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Press Department of Gori Municipality Denies Giving an Interview to Medianews

The news agency Medianews publicized the comments of the Gori Municipality spokesperson who denied the information spread by non-governmental organization the Human Rights Center.

A quote from the information of Medianews: “The Gori Municipality denies the information spread by the Human Rights Center stating the Gori Municipality opposes the Ministry of Economic Development of Georgia on the ownership of the residence of Irakli Okruashvili. As a spokesperson of the Municipality stated in her conversation with Medianews, the Ministry had sent a letter to the Municipality to insert “Tseroskhevi” Ltd on the privatization list with a 100 % state share in it. Consequently, the Municipality will transfer the property to the Ministry according to all necessary procedures. Thus nobody will be able to challenge the agreement between the two governmental institutions.” 

The Human Rights Center defined that the Tseroskhevi Ltd is not registered to the Gori Municipality Board and it is strange why local officials promise the Ministry to transfer the property to them.

Vakhtang Lezhava, Deputy Minister, stated in his letter dated December 27, 2007, that the Gori Municipality has petitioned the Ministry on November 27 on assigning Tseroskhevi to their institution. The Ministry refused their request. The reason for their refusal was the future privatization of the estate. Consequently, the Human Rights Center publicized information based on the official documents and letter that can be requested from corresponding governmental bodies.

The Human Rights Center got in touch with Elza Mikeladze, the spokesperson of the Gori Municipality Board, who categorically denied making such comments. “I have not spoken with any news agency. We have also learned about the situation and now we are trying to uncover the truth,” said Elza Mikeladze.

As later was found out, Nino Giorgadze, the spokesperson of the Shida Kartli Regional Administration, provided Medianews with the above-mentioned information. “When journalists called me on the topic I first learned about the situation at the Gori Municipality Board and the Privatization Department (PD): I spoke with Nukri Abalaki, the head of the PD, who told me that Tseroskhevi is registered to the Municipality Board. Thus, based on this information, I provided, Medianews with the “Medianews”, said Nino Giorgadze.

Saba Tsitsikashvili, Gori

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