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PM Rules Out Trade-Off on Constitutional Changes with UNM
PM Bidzina Ivanishvili said on Tuesday that his Georgian Dream (GD) coalition will not engage in political horse trading with President Saakashvili’s UNM party over constitutional amendments.

What Happened with “Guria Regeneration Foundation”
In December of 2011, during his visit in Guria region, President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili announced about establishment of the Guria Regeneration Foundation and nominated Ramaz Nikolaishvili, Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure to be head of the Foundation.

Venice Commission President Sums Up Georgia Visit
The Council of Europe’s advisory body for legal affairs, Venice Commission, may appoint a liaison officer in Georgia as country’s new authorities prepare for launch of a process for major constitutional overhaul.

Noise about Adjara Supreme Election Commission
Representatives of the Adjara based nongovernmental organizations protest the January 29 decision of the Adjara Supreme Council, according to which rule of staffing the Supreme Election Commission (SEC) is to be changed. NGOs claim these amendments are politically motivated and ask the chairman of the Adjara government not to sign the adopted amendments in hurry.

Assembly of Georgian Dream Failed in Khoni
On January 28, Assembly of the Georgian Dream was scheduled in Khoni, where chairman of the district organization was to be elected. However, the meeting was canceled.

Investigation Started into Incident in the Georgian Wrestling Federation
Investigation started into the incident of January 30 in the Georgian Wrestling Federation, when Federation President Luka Kurtanidze physically assaulted Vice-president Temur Kazarashvili and veteran wrestler Raid Abramishvili. According to the MIA, criminal case was launched under Article 120 Part I of the Criminal Code of Georgia.
Human Rights Watch: “Government of Georgia Should Make Human Rights Priority”
Georgia’s new government needs to rectify the troubling human rights problems it inherited, Human Rights Watch said today in its World Report 2013. In addressing past abuses, the government should avoid politically motivated prosecutions, ensure public scrutiny of its actions, and make the worst abuses a top priority.
Reconstruction of Stadium Suspended, Senior Officials of the Municipal Government Summoned to Interrogation
When visiting Guria region in summer of 2012, President Mikheil Saakashvili said it would be renaissance year for the region. And the process was to start with the reconstruction of the playground for the Lanchkhuti football club Guria. That-time Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure Ramaz Nikolaishvili said the reconstruction would start soon and it would place 22 000 spectators.  
Former Employee of the Sport Ministry Said She Was Sacked for Gender
“They requested me to quit job claiming a woman cannot be a director of a public law legal entity,” said former director of the Children and Youth National Center Tatia Eliadze.
European Court passes three more guilty verdicts against Georgia
European Court of Human Rights passed guilty verdicts on Georgian state in three cases. They are: “Jashi vs Georgia,” “Jeladze vs Georgia” and “Baisuev and Anzorov vs Georgia.” In the first two cases the ECHR concluded violation of the Article III of the European Convention on Human Rights (torture, inhuman and degrading treatment) and violation of the Article V Part 2 of the Convention (right to liberty and security). All three cases were sent to the European Court of Human Rights by Human Rights House Tbilisi member local nongovernmental organization Article 42 of the Constitution.
GYLA Responds to the Dismissal from Work of Municipal Public Servants, Neli Sakuashvili and Mino Maisuradze
Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA) has been monitoring the developments unfolding at local self-government agencies. A group of problems that has been evident recently is related to dismissals of municipality public servants. It has been reported that dismissals have been based on letters of resignation; however, it must be addressed whether these letters have been written willingly or as a result of psychological pressure or any other illegal action by officials. 
Human Rights Defenders for the Accused Person’s Right to Freedom of Choice
Court juries will discuss cases of former and acting senior governmental officials. Several days ago, parliament passed legislative initiative after two hearings with 103 votes. Reportedly, additional legislative amendments are planned to the law, which will restrict freedom of choice of the accused person and prosecutor will make final decision whether a concrete case is discussed by jury or not.

Irakli Tripolski’s Open Letter to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe with Regard to Georgian Public Broadcaster
Former chairman of the Board of Trustees at the GPB, chairman of the parliamentary committee of Regional Policy and Self-Governance Irakli Tripolski sent quite critical open letter to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, European Association of Broadcasters and international organizations.

Incident in Ozurgeti District
Newspaper “Guriis Moambe” reported that Ozurgeti district interim governor Kote Sharashenidze and member of the Coalition Georgian Dream Nestor Ramishvili physically assaulted each other.

Chairman of Lanchkhuti Municipal Board Resigned
Chairman of Lanchkhuti municipal board Revaz Chitidze made statement about resignation at the session of the municipal board’s bureau. Rumors about oppression on Chitidze have been spread for a long time. However, Chitidze claims he had individually made the decision. Former chairman of the municipal board categorically denies information about psychological and other oppression on him.

“I Must See Roland Akhalaia in Prison Next to His Son”
76-year-old Murman Rogava from Zugdidi spent almost 6 years in prison and left it in wheelchair. I met the former prisoner in the rented flat in Mukhiani district, Tbilisi.

GYLA Publishes Opinion on Draft Constitutional Amendment
Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA) publishes legal opinion on the draft Constitutional law on Amendments to the Constitution of Georgia. The Parliament of Georgia adopted a resolution on promulgation of the draft law and establishment of a steering committee for public discussions of the draft on December 28, 2012.

Statement of Human Rights Center about Vahagan Chakhalyan’s Breached Rights
Human Rights Center is concerned with political speculations against Vahagan Chakhalyan, who was released from prison under amnesty law several days ago and calls upon the President of Georgia and parliamentary minority to stop dissemination of purposeful disinformation about him.

Exaggerated Personnel and Increased Salary Foundation at Kutaisi City Hall
Local nongovernmental organizations have been protesting unreasonable expenditure of budget and alarmingly increased personnel at Kutaisi City Hall for a long time already.

Fight for the Chair of Chairman of Batumi City Council
Irakli Chavleishvili of Republic Party might occupy the position of the chairman of Batumi City Council. 12 members of the council have already applied to the self-government to schedule the session.

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