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Imprisonment Term of Bachana Akhalaia to Expire
Nine-month imprisonment term of the accused Bachana Akhalaia expires early in August. According to the procedural law, unless the City Court passes verdict meanwhile, the accused will be released. The issue became urgent after it was clarified that parties have to interrogate 150 witnesses at the trial. In parallel to it, the prosecutor’s office blames the defense lawyers in purposeful extension of court proceedings.
Regulations of the Coverage of Pre-Election Campaign May Get Severer
Nongovernmental organizations developed package of legislative changes about media coverage of the pre-election campaign. In the frame of the inter-fraction group of the legislative body the discussion about the bill is planned on June 13. 
Saakashvili Demands from Interior Ministry to Find Those Behind 'Jihad Threat' Video
President Saakashvili has “instructed” Interior Minister Irakli Garibashvili to “immediately” identify those who have “produced and commissioned” a video, which threatens to take jihad into Georgia.
Seven Georgian Soldiers Die in Afghan Truck Bomb Attack
A U.S. Marine (left) and a Georgian army soldier from the 42nd infantry battalion (right) conduct patrol outside forward operating base Shir Ghazay, Helmand province, Afghanistan, May 10, 2013. Three days after this photo was taken, a truck bomb attack on base in Shir Ghazay killed three Georgian soldiers; a similar attack on other base in Helmand killed seven Georgian soldiers on June 6, 2013. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Alejandro Pena via DVIDS
Former Deputy Blames Akhalaia in Verbal Assault of Riot Police Officers
Former deputy minister Shalva Janashvili was questioned at the trial on former minister of interior Bacho Akhalaia. Janashvili said that during one of the incidents Akhalaia verbally insulted a riot police officer.
Batumelebi Newspaper Sues Ministry of Internal Affairs
The Batumelebi newspaper sues the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia- the Netgazeti reports.
Bar Association Blames Penitentiary Establishment in Criminal Alliance with Investigator
Bar Association and lawyer Kakhaber Mumladze blame penitentiary establishment in illicit cooperation with the investigators acting during previous government. Chairman of the Bar Association Zaza Khatiashvili and lawyer Kakhaber Mumladze said at the press-conference today, they will lodge a suit against the administration of the penitentiary establishment # 8 and investigator Merab Anjaparidze and request to start criminal prosecution against them.
Public Defender Presented Report on IDPs
Public Defender of Georgia presented Report about human rights situation of internally displaced people in the country. Lack of adequate accommodation, unemployment, unavailability of medical care – these are those key problems, Ucha Nanuashvili focused on in his report.
Recommendation of the Public Defender to the Prosecutor’s Office
According to  Subparagraphs “b” and “c” of the Article 21 of the Organic Law of Georgia “On Public Defender”, Public Defender  addressed the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia with recommendation to apply the court with  petition on revocation of  provisional arrest sentenced to citizen Anatoly Ch. and his release. In addition, to start investigation on alleged arbitrary detention  of Anatoly Ch. citizen of Ukraine with the signs of a crime stipulated in Section 2 of Article 147 of the Criminal Code of Georgia. 
James Appathurai about Detention of Former Senior Officials
NATO Secretary General’s Special Representative James Appathurai said it is important that recent frequent arrests of former senior officials shall not acquire political character. 
Travertine to Have Status of Natural Monument
Rehabilitation works of the tunnel in the vicinities of the Travertine – sour water mountain in Kazbegi, were suspended. Representatives of the Ministry of Environment said the construction, which damaged travertine was not illegal because the territory did not have status of natural monument. However, the Agency of Reserved Territories stated the vicinities will have the status in order to avoid similar facts in future.
Human Rights House Tbilisi Officially Opened
On June 3 Human Rights House Tbilisi was officially opened. HRHT unifies six local organizations: Article 42 of the Constitution, Human Rights Center, Media Institute, Center for Human Rights and Conflict Studies – Caucasia, Union Sapari and the Georgian Centre for Psychosocial and Medical Rehabilitation of Torture Victims (GCRT).
Adoption of Law on Broadcasting Marked Political Assaults Towards Independent Media- Akaki Minashvili
84 against 4- is the voting with which the Parliament of Georgia adopted May 31 the amendments to the Law on Broadcasting, which will come into effect after its publication. The amendments and additions to the Law on Broadcasting and its related draft bills were considered at the third hearing at the session of the Parliament, during which the discussion touched solely upon the subject of technical and editorial changes.
Former Head of Revenue Service Questioned at Gvaramia’s Trial
At the trial on Nika Gvaramia’s case, former head of Revenue Service Jambul Ebanoidze was questioned about the scheduled tax inspection at Electricity Distribution Company Telasi in the autumn of 2012. He said the order on inspecting the Service was later canceled and tax agreement process was launched with the Company.
Witness Had Surnames of the Victims Written on His Palm at Akhalaia’s Process
Head of the Unit for Particular Cases at the MIA, Colonel Simon Karchaidze accused former Minister of Defense Bachana Akhalaia of having verbally insulted riot police officers. During his interrogation, the witness had names of the victims written on his palm. This fact caused serious noise in the courtroom.
Parliament Overrides Two Presidential Vetoes
Parliament overturned on May 30 presidential vetoes on two bills – one related shortening of deadline for the Constitutional Court to deliver a verdict into those applications, which cause suspension of validity of a disputed legislative act and another one related to possible change of legal status to state universities.
Bill Offers to Suspend Selling of Agriculture Land to Foreigners
Two Georgian Dream lawmakers have initiated a bill proposing to suspend selling of agricultural land to foreign citizens till January 1, 2017.
Arrested Senior Officials of the Agriculture Ministry Believe They Are Victims of Selective Justice
On May 1, Counter-Corruption Agency of the MIA arrested eight senior officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and Ltd Mechanizatori – dealer of agricultural equipment; they were charged for the waste of budget funds, professional negligence and oppression on experts. The detainees were sentenced to pre-trial imprisonment. 
Journalist Was Not Allowed to Attend Briefing of Adjara Supreme Council
Journalist Tariel Tsetskhladze from Radio Adjara was not allowed to attend the traditional press-conference of Avtandil Beridze, chairman of the Adjara Supreme Council.
Sergo Tetradze’s Widow Questioned at the Trial on Megis Kardava’s Case
Widow of the late officer Sergo Tetradze and officer Davit Londaridze were questioned at the trial on former head of Military Police Megis Kardava and people accused in the same case. Sergo Tetradze and Davit Londaridze were arrested and accused of espionage in September of 2011. According to investigation materials, MIA officers demanded them to make confession statements.
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