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European Commission Published Annual Report of ENP on Georgia
The European Commission and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy published on 20 March 2013 the annual “neighbourhood package”, consisting of a joint communication making an assessment of the ENP implementation in 2012 a report on the “Partnership for Democracy and Shared prosperity” with Southern Mediterranean, an Eastern Partnership progress report, 12 country reports, including one on Georgia.

Press-Conference at Human Rights Center – Convicted Person Blames Roland and Bacho Akhalaias
Human Rights Center requests the Chief Prosecutor’s Office to study appeal statements of the convicted Mamuka Zarkua and victim Madona Kacharava and start investigation to estimate truth in criminal case.

History of Mortgage Agreement made on Five-Year-Old Child
Family of Kakhurashvili made mortgage agreement on their five-year old child’s property. Later, they decided to sell the house and cover the rest of the loan this way. That is when the family found out that they did not have right to sell the house or make mortgage agreement on it. Kakhurashvilis think that the mortgage agreement was made unlawfully and plan to submit complaint to the court.

Public Defender addresses the Chief Prosecutor with the recommendation to investigate facts of disappearance
In accordance with Article 21 ( c ) of the Organic Law on Public Defender of Georgia Public Defender of Georgia addressed the Chief Prosecutor to carry out effective and intensive investigation on criminal cases of disappeared individuals and to undertake subsequent measures on cases where investigation has not been launched yet.
Bidzina Ivanishvili - Popular only at home
DOES Bidzina Ivanishvili have an international public relations problem? High poll ratings and a commanding majority in parliament suggest his position is secure at home in Georgia. Yet the international press tends to portray a billionaire chief executive who does not understand democracy and wants to crush his foes. As political cohabitation between the Georgian Dream and the United National Movement (UNM) is not working, the country’s image abroad is suffering.

Georgians Protest Growing Chinese Presence
The parties aligned in Georgia’s National Front staged a small protest on February 24 against a planned free-economic zone in Tbilisi that will be owned by China’s Hualing Industry and Trade Group.

Stalin's Legacy: Ethnic Time Bombs That Continue To Tick
Eighty-one-year-old Nikolai Khasig was born in Sukhumi in 1932. It was just one year after Soviet dictator Josef Stalin stripped Abkhazia of its short-lived status as a full-fledged republic of the U.S.S.R. and made it a region of Soviet Georgia.

Obama administration urged to step in Georgian constitutional crisis
The new Georgian government is on a mission to persuade U.S. officials and lawmakers to help stave off what they describe as a pending constitutional crisis that could derail presidential elections in the U.S.-allied Russian neighbor.

Representatives of Ombudsman of Georgia Visited Bachana Akhalaia
On March 18, 2013 representatives of the Public Defender of Georgia visited the accused Victor Kacheishvili, Oleg Patsatsia, Levan Purtskhvanidze, Guram Tsomaia, Gaga Mkurnalidze, David Khuchua and Bachana Akhalaia at the Gldani Penitentiary Establishment #8. The refusal of the accused Bachana Akhalaia to provide any kind of written information should be outlined. 
Defense and Prosecution Presenting Their Speeches in Case of Gvaramia
At a trial held on March 19th the Defense and Prosecution presented their introductory speeches. Prosecution talked about factual circumstances of case. Defense Side called the accusations absurd. None of the defendants confess the crime.

Businessman Recalls How CSD Senior Officials Extorted Money from Him
In his interview to Human Rights Center, businessman Sandro Megutnishvili, who owns a wine and meat factories in Kakheti region, recalled how he was oppressed by former head of Kakheti regional unit of the Constitutional Security Department of MIA Zurab Laliashvili and his deputy Davit Lortkipanidze in 2010.
Substantial amendments made to the Labor Code of Georgia
Ministry of justice introduced new Labor Code of Georgia where substantial amendments are made. New amendments promote protection of employees’ rights and prevent them from illegal dissmisals from work. Though, Ministry of Justice of Georgia did not fully consider some fundamental recommendations of NGOs and Trade Unions while working on the draft. In particular, a new draft Labor Code does not duly envisage women’s labor rights, employment of people with disabilities and their labor rights.

Minister Discusses Proposal on Commission to Study Miscarriages of Justice with Judges
Mistakes and miscarriages of the justice in the past was the fault more of the prosecution rather than of judiciary as the former was exerting influence over the latter, Justice Minister Tea Tsulukiani told a large group of judges during a meeting on March 16.
Judges Apply Rules of Substantive Hearing at Pre-Trial Hearings
Former Minister of Justice and Minister of Education Nika Gvaramia and six more defendants in the case refused to let jury hear their case. The prosecution had requested to transfer the case to the jury hearing. But the judge did not satisfy the request.

Prosecution Goes Back to Raid into Imedi TV
Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia re-started examination of individual complaints lodged by journalists in regard to the November 7, 2007 raid into Imedi TV.

Human Rights Centre disapproves groundless dismissals of patrol-inspectors
A press-conference was held  in the office of Human Rights Center on  dismissals of  patrol-inspectors from Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti patrol unit.  Representatives of the center as well as  former patrol  police  employees consider the dismissals illegal  and urge the Minister of  Interior Affairs  to investigate the fact.

A charge against Tengiz Gunava on illicit purcahase and keeping of drugs and weapons has been declined
A charge against  Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti governer Tengiz  Gunava on illicit  purcahase and  keeping of drugs  and weapons has been declined.  A prosecutor applied to the court with the motion to decline the charge. According  to  Prosecutor’s Office,  procedural violations have been noticed in the process of Gunava’s detention and  because of that a Prosecutor’s Office considered  necessary to decline the charge.

Presentation of the Report on the State of Human Rights in Institutions for Persons with Disabilities for 2012
On February 28, 2013 Ucha Nanuashvili, the Public Defender of Georgia presented the Report on the State of Human Rights in Institutions for Persons with Disabilities for 2012.

Problems resulting from video-recording and live broadcasting of Court trials
Netgazeti published Venice Commission Recommendations in relation to covering of Court trials.  The article says that as recommended by Venice Commission the article in the Criminal Code concerning video and audio recording during and live broadcasting from during Court trials is obscure and needs to be perfected.  Parliament of Georgia approved the coinciding changes to the Law on General Courts 6 March.  Recommendations from Venice Commission were publicized 11 March.

Venice Commission's Recommendations on Judicial Council Reform
Legislative amendments, envisaging, among other issues, reform of High Council of Justice (HCoJ), will bring the law on common courts “closer to European standards” and “represent progress for the independence” of the HCoJ, the Council of Europe’s advisory body for legal affairs, Venice Commission, said.

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