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Prisoner Aleksi Bakhutov Is Serving His Term for Uncommitted Murder

Today, Sozar Subari, Georgian Public Defender, talked about an unusual case at the briefing. Convicted Aleksi Bakhitov is serving sentence in the prison #5 for having murdered Lasha Chopikashvili, although the victim is alive and healthy in his house in the village of Jugaani.

As a consequence of brutal treatment and torture Bukhutov and his sisters admitted the crime that was not committed in fact.

It is noteworthy that on November 21 Telavi District Court discussed the case of three witnesses, who were accused for having hidden the body of Chopikashvili. However, the Prosecutor's Office and the court had information that Chopikashvili had already appeared in the village.

As Subari states the participants of the court hearing got confused when seeing representatives of the Public Defender’s Office and journalists; but the judge conducted the trial according to assigned formalities and by asking general questions as a result of what they sentenced innocent people.

On November 22 plea-bargain was signed between the convicted people and Kakheti Regional Prosecutor under what the defendants were released from the court-room. Although it is still obscure what they had pleaded.

On August 24, Telavi Regional Court sentenced Bakhutov to six-year-imprisonment for the “murder”.

Source: Media News.

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Name: caridad
2012-03-01 16:24
. One ooubivs aspect of this in the context Obama used is reparations for slavery to descendents who have already been the recipients of at least two trillion dollars in government largess..or to put it another way, warping the equal protection clause of our Constitution to include confiscation to benefit those the government sees fit to reward.I't exactly what the Soviets did after the 1917 revolution, and I find your attempts to spin this - forgive me -ludicrous.I don't know what Drudge did with it, but this is nothing less than the perversion of everything our Founding Fathers stood for.ff
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