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The State is Threatening to Prosecute Civil Activists
The non-governmental organizations are responding to the events of March 21 in Marneuli, where activists of the "Movement for Georgia" together with the local population have demonstratively violated the restriction of movement at 21:00.
Appeal of Human Rights Center with regard to Medicines financed by the State Program of Universal Health Care
Human Rights Center (HRC) has been implementing the project "Mitigation of Pandemic Outcomes for Single Elderly People in Shida Kartli" since January 20, 2021. Within the framework of the project, volunteers interviewed more than 100 lonely / living alone elderly people in all four municipalities (Gori, Khashuri, Kareli, Kaspi).  
Statement of Human Rights Center and Media Institute on the Court Ruling with regard to TV Pirveli
Human Rights Center (HRC) and Media Institute react to the ruling by Tbilisi City Court allowing investigative actions in TV Company Pirveli.
Civil Society’s Position on Crisis Resolution
Civil society representatives would like to respond to the resumption of the dialogue between political parties and welcome the active role which our European partners have played in this process. An agreement based on the six points proposed through the mediation of European Council President Charles Michel would help us overcome the crisis. We believe that the current political crisis can be resolved through concrete steps designed to defuse the current situation and implement institutional reforms for the country’s democratic development.
The Coalition Reacts to Illegal and Unjustified Court of Appeals Decision Against Transparency International Georgia
The Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary is concerned about the decision of the Court of Appeals against Transparency International Georgia (TIG), where the Court found the views expressed in TIG’s study defamatory. If the decision remains in force, freedom of speech and expression and fundamental principles of human rights organizations’ work will be endangered.
Statement by the Civic Solidarity Platform on the recent developments in Georgia
We, the undersigned members of an international NGO network, the Civic Solidarity Platform, express our strong concern about the recent developments in Georgia that amount to a full-fledged political crisis provoked by the government. 
Statement on Nika Melia's Arrest
The Georgian Government sent police forces into the office of the United National Movement [UNM] at 7:30 today, 23 February. This special measure aimed to enforce the politically motivated court ruling of 17 February and arrest UNM leader Nika Melia. Leaders of different opposition parties, members of the Georgian Parliament, and activists had gathered in the building at that point to support Nika Melia. The law enforcement officers eventually arrested Nika Melia against the backdrop of confrontation.
Appeal of Human Rights Center regarding the arrest of Nika Melia
Human Rights Center (HRC) reacts to the fact of the law enforcers and the riot police entering the office of United National Movement and arresting Nika Melia, the leader of United National Movement today, at 7:30 am.   
Joint Statement on Ways to Ease the Crisis Arising from the Decision to Detain Nika Melia
On February 17, 2021, Tbilisi City Court granted the motion of the Prosecutor General of Georgia and used detention against the Chairperson of the United National Movement, Nika Melia.
არასამთავრობო ორგანიზაციების განცხადება ქობულეთში მომხდარ ტრაგედიაზე
2020 წლის ივნისში და დეკემბერში 13 წლის გოგო მასზე 10 წლით უფროსმა მამაკაცმა გააუპატიურა. დეკემბერში საქმეზე გამოძიება დაიწყო, მაგრამ დამნაშავე პასუხისგებაში არ მიცემულა. 2021 წლის 9 თებერვალს 14 წლის გოგონა ჩამომხრჩვალი იპოვნეს. სამართალდამცავებმა მამაკაცი მხოლოდ ამ ფაქტის შემდეგ დააკავეს.[1]
Appeal of Human Rights Center and Media Institute regarding the Assault of the Accused in the so called case of Cartographers
We are responding to the fact of assault of  Iveri Melashvili accused in the so-called case of cartographers  at a hardware store and believe that this incident was instigated  by the breach of the presumption of innocence of the accused exercised by a number of high-ranking government officials and some media outlets.
Statement of non-governmental organizations on keeping the curfew in effect
The signatory organizations refer to the decision of the Government of Georgia on keeping the curfew in force yet again whilst easing restrictive measures in general. We believe that maintaining the curfew in this form is contrary to the Constitution of Georgia and, in light of easing restrictions, is even a better example of the arbitrary exercise of powers delegated to the Government of Georgia.
Appeal to the Government of Georgia regarding the Compensations of the Citizens affected under the Conditions of the Coronavirus Pandemic
Human Rights Center (HRC) was approached by some citizens who met the criteria of affected persons by the coronavirus epidemic/pandemic as provided for by Ordinance N286 of the Government of Georgia from May 4, 2020 and thus were  eligible from January 2021 to receive  GEL 200 as a state allowance.

Tbilisi Appeal Court acquitted 12 former political prisoners convicted in so called Kintsvisi case
Tbilisi Appeal Court granted the claim by Human Rights Center (HRC) and rendered a judgment of acquittal in favor of the 12 former political prisoners convicted in 2011 in the so called case of Kintsvisi .
Statement of Human Rights Center on the acquittal of Otar Partskhaladze
Human Rights Center (HRC) is concerned about the judgment of the court  acquitting  former Chief Prosecutor Otar Partskhaladze with regard to the fact of  battery of the former Auditor General Lasha Tordia. 
Interstate Dispute: Georgia v. Russia was ended with Victory of Georgia in the European Court of Human Rights
On January 21, 2021, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) rendered the Judgment in connection with August War of  2008 in the case of Georgia v. the Russian Federation pending for 12 years.
NGO’s Statement on the Restriction of Freedom of Religion and Discriminatory State Policy
Civic platform "No to phobia!" And the „Coalition for Equality“ believe that the situation in Georgia in terms of protection of freedom of religion and belief has sharply deteriorated in recent months. The state violates the principles of secularism and equality, the rights of religious minorities and manifests unequal treatment towards people of different religious beliefs.
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