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The main request of the victim to the prosecutor’s office is the same: to identify the perpetrators and punish them
On February 18, at 11:30 am, Human Rights Center, in the conference hall of Human Rights House Tbilisi, will hold press-conference about the ruling of the European Court of Human Rights over the case Sakvarelidzze vs Georgia. 
გიგი უგულავას წინააღმდეგ წარმართული საქმე მნიშვნელოვანი დარღვევების ფონზე მიმდინარეობდა
ხელმომწერი ორგანიზაციები ვეხმაურებით 2020 წლის 10 თებერვალს საქართველოს უზენაესი სასამართლოს მიერ გიგი უგულავას წინააღმდეგ გამოტანილ განაჩენს, რომლის თანახმადაც ოპოზიციური პარტიის ლიდერს საბოლოო სასჯელის სახედ სამი წლით, ორი თვითა და რვა დღით თავისუფლების აღკვეთა შეეფარდა. მიგვაჩნია, რომ მიღებული გადაწყვეტილება არის ხელისუფლების მიერ ოპონენტების წინააღმდეგ პოლიტიკური დევნის გაგრძელება და იგი რამდენიმე თვალსაზრისით არის პრობლემური:
De facto South Ossetian authorities must drop charges against Georgian Human Rights Defender
63 members of the network of Human Rights Houses urge the Russian government to use their influence and position to drop charges against Tamara Mearakishvili, expressing their deep concern about legal actions taken by the de facto South Ossetian authorities against the prominent Georgian human rights defender.
The Strasburg Court Holds the State of Georgia Responsible to Pay 25 000 EURO to the Applicant
The European Court of Human Rights held there has been a violation of the procedural aspect of Article 2 of the Convention – Right to Life (procedural part) over the case Sakvarelidze vs Georgia. The respondent state is held responsible to pay 25 000 EURO in respect of non-pecuniary damage to the applicant. The information about the ECtHR ruling was published on February 6, 2020.
Statement of Human Rights Center about the tragedy in Bagdati municipality
Human Rights Center expresses deep condolence to the relatives of the family members, who passed away as a result of tragic accident in Bagdati municipality on February 3. Reportedly, the fire killed five members of the family of Gorgodzes – the young pregnant woman and her four underage kids. The fire also killed the relative of the family, who was together with them in the house. The tragedy once again demonstrated extremely grave forms of social and economic inequality and poverty in our country. 
An urgent call for action to end the humanitarian crisis in Akhalgori, Georgia
An open letter of Georgian civil society organizations
The statement of the President of Georgia undermines the rule of law and fundamental principles of a democratic society
When addressing the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on January 28, the President of Georgia stated that Georgia was ready to host a delegation from the Russian Federation in May, including Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, by bypassing the Georgian Law on Occupied Territories.  
Address of NGOs to the Government on the Transition to the Proportional Electoral System
The backsliding of democracy in Georgia over the recent period has come under the spotlight by international organizations and representatives of countries friendly to Georgia.
4 Years Passed since International Criminal Court started investigation into 2008 August War crimes
4 years passed since the Office of Prosecutor (OTP) of International Criminal Court started investigation into the situation of Georgia. The investigation was preceded by 7-year preliminary examination period which started on August 15 of 2008. Although long time has passed, crimes committed during the 2008 August War are still not investigated effectively and perpetrators enjoy impunity.
Three years passed since the disappearance of Soso Osorauli
On January 27, it was the third year after the capture of the Georgian pilot Soso Osorauli in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Meanwhile, the State of Georgia failed to take effective measures to free Soso Osorauli from detention and bring him back to his homeland. 
Statement of Human Rights Center with regard to the failed press-conference in the Press-Club 'Kvira'
Human Rights Center is concerned with the failure of the press-conference, which was scheduled in the press-club Kvira by the organization today. HRC had agreed the time of the press-conference with the representative of the Kvira and the topic was death case of Zura Khutsishvili, who had passed away in an obscure situation. There are signs of crime allegedly committed by police officers.  
საზოგადოებრივი ორგანიზაციების განცხადება იუსტიციის მინისტრის მიერ პენიტენციურ დაწესებულებაში გადაღებული კადრების გასაჯაროების თაობაზე
გვსურს, შეშფოთება გამოვთქვათ საქართველოს იუსტიციის მინისტრის თეა წულუკიანის მიერ საქართველოს სახალხო დამცველის პრევენციის ეროვნული მექანიზმის მონიტორინგის კადრების გასაჯაროების და აღნიშნული მექანიზმის ექსპერტის მიმართ არაკონსტრუქციული კრიტიკის გამო
Human Rights Center requests investigation of the vague death of Zura Khutsishvili
Human Rights Center is concerned with the dragged out investigation of the death of Zura Khutsishvili, who passed away in an obscure situation. Regardless sufficient number of evidence in the case files, the investigation has been underway for three years without any results; the investigation has not identified the police officers, who chased Zura Khutsishvili by car before his death. The prosecutor’s office has not examined the circumstances that caused the death of Khutsishvili. 
The Coalition Criticizes the Independent Inspector’s Selection Process
After electing the previous Independent Inspector as a Supreme Court justice, the High Council of Justice (HCOJ) announced a competition for selecting the new Independent Inspector. The period of December 17 through December 26 was set for submitting applications.
Human Rights Center officially petitioned the State Inspector with regard to Murad Tsurtsumia’s case
Human Rights Center continues defense of the legal interests of Murad Tsurtsumia’s family. Based on the medical expertise and other evidence, the organization does not exclude that the charges brought against the defendants may be aggravated. 
The Coalition is reacting to the process of selection of candidates for the position of Prosecutor General
On December 12, the Parliament of Georgia confirmed Shalva Tadumadze, at the time Prosecutor General, for the position of a Supreme Court judge. In cases where the Prosecutor General’s authority is terminated prior to the completion of his term, the Prosecutorial Council is required to immediately carry out consultations with representatives of academic circles, civil society and legal professionals with an aim of selecting a candidate for a new Prosecutor General.
Activists of the 'Change' and 'It Is a Shame' Were Judged under the Soviet Time Administrative Code
Human Rights Center defended the legal interests of the civil activists of the civil campaigns “Change” and “It Is a Shame”, who protested the political statements of Erekle Kukhianidze, the member of the Tbilisi City Assembly.
CSOs call on the State Inspector to Petition the Prosecutor’s Office to Relinquish Tsurtsumia’s Case to Her Office
The under-signatory CSOs believe that the January 2, 2020 crime committed against Murad Tsurtsumia, 24 years-old young man, must be investigated by the State Inspector’s Service. Therefore, we call on the State Inspector, to use her authority under the legislation and petition the prosecutor’s office to relinquish the case to her office for further investigation. 
Are there political prisoners in Georgia currently?
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Gorashvili vs Natchkebia
Lector of the Law Faculty of the Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University Giorgi Gorashvili sued the student of the same faculty Buba Natchkebia
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