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Nongovernmental organizations evaluate the presidential elections of 2018
On October 28, Presidential Elections were held in Georgia. According to the preliminary results, which rely on the data collected from 3 705 polling stations, independent candidate Salome Zurabishvili, who was supported by the ruling party Georgian Dream, received 38,64% of votes; as for the candidate of the United National Movement Grigol Vashadze, who was backed by the united opposition, received 37,74% of votes. In order to be elected president, a candidate shall gather more than 50% of votes. Consequently, Salome Zurabishvili and Grigol Vashadze will go into the second round of the elections, which shall be held by December 2, 2018. 
9-year-old murdered girl in Gori and case of I.N accused for her murder
On October 25, in Gori, 9-year-old girl left home for the dance lesson at 14:30 pm; the lesson was starting at 15:00 pm. However, she did not reach the school and disappeared on the way. In the second half of the day, the family of 9-years-old Nana Beriashvili applied to police for help and started intensive search. After hours-long useless search, at night, the body of the girl was found several meters away from her house on the embankment of the Liakhvi River. 
Agitators of the Georgian Dream are active at election precincts
In Gori, the agitators of the Georgian Dream are mobilized in the vicinities of almost all polling stations. They put up the election poster with the election number of the GD supported candidate Salome Zurabishvili in some polling stations.  
International Observatory of Advocates and Lawyers Mobilizes Voters and Conducts Agitation
Representatives of the International Observatory of the Advocates and Lawyers brought voters to the Sabirkendi village polling station N 12 in Marneuli election district N 22 by mini-buses, allegedly to vote for the Georgian Dream backed presidential candidate. According to the HRC observer, they brought five groups of different voters throughout the day by mini-bus.

Human Rights Center about the elections – one hour before the polling stations are closed
The observers of Human Rights Center are monitoring the Presidential Elections in Kakheti, Shida Kartli and Kvemo Kartli regions. 25 Monitors of HRC are deployed in the ethnic-minority inhabited villages of Sagarejo and Marneuli municipalities; in Akhmeta municipality – namely in Pankisi Gorge and in the ABL villages in Gori municipality. 

Report – 'Authority of law enforcement bodies and violence committed by police officers during the detention of citizens'
Human Rights Center prepared the special report “Authority of law enforcement bodies and violence committed by police officers during the detention of citizens in 2014-2018”.
‘No to traitor Salome Zurabishvili’ - Demonstration in Gori
Georgian Dream supported presidential candidate Salome Zurabishvili organized meetings with the electorate in three municipalities of Shida Kartli region in the frame of her pre-election campaign on October 12.
Action Requesting the Resignation of the Gori Mayor Ended up with an Incident
Representatives of the local government coincided their meetings with the local population with the pre-election campaign and suggested the people to vote for Salome Zurabishvili. Later on, the leaders of the local self-government need to clarify their statements about the GD supported presidential candidate Salome Zurabishvili; namely, they tried to clarify her statement about the Russian-Georgian August War. During one of similar meetings, the Gori Mayor decided to support the position of Salome Zurabishvili and said:
Maya Otinashvili is undertaking psychological rehabilitation course
“When I was arrested, they blindfolded my eyes and took me to the Russian military base; then I was taken to Tskhinvali detention setting,” 37-years-old Maya Otinashvili started her story about 11-dayimprisonment, which started on September 29, when Russian soldiers captured her in her agricultural plot in Khurvaleti village. The place where she was arrested is located within the Georgia-controlled territory. 
Death Zone in Rustavi City - Campaign Swim Safe Continues
On October 9, the Campaign “Swim Safe” participant organizations held next action nearby the swampy water reservoir near the hydro-electro station in the vicinities of the micro-blocks #11 and 12 in Rustavi city. It is one of the most dangerous places, where many people drowned in the past.
Questions over the presidential candidate Salome Zurabishvili’s income
On October 1, for the pre-election campaign, Salome Zurabishvili took a loan of 1 million GEL from Cartu Bank, founded by the former prime-minister and leader of the Georgian Dream party Bidzina Ivanishvili. Information about the loan was published in the report of the State Audit Office. 
Campaign Swim Safe – next action – Death Zone in Rustavi City
Campaign Swim Safe held next action on October 9, 14:30 pm nearby the swampy water reservoir near the hydro-electro station in the vicinities of the micro-blocks #11 and 12 in Rustavi city. It is one of the most dangerous places, where many people drowned in the past.
Human Rights Center to Observe 2018 Presidential Elections
Human Rights Center will conduct monitoring on October 28 Presidential Elections in Georgia within the frameworks of its project – Monitoring 2018 Presidential Elections and Investigation by International Criminal Court in Georgia.
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Gorashvili vs Natchkebia
Lector of the Law Faculty of the Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University Giorgi Gorashvili sued the student of the same faculty Buba Natchkebia
City full of death
Vanished people – “Never forget me”


Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?


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