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Rezonansi Journalists to Appeal Against CEC Decision
May 13 issue of the Rezonansi newspaper relates regarding the ongoing dispute between the journalists of the newspaper and the CEC. The article as well remarks that the DEC of Nadzaladevi district and CEC haven’t granted the application of the journalists. The journalists on their part demand making up of administrative offence protocol regarding the people that had interfered with the correspondents hampering their professional activity and insulted them during the interim elections of April 27.

First Deputy Interior Minister Arrested over Leaked Sex Video
First Deputy Interior Minister, Gela Khvedelidze, has been arrested and charged with breach of privacy in connection to the case involving leak of a secretly recorded threesome sex video, which purportedly featured a man who has recently been fiercely criticizing some senior officials, including Khvedelidze.

Public Defender continues to examine the Lapankuri Special Operation case
In order to study Lapankuri Special Operation case Public Defender met with Chechen refugees and representatives of Chechen Diaspora throughout Europe who confirmed the accuracy of information provided in 2012 Parliamentary Report of Public Defender of Georgia.

Police secures Identity Press-Conference and Training
Police secured the 10 May press-conference and training held by NGO Identity at Radisson Blue Iveria.

Human Rights Center expresses wish to work in Constitutional Commission
According to the statement of Chairman of Parliament of Georgia David Usupashvili, by May 2013, a constitutional commission is to  be established which will be composed of political party representatives, experts and NGOs.

The still fragile state of democracy
GEORGIAN democracy took a major step forward last October following the country’s first ever constitutional transfer of power. After nearly six month in power, a first assessment of the new government is due: Has it restored democracy and the rule of law, or is it backsliding on its democratic commitments?
Georgian Orthodox Church Calls for Anti-Abortion Law
Patriarch of the Georgian Orthodox Church, Ilia II, has called on the Georgian authorities in his Easter epistle for adopting anti-abortion law, saying that it would contribute to resolving country’s “grave demographic situation.”

Protest rally against violations of privacy
On May 4 Facebook users protested violation of the right to privacy at Rustaveli Avenue.  A special group – No More Footage! – was created on Facebook.

GD Undecided on Vetoed Jury Trial-related Bill
While Georgian Dream parliamentary (GD) majority is determined to override presidential veto on judicial council bill, it has yet to be seen how it will act in respect of another vetoed bill related to restricting defendant’s right in choosing between trial by jury or a judge.

Substantial Discussion of Davit Adeishvili’s Case at Telavi District Court
Substantial discussion of Davit Adeishvili’s case at the Telavi district court is underway; Davit Adeishvili is brother of Zurab Adeishvili, former Minister of Justice of Georgia. At the trial on April 30, prosecutor introduced victim Ioseb Gotsiridze as a witness. The latter said that he and his colleagues were intimidated by Davit Adeishvili who compelled them to cancel purchase of Telavi agricultural market.

Parliament Overturns Veto on Judicial Council Bill
Parliament, dominated by Georgian Dream coalition, overturned apresidential veto on judicial council bill on May 1 with 91 votes to 26.

Parliament Did Not Pass Amendments to the Gambling Law
Draft-amendments to the Gambling Law of Georgia could not receive 59 votes – necessary for quorum. 46 supporters vs 44 votes – it was results of the ballot at the parliamentary session of May 1. The debates on the draft-amendments lasted more than 1 hour and part of parliamentary majority also did not support it together with parliamentary minority members.

Medical Expert Questioned at Tengiz Gunava’s Case
Expert of Levan Samkharauli National Forensic Medical Expertise Paata Jibladze was questioned about the episode where former head of MIA General Inspection Tengiz Gunava is accused of having wounded his driver Kakhaber Izoria.

Public Defender Answered MPs’ Questions
On April 30, Public Defender Ucha Nanuashvili answered questions of the MPs at the session of the Human Rights Parliamentary Committee.

Court Proceedings on Sergo Tetradze’s Death Case Are Underway
On April 19, Court accepted medical conclusion from the expertise of officer Sergo Tetradze’s body as evidence. Several former senior officials of the penitentiary department and former head of military police Megis Kardava are accused of Tetradze’s death.

Majoritarian Candidates Will Have Their 5 000 Lari Recovered based on CEC Resolution
Georgian Central Election Commission’s letter to Human Rights Center states that four majoritarian candidates, who lost interim parliamentary elections of April 27, will have their 5 000 lari deposits recovered. In accordance to the old provision in the law, candidates had transferred the sum to the CEC account to get registered in the elections.

Ossetian Side Raised Question of Reconstruction of Tiriponi Channel
Ossetian side raised issue of reconstruction of Tiriponi Channel at the 33th Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism Meeting in Ergneti on April 16, 2013. Their representative Khokh Gagloiti spoke about the issue during the meeting.

Amnestied Prisoners Repeatedly Committed Crimes
At the March 19 briefing Georgian Minister of Interior Irakli Garibashvili stated that about 150 of the amnestied people under the Amnesty Law of December, 2012 were repeatedly arrested. A month later, Sozar Subari, Minister of Legal Aid and Corrections, increased the number up to 200.

Trial on Bachana Akhalaia Was Closed
An attendee verbally assaulted witness Zviad Abesadze at the trial on Bachana Akhalaia and others’ case; bailiffs demanded the attendee to leave the courtroom that caused disorder in the hall and finally the judge decided to close the hearing.

Accused Denies Allegation on Exploding Shell in front of the Police Office
By midday on February 18, 2013 an explosion occurred in front of the Kaspi police office. At about 6:00 pm police arrested Davit Gabodze, 29, walking in the street. Handcuffed suspect told journalists gathered in front of the police office that he had no idea what he was arrested for. Several hours later, he was accused of the participation in the explosion of that day.

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