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Azerbaijani Bar Association Suspended Advocacy License of Afgan Mukhtarli’s Lawyer for One Year
Human Rights House Tbilisi and its member organizations echo the decision of the Azerbaijani Bar Association [ABA] to suspend advocacy license of Afgan Mukhtarli’s lawyer Nemat Kemirli for one year and state that it is another vivid violation of Afgan Mukhtarli’s rights alongside the restricted professional activities of the advocate.

Expanding Mikheil Chinchaladze’s Authority Endangers Random Selection Principle for Court Cases
The Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary is concerned by the April 30 decision of the High Council of Justice that established narrow specializations for judges at Tbilisi Appeals Court and gave the unilateral power over appointing judges to these specializations to the Chair of the Court, Mikheil Chinchaladze. Despite the fact that the legislation does not specifically give such authority to Court Chairs, since 2006 the Tbilisi City Court has had the flawed practice of the Chairs appointing judges to specializations. This creates significant risks because of the Chairs’ influence on the case allocation process.
Non-governmental organizations demand resignation of Sophio Kiladze from the position of chairperson of the committee
The Parliament of Georgia, the representative body of the people, must play a decisive role in establishing the human rights standards and monitoring the process of its execution. The special committee in the Parliament acts to protect human rights and civil integration.
Statement concerning the case of Rustavi 2
Signatory organizations responding to the information published by Rustavi 2, concerning the Georgian government’s request submitted to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) to abolish the interim measure issued on Rustavi 2 case and to transfer the ownership of the company  to its “legal owner - Kibar Khalvashi”until the final ruling.
Georgia: the International Criminal Court has the potential to be a game changer in the region
From 10 to 13 April 2018, FIDH and HRIDC representatives, together with human rights defenders from Russia, gathered in The Hague.
Statement by Non-Governmental Organizations on the Case of Salome Tatishvili
We, the undersigned organizations, make this statement in response to the case of Salome Tatishvili who was killed on a ski run in Gudauri on 10 January 2016. As it is commonly known, Salome Tatishvili, 12, was descending the ski run when a young man skiing at high speed crashed into her from behind. As a result of sustained injuries, Salome Tatishvili died on scene.
Perpetrators into Archil Tatunashvili’s Case Shall Be Timely Identified and Punished
More than one and half month has passed since the murder of Archil Tatunashvili. The perpetrators are not yet identified and punished. The family requests to name and punish the murderers. 
Statement of Human Rights Center about the violations in the so-called cyanide case
So-called cyanide case has been top high-profile case since 2017. Nevertheless, the society still has not received answers to the legitimate questions and those violations, which were committed against the accused clergyman Giorgi Mamaladze.
The Coalition Responds to the Initiative on Closing the High Council of Justice Sessions to Public
At the March 26 session of the High Council of Justice (HCOJ), judge-member Sergo Metopishvili announced that he plans to put forward an initiative for closing the HCOJ sessions to the public on the official agenda. We believe the judge-member’s initiative contradicts both the law and the principles of democratic governance. Such initiatives can only be damaging to the transparency of the HCOJ’s work, the possibility of voicing dissent at the HCOJ, and the reputation of the judiciary.
The Coalition Calls on the Independent Inspector to Study Cases of Gender -Based Harassment
The Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary is concerned about the increasing frequency of statements at the High Council of Justice (HCOJ) sessions that are discriminatory based on gender and the increasingly unequal atmosphere, which is directed towards crushing dissent at the HCOJ.

The Coalition Calls on Non-Governmental Organizations to Create Mechanisms for Prevention of and Responding to Sexual Harassment
The Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary is concerned by the recently publicized allegations of sexual harassment. The Coalition considers sexual harassment of women in the workplace and other environments unacceptable and believes that protection from gender-based violence is a fundamental human right. The Coalition expresses its solidarity with all women who have experienced sexual harassment from any person, and considers that their rights must be protected by effective legal mechanisms. To this end, it is important to review and study these cases in relevant fora.
The Coalition is Appealing the Decision on the Case of a Former Judge
The Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary is representing the interests of former Judge Maia Bakradze in a case against the High Council of Justice (HCOJ). The Coalition applied to the Court in an effort to establish discrimination by the HCOJ. The Coalition considers that the HCOJ treated Maia Bakradze differently because she was the chairperson of Unity of Judges and was known for her critical views of the court system.
Address of Human Rights Center with regard to the activities of former director of medical clinic Lancet Farman Jeyranli
Human Rights Center echoes the recently disseminated evaluation statements about Farman Jeyranli’s activities as a former director of the medical clinic Lancet by different media sources. Several days ago, TV-Company Rustavi 2 dedicated a video-story to his case in its weekly program P.S.
NGOs demand lodging of an inter-state application before the european court against Russia over the case of Tatunashvili
The below signatory organizations urge the State of Georgia to utilize international legal mechanisms with the aim of eliminating gross human rights violations in the occupied territories of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali Region and in villages adjacent to the occupation line, and lodge an inter-state application against the Russian Federation before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in connection to the widespread practices of deprivation of life and restriction of freedom in these territories.
The Coalition Calls on the Parliament Not to Aggravate Sanctions for Administrative Violations
The Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary negatively assesses the package of draft amendments to the Code of Administrative Violations developed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
The Coalition is Starting “Make Courts Trustworthy” Campaign
Recent developments in the judiciary once again exposed the extent of the systemic problems in the judiciary. It is clear that the reforms implemented in the court system in recent years failed to achieve their main objective of having justice delivered by independent and impartial judges whose integrity and competence are not in doubt.  
საქართველოს ეროვნული პლატფორმის წევრი ორგანიზაციების განცხადება არჩილ ტატუნაშვილის საქმეზე
აღმოსავლეთ პარტნიორობის სამოქალაქო საზოგადოების ფორუმის საქართველოს
ეროვნული პლატფორმის წევრი ორგანიზაციები მწუხარებას გამოვთქვამთ მიმდინარე წლის 23 თებერვალს ცხინვალში საქართველოს მოქალაქის არჩილ ტატუნაშვილის გარდაცვალების გამო. 
Unlawful transfer of property to Otar Partskhaladze's company must be investigated
On 15 February 2018, the State Audit Office published a compliance audit report assessing the management of property owned by Tbilisi Municipality in 2015-2016. Among other issues, the report covers two cases related to former Chief Prosecutor Otar Partskhaladze's company, BSR-CDG Development, LLC.
Civil society and media organizations address the Parliament and Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia with regard to Afgan Mukhtarli’s case
Almost 9 months have passed since the investigation started in the abduction case of the Azerbaijani journalist and activist Afgan Mukhtarli from the territory of Georgia but regardless high public interest to this case we have not received information about ongoing investigation process. We still have doubts about alleged participation of the Georgian law enforcement bodies in the organized crime and in general, about possible political loyalty of the Government of Georgia towards Azerbaijani authority in the cases of Azerbaijan dissidents.
The Coalition’s Opinion on the Initiative to Create a State Inspector’s Office
The Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary assesses the draft law developed by the Ministry of Justice of Georgia that aims to introduce the State Inspector’s Office.
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