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Mathew Bryza: Unless Imedi TV Renews Broadcasting, I Suppose a New Independent TV Company Will Appear in Georgia

Current situation in Georgia was discussed at the Georgetown University in Washington. Georgian Presidential Elections, events of November 7 2007 and conflict regions were the main topics of the discussion. 

TV Company “Rustavi 2” reported that Mathew Bryza, Deputy Assistant to US State Secretary, and Vasil Sikharulidze, Georgia’s Ambassador to the USA, attended the meeting.

Bryza tried to explain the reasons why Washington relays on Georgian Government. He stated that Georgia and the USA have common values. 

Bryza added that US State Secretary, Kondoliza Rice sent him to Georgia to negotiate with the government not only on the lifting of emergency rule but to renew the broadcasting of the TV Company “Imedi”. However, he claimed that attitudes towards the TV Station have changed.

Many journalists abandoned the TV Station that hindered the work of the company. I suppose that Patarkatsishvili, News Corp and Georgian government consider future prospects of the TV Imedi. Unless the TV Station restores broadcasting, I think a new independent TV Company will appear in Georgia,” stated Bryza.

Broadcasting of the Imedi TV was suspended on December 26 2007 for the second time and it is still obscure whether it renews broadcasting or not.

On January 31 newspaper “the Georgian Times” publishes an interview with Magda Anikashvili, journalist for the Imedi TV who discussed the perspectives of TV Imedi’s future activities and stated that “currently the situation is too ambiguous and unstable” and nobody knows whether TV station exists or not.

“I doubt that the TV Company “Imedi” will be able to renew broadcasting. If we speak with percents I think that chances are 50%-50%,’ said the journalist.

Source: Media.ge 

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