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One Meal in Rustavi Free Canteen Will Cost 1.38 GEL
Socially indigent families in Rustavi, who received less than 100 000 points from the Social Agency, get meals in the free canteens. The program of the Rustavi municipal administration has been criticized for years. In 2016, because of observed problems, the head of the Rustavi Social Service Agency was sacked from job. 
Prisoners Report that Restrictions on Phone Calls Were Cancelled
Inmates of several penitentiary establishments reported Human Rights Center that from January 2017, the prison administrations canceled the restrictions on the phone calls both in high-risk and low-risk facilities. The convicts say the decision was made after Human Rights Center disseminated statement about the problem.

Municipal administrations in Kakheti region cannot name positive outcomes from their delegations’ visits abroad
In 2015-2016, senior officials of the municipal administrations in Kakheti region had 41 visits abroad. In most cases, the purpose of their visits was participation in the anniversaries, cultural or other events, building and enhancing contacts with the administration entities in foreign countries, also participation in the seminars and trainings. None of the municipal administration can name tangible positive outcome from those visits. 
“They abandoned almost constructed building”
In Rustavi, semi-constructed building is located on the land with the space of 8-hectares, which was assigned to the Football Federation in January, 2015. That time Minister of Economics and Sustainable Development Giorgi Kvirikashvili presented the new initiative to the media. “The state-owned land will be assigned to the Football Federation and modern football academy will be constructed in Rustavi.”
Several members of the UNM removed from the list of the political party
On January 6, executive secretary of the United National Movement Sergo Ratiani petitioned to the Central Election Commission to remove some of their party-members from the list. Namely, Sergo Ratiani requested removal of: Nino Kalandadze, Eka Kherkheulidze, Petre Tsiskarishvili, Levan Bezhashvili, Dato Kirkitadze, Nugzar Tsiklauri, Omar Megrelidze and Irakli Nadiradze. The executive secretary clarified the decision with the recent situation in the political party.

Chairwoman of the Supreme Court of Georgia Will Support the Survey into the New Rule of Witness Interrogation
Representatives of Human Rights Center met the chairwoman of the Supreme Court of Georgia Nino Gvenetadze and heard her views about the use of the new rule of witness interrogation in practice.
Tkviavi Residents Protested Cutting Down of Hundreds-years-old Trees
Majoritarian deputy from the Gori municipal board from Tkviavi community Temur Giguashvili requests the law enforcement bodies to study the cutting down of hundred-years-old trees in Tkviavi village on January 4, 2017. The board member found out that the territory, where the trees were cut down, was sold in 2011. The private owner started to cut the trees for his commercial interests.
Majoritarian MP Bureau Received Service Car through Procedural Violations
One part of the Gori City Council members speaks about the interference in the competences of the council from the side of the mayor and notes that Zurab Jirkvelishvili assigned the service car of the municipal administration to the bureau of the majoritarian MP Ioseb Makrakhidze before the city council discussed the issue at the session.
Rustavi City Budget Decreased at 4 Million GEL
In 2017, the Rustavi City Council approved the budget in the amount of 34 074 2 GEL while the last year budget was 38 877 3 GEL. The reduced budget impacted both infrastructural and social projects. Last year, the local government planned to spend 4 104 000 GEL on the social programs, this year only 2, 828 million GEL is allocated for the same purpose. The funds for infrastructural projects were also reduced: in 2016, 23, 729 million GEL was envisaged for the infrastructural programs while this year the local authority will spend only 12, 865 million GEL.
Bureau Offices of the Majoritarian MPs Will Be Located in the Building of the Kutaisi City Hall
The bureaus of the Kutaisi single mandate Members of the Parliament of Georgia will be located in the administrative building of the local self-government. The MPs Dimitry Mkheidze and Genadi Margvelashvili applied to the Kutaisi City Hall for the spaces for their bureaus two weeks ago and apparently their request was satisfied. From the new year, people will be able to meet their MPs in the Rustaveli Avenue # 3. 
Signagi district former governor and his deputies received salaries even after quitting the job
The Signagi district former governor Ramaz Popiashvili and his deputies, who had their authority suspended in July 2014 due to local self-governmental elections, received salaries in the amount of 10 300 GEL from the budget after leaving the job. 8 000 GEL of it was paid for “unused vacation” that is rude violation of the law. 
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