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Installation of Fences at S.Ossetia Administrative Border
Georgia will send a note to Russia expressing concern over installation of fences by the Russian troops across the South Ossetian administrative boundary line, Georgian Foreign Minister, Maia Panjikidze, said on Monday.
Former Police Officer Blames Zaza Chaia in Physical Assault of Utsnobi
Former police officer Erekle Grishkashvili blames former head of Vake Saburtalo district police unit Zaza Chaia in the physical assault of singer Gia Gachechiladze (Utsnobi) in the yard of police office on May 6, 2009.
Additional Charges Filed Against Merabishvili
Charges, involving “exceeding official powers with aggravated circumstances”, in connection to break up of a protest rally in downtown Tbilisi on May 26 2011, have been filed against ex-PM and former interior minister Vano Merabishvili, the Georgian prosecutor’s office said on Tuesday.
“Let Us Fight against Prostitution Together” – Slogan of Gonio Residents
Gonio population requests government to reinforce control on prostitution. Locals are afraid tourist will not arrive in Gonio because of prostitution.
Irina Enukidze’s Priest States He Is Threatened with Seizing Property
Father Grigol Gogichadze living in Variani village in Gori district blames local senior officials, including MPs and leader of Gori Eparchy Bishop Andria, in his persecution. Father Grigol Gogichadze spoke about it with the representative of Human Rights Center’s Gori office. Deacon Giorgi Karelidze of Gori Eparchy said statements of the Father Grigol are slanderous.
Tchiaberashvili Released After Posting Bail, Merabishvili Sent to Pretrial Detention
Zurab Tchiaberashvili, the governor of Kakheti region and ex-healthcare minister, left the detention facility in Kutaisi on May 23 after posting bail.
Disappeared Mojaheds
After Bidzina Ivanishvili came in power, two Mojaheds disappeared in Georgia. Mikael Kadoev disappeared late last year when he was transported from Batumi to Tbilisi by the officers of the Counter-Terrorist Center of the MIA. Magamed Magamedov disappeared on April 19. Information Center of Kakheti tried to find out whether the trace of the missing Mojaheds goes towards Georgian MIA.
Main problem of media when covering 17 May events was incorrect usage of terminology
Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics conducted the monitoring of newscasts of TV-companies of 17 May.  Following channels have been monitored: Georgian Public Broadcaster, Rustavi 2, Imedi, Maestro/Maestro 24, Ninth Channel, Kavkasia, Adjara.

Ex-PM Merabishvili, Ex-Healthcare Minister Tchiaberashvili Arrested
Former PM Vano Merabishvili, who is now UNM secretary general, and ex-healthcare minister Zurab Tchiaberashvili, who is now governor of Kakheti region, were arrested on May 21.

Megis Kardava Accused of Torture of Senior Military Servant
Prosecutor made introductory speech at the trial on Megis Kardava and 12 more accused people in the same case. Most resonance episode in the case refers to the torture of a military officer (Human Rights Center refrains from naming the torture victim due to ethic principles).

Mother of Disappeared Mojahed Requests Meeting with Prime-Minister
Human Rights Center calls upon the government of Georgia and international organizations to get interested in the disappearance of Magamed Magamedov. The latter arrived in Georgia in 2012 from Dagestan and requested political shelter here. He was registered in Georgia as asylum-seeker. In 2013 Magamedov disappeared from Tbilisi and nothing has been known about his whereabouts so far.

Violence Against Anti-Homophobia Rally
Deeply entrenched anti-gay prejudice spilled out in violence in the streets of downtown Tbilisi on May 17 as huge angry crowd, led by Orthodox clergy, confronted few dozen of gay rights activists, who wanted to hold a rally to mark the International Day Against Homophobia.
MIA Still Uses Funds of Local Budgets
Advertisement video-roll appeared on Georgian TV-Channels, which reports that Special Operative and Constitutional Security Departments of MIA were abolished, instead a new service – State Security Agency was established, etc. People shall conclude that the MIA refuses to continue faulty activities of the SOD and CSD and tries to create a new and healthy system. However, as the video-roll shows the MIA still continues to use funds of local budgets.

Eco-Migrants from Tsalka Left Homeless
Several days ago, eco-migrants returned to Adjara from Tsalka by 16 mini-buses. Years ago they were resettled to Tsalka from Khulo and Shuakhevi districts because of natural disaster. The houses they were settled in in Tsalka district were not registered on them. Owners of those houses had moved to Greece years ago. However, the owners now returned from Greece and got their houses back. Homeless eco-migrants again appealed to Adjara government for help.

Instances of pressure exerted on individuals detained on the Case of the Ministry of Agriculture need to be investigated
GYLA representative visited seven imprisoned individuals on the Case of the Ministry of Agriculture in Gldani penitentiary. Following detailed communication with them, some topical issues were identified that require attention from investigative agencies and public.

Former First Deputy Interior Minister to be Released for Bail
15 May Tbilisi City Court did not satisfy the appeal of the Prosecutor’s Office on imprisonment of the First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Gela Khvedelidze.  The accused has been obliged to pay bail of GEL 5000.

MoD Releases Details on Georgian Troops Wounded in May 13 Helmand Attack
10 out of total 27 Georgian troops, who have sustained injuries in the May 13 attack by insurgents in Shir Ghazay, Helmand province in Afghanistan, were back on duty on May 14, the Georgian Ministry of Defense said.

PM Comments on Planned Gay Rights Rally
Sexual minorities are equal citizens of this country and the society will “gradually get used to it”, PM Bidzina Ivanishvili said on Tuesday, when commenting on upcoming rally in Tbilisi center by gay rights activists to mark the International Day Against Homophobia on May 17.

Prosecutor's Office Sets Up Group to Probe into August War
An eight-member group has been established by the Georgian prosecutor’s office to probe into alleged crimes committed during and after the August 2008 war.

Sokhumi Suspends Issuing Abkhaz Passports to Ethnic Georgians
Authorities in breakaway Abkhazia have suspended issuing Abkhaz passports to ethnic Georgian residents of the region fearing that the process might result into, as some Abkhaz officials put it, “Georgianization of Abkhazia.”

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