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ადამიანის უფლებათა ცენტრის განცხადება
ადამიანის  უფლებათა  ცენტრი  გაუწევს უფასო იურიდიულ დახმარებას პარლამენტის წინ აქციის დაშლის დროს დაკავებულებს და დაზარალებულებს. 

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The Coalition calls for the recusal of two members of the High Council of Justice from the next stages of selection of Supreme Court Justices
The Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary responds to the commencement of the selection of Supreme Court Justices and calls on two members of the High Council of Justice (the Council) to recuse themselves from the next stages of the review.
იუსტიციის საბჭო უზენაესი სასამართლოს მოსამართლეების კანდიდატებთან დაკავშირებულ საჯარო ინფორმაციას არ გასცემს
კოალიცია უკიდურესად შეშფოთებულია იუსტიციის უმაღლესი საბჭოს გადაწყვეტილებით საზოგადოებას არ მიაწოდოს უზენაესი სასამართლოს მოსამართლეების კანდიდატებთან დაკავშირებული ინფორმაცია. „საერთო სასამართლოების შესახებ” კანონში 2019 წლის 1 მაისს განხორციელებული ცვლილებების თანახმად, ეს ინფორმაცია (გარდა ჯანმრთელობის მდგომარეობის შესახებ ინფორმაციისა) არის საჯარო და ყველასთვის ხელმისაწვდომი, საბჭო კი მისი დახურვით კანონს არღვევს. 
ადამიანის უფლებებზე მომუშავე ორგანიზაციები 14 ივნისსა და 16 ივნისს განვითარებულ მოვლენებს ეხმიანებიან
„კოალიცია თანასწორობისთვის“ წევრი 6 ორგანიზაცია და  „თანასწორობის მოძრაობა“ 14 ივნისსა და 16 ივნისს  განვითარებულ მოვლენებს ეხმიანება და  სახელმწიფოს ანტიდემოკრატიული ჯგუფების ძალადობრივი მოწოდებების აღკვეთისა და თანასწორი და ინკლუზიური პოლიტიკის გატარებისკენ მოუწოდებს.
Public Defender Addresses the Decision of the Tbilisi Court of Appeals on the Case of a Murder on Khorava Street
The Decision of Tbilisi Court of Appeals of June 3, 2019 once again confirmed that the investigation failed to reveal all allegedly responsible individuals on the fact of murder of a juvenile on Khorava street.
Public Defender Issues Recommendation on Measures to be Taken for the Protection of Juvenile from Repeated Violence
On 12 June 2019, the Public Defender of Georgia addressed the Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia and the Minister of IDPs, Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia with a recommendation to evaluate a juvenile's living environment and the measures to be taken for the protection of the juvenile from repeated violence.

Coalition for Equality echoes the alarming facts of violence against girls and early marriages
The member nongovernmental organizations of the Coalition for Equality echo the grave case of rape and forced marriage of underage girl in Sagarejo municipality. We request the State to take systemic, effective and urgent steps to prevent forced marriages and violence against girls. It is noteworthy that in the course of recent days another astonishing fact of rape of an underage girl was also reported from Lagodekhi municipality. ს.
The Coalition’s Statement on Developments Related to the State Inspector
Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary responds to the procedural violations in the competition for the selection of the State Inspector and the failure to provide financial guarantees for the Inspector’s office.

Two years after the alleged abduction of Afgan Mukhtarli and investigation that is still not completed
May 29 marks two years after the disappearance of the Azerbaijani journalist Afgan Mukhtarli in Tbilisi. Based on the decision of the local court he is currently serving the prison time in Azerbaijan for the illegal border crossing, smuggling and resistance to the police. 
CSOs call on political parties to be constructive
On 19th May snap elections are going to be held in several electoral districts. During the last few weeks political activities in Zugdidi electoral district reached the highest threshold of tension. 
Platform “No to Phobia” about the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia
Today is May 17, the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOT). The issue of the human rights of LGBTQI community is becoming particularly urgent on this day. We believe it is important to remind the Government and the society of those challenges, which we have in this direction in our country. 
140 years of nongovernmental organizations in Georgia
140 years ago, on May 15, 1879, first nongovernmental organization “Society for Spreading the Literacy among Georgians” was established in Georgia, which significantly changed the life of our society and created new opportunities for the development.  
The Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary Open Letter
This statement concerns the Studio Monitor’s investigative report and information circulated by different media outlets (https://bit.ly/2H3D9Ai), which reveal that the requirements of the Law of Georgia on Common Courts were violated in the process of selecting Zaza Kharebava, a non-judge member of the High Council of Justice, by the Parliament of Georgia. Under the law, a violation of this requirement is the basis for terminating the authority of a member of the Council.
Human Rights Center requests effective investigation of the murder of 13-years-old Gogita Iremadze
On May 15, at 11:00 am, Human Rights Center will hold press-conference about the murder case of underage Gogita Iremadze in the Media Center Mtavari.  
The Coalition is assessing new rules for nomination and selection of Supreme Court justices
The Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary reacts to the legislative changes on the selection of Supreme Court justices by presenting a concluding opinion on the content and process of adoption of the amendments. 
Coalition for Equality Stands for Tatia Lortkipanidze
Coalition for Equality, union of 10 nongovernmental organizations, stands for athlete Tatia Lortkipanidze in the fight for her rights. The sportswoman sued the trainer of the National Team of Athlete Women for sexual harassment and the Federation of Athletes for gender discrimination. Coalition member organization Safari defends her interests in the court.
Equality Coalition echoes public statements of the former minister Irakli Okruashvili about ethnic Azerbaijani citizens of Georgia
Equality Coalition echoes the April 25 and 30 statements of the former Minister of Defense of Georgia Irakli Okruashvili with regard to the recent developments in Davit Gareji Monastery. 
Opinion of the NGOs about the impeachment of the Adjara TV and Radio Company Director
NGOs negatively evaluate the initiative of the two members of the Adjara TV and Radio Company’s Council of Trustees about the impeachment of the company director Natia Kapanadze.
Address of the Human Rights House Tbilisi to the Government of Georgia over the murder case of the human rights defender Vitali Safarov
The Human Rights House Tbilisi and its member organizations echo the ongoing criminal proceedings into the murder case of the human rights defender Vitali Safarov and call on the Government of Georgia to ensure comprehensive and effective investigation. It is particularly alarming that the murder was committed based on hate motives by the members of the ultranationalist, neo-Nazi group. 
Statement of Media Institute about the Impeachment of the Director of Adjara TV and Radio Broadcasting
The Media Institute echoes the initiative of the two members of the Board of Advisors of the Adjara TV and Radio Public Broadcasting to start impeachment of the director Natia Kapanadze. 

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