgent problems in psychiatric institutions of Georgia.
Reactions about Non-Guilty Verdict on Bachana Akhalaia
On July 31st, judge of Tbilisi City Court Giorgi Darakhvelidze made verdict of not guilty towards Bachana Akhalaia, Gigi Kalandadze and other defendants in the case. Politicians made different evaluations on the fact. 
Verdict on Bachana Akhalia’s Case in the Episode of Prison Riot to Be Announced before Election
On July 31, substantial discussion of the criminal case launched against Bachana Akhalaia, former defense and interior minister of Georgia, was head at the court. Akhalaia’s lawyer Malkhaz Velijanashvili solicited to declare the evidence provided by the prosecutor non-disputable. He acknowledged every evidence presented by the prosecutor at the court were non-disputable except the resolution on finding him guilty and initial verdict submitted to the court.
Deputy Director and Doctor at Prison # 8 Were Questioned at the Trial on Kardava’s Case
Doctor of medical unit of the Prison # 8 Teimuraz Tsasidze was questioned at the trial on July 31; he said military officer Sergo Tetradze was delivered to the medical unit at night by ambulance and the prisoner was in critical conditions. Former head of military police Megis Kardava is accused in the murder-case of Officer Sergo Tetradze.
Family of Diseased Prisoner Requests Responsibility of the Minister of Penitentiary
Western Georgia’s Regional Prosecutor’s Office declared the murder case of Levan Kortava, 24, resolved. Employees of the prison # 14 and former inmates of the same prison were charged under several articles of the Criminal Code of Georgia. The prosecutor’s office claims that security inspector of the Geguti Prison # 14 Ilia Shanshashvili ordered this murder and former prisoner Giorgi Shemazashvili executed it.
Reorganization Underway at Lanchkhuti District Administration
After the Parliamentary Election of October 1, 2012, Lanchkhuti district has had new interim governor – Zaza Urushadze. Representatives of the local organization of the National Movement blame him in employing new people in the administration according to political party membership. However, the new governor categorically denies the accusation.
Noisy Reorganization in Kutaisi City Hall
Dimitry Kopalyani, who was appointed to the position of the Kutaisi City Mayor on June 5 after his 22-year working in the USA, started his activities in the City Hall with large-scaled reorganization. According to the Transparency International –Georgia, after parliamentary elections of 2012, 88 employees were sacked from the City Hall.
Court Found Bachana Akhalaia Not Guilty
Judge passed non-guilty verdict on the former defense and interior minister Bachana Akhalaia and other accused people in the same case. However, Bacho Akhalaia is still in prison because Tbilisi City Court is processing two more criminal cases against him. Prosecutor’s office will appeal the verdict passed by Judge Darakhvelidze at the Appeal Court.
One Witness (Spy-provocateur) in 11 Cases – It Happens After Parliamentary Elections, 2012
After the parliamentary elections of 2012, Investigative Unit of the Ministry of Finances arrested several public servants for bribery; studio Monitor studied 11 cases in Kakheti region where one person - Ruslan Mamedov - is witness.
Jailed Ex-Governor of Samegrelo Released After Presidential Pardon
A former senior interior ministry officials and ex-governor of Samegrelo region, Tengiz Gunava, was released from jail late on July 30 after he was granted pardon by President Saakashvili.
Acting Gamgebeli of Chokhatauri Municipality sues Guria Moambe
Gamgebeli of Chokhatauri Municipality Tamaz Jincharadze has turned in a lawsuit against Guria Moambe regional newspaper to Ozurgeti regional court and has requested GEL 5 thousand compensation as moral loss compensation, which, as Jincharadze has claimed, he has faced due to a slanderous article published by the newspaper. 
Summer Pastures Request Help in the Fight against Wild Animals
Wild animals attack flocks in summer fields of Khulo district. Pastures have to be very attentive when pasturing sheep in the field. One hunter is appointed for each field to protect flock; he threats beasts by shooting gun. However, locals said population cannot effectively cope with the problem alone. They urge the government for help.
Transparency International – Georgia Believes Amendments to the Adjara Budget Are Introduced Illegally
On July 25, Adjara Supreme Council approved amendments to the 2013 budget according to which funding was increased for Goderdzi resort, Adjara TV-Radio Department, environmental division and Adjara Healthcare Ministry.
Date for Declaring the Judgment on Bachana Akhalaia’s Case Postponed
Court hearing on the criminal case on the former defense minister and minister of interior Bachana Akhalaia and other accused finished at the Tbilisi City Court. Defense side made final speech after what the judge left courtroom to pass verdict but later, assistant to the judge told the parties the trial was postponed and the date for declaring the verdict would be announced in several days.
Lawyers of Human Rights Center Met Inmates of Rustavi Prison # 17 on Strike
On July 26, 2013 lawyers of Human Rights Center visited inmates of Rustavi prison # 17. Lawyers also met prisoners Giorgi Khurtsidze and Levan Kutaladze, who are on strike. They have sewed up mouths in protest.
Christians from Syria and Egypt seek refuge in the Caucasus
TBILISI, Georgia — Ever since ouster of Egyptian strongman President Hosni Mubarak two years ago, Adel has faced a difficult dilemma: Leave behind a relatively cushy life in Egypt or stay and risk discrimination and violence as religious and sectarian tensions rise.
Bachana Akhalaia’s Case Discussion at the City Court
27 ივლისს თბილისის საქალაქო სასამართლოში თავდაცვის ყოფილი მინისტრის, ბაჩანა ახალაიას სასამართლო პროცესი გაიმართა.  საქმე ეხება სენაკის ბრიგადაში ჯარისკაცების  აბანოში გამოკეტვის, ვაზიანის ბრიგადაში ჯარისკაცების ცემისა და ბიზნესმენ ზვიად აბესაძისთვის თავისუფლების უკანონოდ აღკვეთის ეპიზოდს. 
Prosecutor and Defense Side Presented Final Speeches at Akhalaia’s Court Hearing
Prosecutor and defense side made final speeches at the trial on criminal case on former minister of defense and interior Bachana Akhalaia. Court will more likely pass verdict on the episodes of physical assault of soldiers in Senaki brigade, illicit restriction of freedom of businessman Zviad Abesadze and about physical assault of soldiers in Vaziani unit on July 27.
Transparency International: The “Tractors Case” raises questions
The arrest of eight members of Georgia’s Ministry of Agriculture has raised a number of serious questions. According to our legal analysis, the prosecutors’ charges are unsubstantiated and, according to one of the accused, a witness relied on by the prosecution says he was pressurised into giving evidence again the then Minister of Agriculture, David Kirvalidze.
New Details in the Case of Former Senior Officials of Agriculture Ministry
Counter-corruption agency of the MIA arrested nine senior officials of the Agriculture Ministry and deputy director of the Ltd Mechanizatori Mamuka Ivaniadze for the waste of budget funds, professional negligence and oppression on experts; investigation freed four of the detainees under bail. On July 11, Mamuka Ivaniadze held press-conference and stated that prosecutor Giorgi Davitashvili had compelled him under psychological oppression to make testimony against the former minister of agriculture Davit Kirvalidze. 
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