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Chairman of the Polling Station Expelled an Observer of the “Fair Elections”

At the briefing of the NGO media-centre, Eka Siradze-Delone, the executive director of the non-governmental organization “Fair Elections”, spoke about the violations discovered during the presidential elections.

She said that according to the official information 13, 4% of voters had taken part in the election by 12:00 PM; however according to their information only 13% of voters have voted in fact.

Based on additional lists, 0, 8 % of registered voters have taken part in the elections. Eka Siradze-Delone reported that the process is going on in a very tense situation; their observers have coped with problems in several polling stations. More exactly Pikria Saribov, the chairwoman of the polling station # 22 of the Tsalka PEC expelled their observer from the station; besides that Iuri Modebadze, the head of the Tsalka police department threatened the observer with physical assault.

Eka Siradze-Delone said that their NGO has already applied to the Central Election Commission and requested them to react on the violations. Observers continue their activities at the polling stations; however, unfortunately, unbiased organizations are not allowed to highlight the elections.

Source: Medianews

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