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Media Institute Echoes the Dissemination of the Video Footage about Zviad Ratiani’s Detention
Media Institute is alarmed with the dissemination of the video-footage about the arrest and detention moments of the poet Zviad Ratiani by the Georgian Public Broadcasting, Channel 1. 
NGOs react to the unlawful dissemination of the information about the person’s health by the Ministry of Internal Affairs
The under-signatory organizations are concerned with the violation of the constitutional right to privacy by the MIA, when they disseminated information about the health state of Tinatin Shengelia and call on the Personal Data Protection Inspector to immediately study the abovementioned fact and take all measures in accordance to the law. 
Coalition for Independent and Transparent Judiciary Reacts to the December 22-24, 2017 Police Control Operation, the so called Police Raid
Effective fight against crime is the state’s most important authority, but this must always be done with maximum respect to human rights. The state must use those measures for ensuring public safety that require minimum interference in fundamental rights.
Joint letter to the Georgian authorities concerning cruel and humiliating treatment and lack of investigation thereof in Georgia
In a joint letter addressed today to the Georgian authorities, FIDH and its member organisation in Georgia, Human Rights Centre (HRIDC), express their concern over a growing number of allegations of cruel and humiliating treatment inflicted in places of detention in Georgia..
Human Rights Center addresses the law enforcement bodies with the request to timely investigate the death fact of a young woman in Shilda Village
On October 18, 2017, G.G found the semi-naked body of his sister-in-law E.N, 24-years-old, in the cattle-shed of their house in the village of Shilda, Kvareli municipality. The body was hanging on the rope. She had multiple injuries on the body that raised reasonable doubts about her physical harassment before the death.
Statement of Human Rights Center about hindering the professional activities of the advocate and disclosing personal information on deacon Mamaladze
Human Rights Center addresses the General Inspection of the Ministry of Corrections with regard to hindering professional activities of the advocate and disclosing the personal information on Deacon Giorgi Mamaladze
Statement of Human Rights Center about the Elections in the Georgian Bar Association
On December 9, 2017 Human Rights Center observed the elections of the chairperson, executive council, ethic commission and revision commission members during the Annual Assembly of the Georgian Bar Association.
არასამთავრობო ორგანიზაციები ეხმაურებიან ამირან კვირიკაშვილის თვითმკვლელობამდე მიყვანის საქმის გამოძიებას
როგორც ცნობილია, მიმდინარე წლის 4 ნოემბერს, დაბა ხარაგაულში მცხოვრებმა 30 წლის ამირან კვირიკაშვილმა სიცოცხლე თვითმკვლელობით დაასრულა, რასაც რამდენიმე დღით ადრე, წინ უძღვოდა მისი “დაკითხვა” ადგილობრივ პოლიციაში და გაურკვეველი დანაშაულებრივი ფაქტების აღიარების იძულება. განცხადებაზე ხელმომწერი ორგანიზაციები ვეხმაურებით ამირან კვირიკაშვილის თვითმკვლელობის საქმის გამოძიებას, რომელსაც ქუთაისის საოლქო პროკურატურა სსკ-ის 115-ე მუხლით (თვითმკვლელობამდე მიყვანა) და 1443-ე მუხლის მეორე ნაწილის „ა“ და „ბ“ ქვეპუნქტებით (არაადამიანური და დამამცირებელი მოპყრობა მოხელის ან მასთან გათანაბრებული პირის მიერ სამსახურებრივი მდგომარეობის გამოყენებით) აწარმოებს.
Deacon Giorgi Mamaladze is unlawfully restricted to call the hotline of the ombudsman’s office
Director of the Prison # 8 did not allow the deacon Giorgi Mamaladze convicted into the so-called cyanide case to call the hotline of the Public Defender’s Office.
The Coalition and the Public Defender React to the Government’s Initiative to Create an Independent Investigative Mechanism
The Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary and the Public Defender react to the recently circulated information concerning creation of an Independent Investigative Mechanism. They call on the Government of Georgia to manage this process with the involvement of civil society in a timely and transparent manner.
