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Zurab Adeishvili’s Brother Internationally Wanted
Brother of former minister of justice of Georgia Zurab Adeishvili was declared internationally wanted. Kakheti regional prosecutor’s office accuses Davit Adeishvili of abuse of authority. Prosecutor Khvicha Begiashvili told ICK that in 2005, when occupying the position of Kakheti region deputy governor, Davit Adeishvili had compelled owners of Telavi agricultural market to give up their assets in the market in favor of Jabrail Khangoshvili.

Parliament Moves to Change Rule of Consecutive Sentencing
The Parliament approved with its first hearing on March 7 amendments to the criminal procedure code and criminal code, according to which the rule of consecutive sentencing will be changed and it will also have retroactive force for those convicts, who are currently serving their consecutive sentences.

Opinions of Human Rights Center on Draft Constitutional Amendments
Opinions of Human Rights Center on Draft Constitutional Amendments
(December 28, 2012)

When You Are So Close To the Frontier
Within 1 km from the centre of village Odzisi there is a conditional frontier border and in 5 km there is the territory of occupied Akhalgori Municipality. Locals from border-line villages say that they have lots of problems and they need more attention from government.

Bill, Lifting Courtroom Media Restrictions, Approved
Media restrictions in courtrooms, imposed more than five years ago, will be lifted after the legislative amendments, approved by the Parliament on March 6 with its third and final hearing with 101 votes, will go into force. 

Parliament to Discuss Draft Amendments to Georgian Law on Broadcasting
Ani Mirotadze of the parliamentary majority believes that the Parliament, at its earliest, should adopt the law on public broadcaster: “The majority is working on the draft bill and it’s essential to adopt the law ASAP to prevent the channel from similar situations, political interference, financial machinations and ultimately we’ll get the broadcaster as it is supposed to be,” said Ani Mirotadze, former journalist.

Akhalaia Refuses Jury to Hear His Case
Bacho Akhalaia, former Minister of Defense and Internal Affairs refused to allow jury to hear his case. Akhalaia is accused of organization of torture, abuse of authority and illegal deprivation of liberty. Other defendants, including former high official of Ministry of Probation Gaga Mkurnaladze and former head of Joint Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces Giorgi Kalandadze made the same decision and refused jury to hear their case. They stated this at the trial held on April 5th.

Georgian justice minister seeking to reassure US on prosecution of former government officials
WASHINGTON - Georgia's justice minister is seeking to reassure U.S. officials that recent arrests of former government officials are not politically motivated.

Parliament to Ratify Amendment on Covering Court Hearings on March 6
The legislative amendment on covering court hearings that was due to enter force on March 1st was postponed due to the Parliament’s failure to bring the Law on Common Courts in compliance with the Criminal Procedure Code. 
Victim and Defendant in Robbery Case Call the Prosecutor’s Office to Re-examine Their Complaint
Mamuka Zarkua has been serving his 10-year sentence and according to him he has continually been victim of physical assault during this time. He was sentenced for robbery as a result of which citizen Givi Janjgava died. Mamuka Zarkua denies that he committed the crime.  His family members and the lawyer do not plead him guilty. Madona Kacharava, wife of the deceased Givi Janghava states that she knows who the real criminal is.  
Trial on Prison Torture Is Closed
Judge of City Court Vazha Pukhashvili made decision to close the trial on torture and inhuman treatment of prisoners which means that only the case parties will be allowed to attend the trial.

Constitutional Court has started hearing Besik Adamia’s complaint regarding election vouching issue
On February 26, Georgian Constitutional Court heard the complaint of Citizen Besik Adamia. Plaintiff  protests the amendments that were introduced to the Election Code by the Georgian Parliament, and according to them only the independent deputy presented by the initiative group, will have to pay as a election sponsor 5 000 GEL on the account of Central Election Commission (CEC). Denoted amendments were introduced to the Election Code in the end of 2011.

Court Provides Official Clarification to Gigi Ugulava’s and Davit Kezerashvili’s Case
Judging the motion against Tbilisi City Mayor Gigi Ugulava the prosecution failed to provide formal grounds for applying measures of restraint, reads the statement released by Tbilisi City Court upon the completion of the February 25 hearing of Gigi Ugulava’s and Davit Kezerashvili’s case.
Joseph Kay Accuses Davit Kezerashvili and Gigi Ugulava of Receding from Imedi TV
On February 23 the investigative service of the Ministry of Finance released former Imedi TV co-owner Joseph Kay’s testimony given in regard to illegal alienation of TV company Imedi. According to the investigative service the prosecution interrogated Joseph Kay on February 15, 2013 over the TV company.
Public Servants are Employed at Adjara TV-Radio Company
“I am doing this program for my spiritual world,” said Maka Ivanishvili, advisor to the chair of Adjara government clarifying the goal of her author program. The program Talks with Maka Ivanishvili first appeared on air two weeks ago. The program is oriented on culture and is free from politics, says the author.
Politically Motivated Replacements of Public Officials
Since October 1, 2012 Parliamentary Elections, 679 public servants were dismissed from local self-governmental bodies in Kakheti region.

Criminal Cases Launched Against Tengiz Gunava Have Been Merged
On   February 22, by the decision of  the Tbilisi City Court judge Khatuna Kharchilava, two criminal cases launched against a former  head of General Inspection of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, Tengiz Gunava have been merged as one case.

Lado Vardzelashvili detained
Lado Vardzelashvili, former Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs, was detained with regard to the incident that took place on Nutsubidze Street 26 yesterday. Lawyer Gogita Gabaidze informed journalists about it having left the Tbilisi main police department.

Bacho Akhalaia Met with Applauses in the Courtroom
Preliminary hearing was held on the case of Bacho Akhalaia, Giorgi Kalandadze, Zurab Shamatava and five more accused at the Tbilisi City Court. The imposed charge was clarified to the accused and admissibility of the evidence was discussed at the session.

Human Rights Center Addresses to the Parliament of Georgia to Grant Status to Political Prisoners
“FIDH concludes as a result of analysis of the aforementioned cases that there are political prisoners in Georgia…” FIDH made this conclusion after having analyzed cases of eight former prisoners though these people have not yet received status of political prisoner. Soon, Human Rights Center intends to petition to the Parliament of Georgia on granting the status to former political prisoners.

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