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Victims of domestic violence and their rights
In accordance to the 2014 Report of the Public Defender of Georgia, achieving gender equality still remains a serious challenge in the area of human rights protection in Georgia. Society still lives in stereotypical environment, where in most cases violence against women in families is justified, the number of early marriages is high, women constitute a minority at the level of decision-making and cases of the violation of rights due to gender identity and sexual orientation are frequent.
Rival of 9 Mayoral Candidates in Gori
There are nine mayoral candidates registered in Gori: Davit Makhniashvili on behalf of the European Georgian, Ioseb Sosiashvili on behalf of the Election Block “Dimitry Lortkipanidze, Kakha Kukava, Democratic Movement –Free Georgia; Revaz Kakhniashvili on behalf of the United National Movement, Tamar Zurabashvili on behalf of the Labor Party, Davit Oniashvili on behalf of the Movement of Construction, Sofiko Apriashvili on behalf of the election block Giorgi Vashadze- Unity for New Georgia, Aliko Lursmanashvili on behalf of the Socialist Georgia – Communists, Konstantine Tavzarashvili on behalf of the Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia and Nana Khizanishvili- on behalf of the election block For the People – Unity of People.
Sirana Barbakadze, 86, needs to prove that she is alive
Resident of Vejini village in Gurjaani municipality Sirana Barbakadze, 86, has been trying to prove that she is alive for several months already. She was declared dead 9 months ago and her pension was ceased. According to the TV-Company Rustavi 2, the Social Agency even demanded the family to return 5-months pension to the budget claiming that the retired woman was already dead and the family had illegally received her pension. 
Father of Irakli Shiolashvili Purchased New Agricultural Land of 275 000 sq. m
Genadi Shiolashvili, father of the single mandate MP and former Kakheti regional governor Irakli Shiolashvili purchased a new agricultural plot of 275 000 sq. meters in Shiraki, Dedoplistskaro municipality on September 11, 2017. Nowadays, the MP’s parents own 325 hectares of land. The parents of Shiolashvili have earned the wealth for the past three years after their son first occupied the position of the municipality governor and then regional governor.
Healthcare behind Bars
“Each time I was taken from the penitentiary facility for medical examination, each tablet of the prescribed medicine affected my nerves. The medical department was violator,” former convicted M.D is speaking about the violations which she encountered during the medical treatment in the penitentiary establishment. During the imprisonment term, the former prisoner was operated four times. Because of weak bones her limbs were broken several times.

Person with Disabilities Is Number 1 on the Proportional List of the Republic Party in Gori
After having nominated Nino Bolkvadze, representative of the LGBT community, to be 7th on the political party’s list for the elections of the Tbilisi City Council, the Republic Party made another noisy statement about its candidates on the proportional election list and nominated Viktor Karkishvili, person with disabilities, to be their number 1 candidate in Gori municipality. 
Revenge of the Telavi DEC Chairman against the Mayor Candidate
Chairperson of the Telavi District Election Commission [DEC] Giorgi Kalmakhelidze lodged administrative complaint against Nikoloz Vardoshvili, Telavi mayor candidate from the Labor Party and requests to impose 500 GEL fine on him. Kalmakhelidze blames Vardoshvili in interference in the work of the DEC. 
People from Noe Settlement Ask for Water
12 Roma families live in Noe settlement of the Agtaklia village in Gardabani municipality. They have to cope with the problems of drinking water, road and street illumination every day.
Private Demirel College Was Refused to Take Authorization
On September 15, Private Demirel College will not renew school year. The college stopped 25-years-long education activities based on the decision of the Authorization Council for General Educational Institutions. On August 29, 2017 the Council refused the Private Demirel College to get authorization. As their conclusion reads, the Council made decision considering the legal violations they discovered in the educational institution. At the same time, in accordance to the decision, all three standards necessary for the authorization (educational programs, material resource and human resource) were violated. 
Human Rights Center Will Defend Rights of Irakli Butkhuzi
Lawyer of the Human Rights Center’s Shida Kartli office Aleksi Merebashvili received information about the results of the investigation into the case of physical assault of Irakli Butkhuzi in the Kaspi police unit. The Kaspi district office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not adequately respond to the incident of August 25. Considering that, the nongovernmental organization got involved in the case.
Personal Data Protection Inspector of Georgia Recognized Pam Club to Be Offender into Lasha Tordia’s Case
Based on the petition of Human Rights Center, the Personal Data Protection Inspector of Georgia recognized the café Pam Club to be administrative offender into Lasha Tordia’s case, former chief auditor of Georgia.
Public Defender Responds to Prosecutor Jarji Tsiklauri's Accusations
The Public Defender of Georgia is responding to the public statement of Jarji Tsiklauri, the prosecutor in the so-called cyanide case, and calls on him to refrain from intentionally making incorrect statements, to respect the constitutional mandate of the Public Defender and to show professional respect for the employees of the Public Defender's Office.

Statement on So-called Cyanide Case Verdict
The Public Defender is echoing the verdict delivered in the so-called cyanide case and considers that the guilty verdict does not serve justice.
The Public Defender confirms his respect for the court, as the main institution of judiciary. At the same time, considering his constitutional mandate, the Public Defender considers it necessary to inform the public of the main results of the continuous monitoring of the case over 7 months.
Human Rights Center Evaluates the Verdict into the so-called Cyanide Case
Human Rights Center does not agree with the verdict issued by the Tbilisi City Court on the so-called cyanide case, based on which Deacon Giorgi Mamaladze was sentenced to 9-year-imprisonment.  
The Fire in the Occupied Territory Was Localized
The fire in the occupied territory broke out during night hours on September 3. The bushes and forest nearby the Gori municipality villages of Zemo Artsevi and the occupied village Otevi were on fire. The fire in the occupied territory got so strong that it was visible from the villages in the Georgia controlled territory. Fire-brigades and rescue teams were working alongside the occupation line to combat the spread of the fire. 
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