CSOs welcome Lomjaria as a Public Defender candidate
On November 24, the Georgian Dream unveiled its plan to nominate Nino Lomjaria as new Public Defender. We welcome that in new Ombudsman’s selection the ruling party supported one of the four candidates offered by civil society organizations. Taking civil society’s opinion into consideration during deliberations about Public Defender candidates is very important because the Public Defender should enjoy high level of trust of human rights organizations and activist movements. .
The Coalition Criticizes the Independent Inspector Selection Competition for the Lack of Transparency
For many years questions have been raised with respect to the lack of judicial discipline cases despite obvious signs of violations allegedly committed by judges. Reasons can be sought in the general and unforeseeable nature of grounds for judicial discipline as established in the legislation and selective application of disciplining mechanisms by the High Council of Justice.
Statement of NGOs about the Discrediting Campaign against the Constitutional Institute of Public Defender
Under-signatory nongovernmental organizations are concerned with the recent discrediting statements against the acting Public Defender Ucha Nanuashvili and the institute of Ombudsman, which were made by the representatives of legislative, executive and judiciary authorities, among them senior government officials. 
Non-governmental Organizations Request Parliamentary Discussions on Current Events at Public Broadcaster
Civil society once again responds to the latest developments taking place at Public Service Broadcaster. Increasing influence of individuals connected to the government and the former Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili at Public Broadcaster is alarming and contradicts the mission of a public broadcaster in a democratic society.
არასამთავრობო ორგანიზაციების განცხადება პაატა პავლიაშვილის გარდაცვალების ფაქტთან დაკავშირებით
განცხადებაზე ხელმომწერი ორგანიზაციები ვეხმაურებით მიმდინარე წლის 25 ოქტომბერს, ნუცუბიძის ფერდობზე, მომხდარ ფაქტს, სადაც, გავრცელებული ინფორმაციით, პოლიციის მიერ მოქალაქის დაკავებას ამ უკანასკნელის ჯანმრთელობის მდგომარეობის გაუარესება და მისი გარდაცვალება მოჰყვა. 
Human Rights Center Calls on the Prosecutor’s Office to Stop Oppression on the Advocates of the So-Called Cyanide Case
Prosecutor’s Office invited the Human Rights Center’s lawyer Eka Lomidze to the interrogation in front of the magistrate judge today, at 13:00 pm. She will be questioned with regard to the so-called cyanide case. 
CSOs Seek Involvement in Public Defender’s Selection Process
We would like to respond to the statements related to the selection of Georgian Public Defender and call on the Parliament of Georgia to ensure civil society participation in the process of selecting the main human rights defender of the country.
The Process of Lifetime Appointments of Judges is Flawed

For the first time the renewed composition of the High Council of Justice (HCOJ) is appointing judges for life. As of now, the Council has completed interviews of thirty-eight judges who applied for life tenure. Due to the recent legislative amendments it is expected that more than one hundred judges who are currently on probation may apply for life tenure.[1]
The General Auditor’s decision creates suspicions of political motive
On October 2, it was reported that the new General Auditor, Irakli Mekvabishvili dismissed two deputy general auditors, Nino Lomjaria and Devi Vepkhvadze. The only deputy general auditor who kept his office is Nodar Javakhishvili. He used to serve as the Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure, and as the General Director of Bidzina Ivanishvili’s own bank Cartu. 
The President’s proposal on constitutional changes can help overcome the stalemate
The President of Georgia proposed the following to the parliamentary majority about four issues of the constitutional reform: scrapping of the so-called bonus mandates, allowing electoral blocs, moving to the fully proportional electoral system in 2020, and election of president by Parliament after it becomes bicameral.
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Will the appointment of the candidate judges nominated by the Supreme Council of Justice for life-long term in the Supreme Court strengthen justice?
Yes NO I cannot answer


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