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Suit Is Brought against ”Energopro Georgia” Company

Political party “Future Georgia” blames the “Energopro Georgia” for illegal activities. Today, Giorgi Laghidze, leader of the party, brought suit to the Prosecutor General’s Office where he requested the Prosecutor General, Ekaterine Tkeshelashvili, to investigate the activities of the company and react on it.

Giorgi Laghidze stated in his conversation with the Medianews that the Energopro Georgia provides electricity supply to the whole country except Kakheti region. Their party has received a lot of appeals from those regions where people blame the Energopro Georgia for changing them to pay for more electricity than they have spent.

“Subscribers claim that their electricity meters show less than representatives of the Energopro Georgia indicate in the bills. They extort money from us. In addition to that the bills do not show the fee for one kilowatt of the electricity that blatantly contradicts the law. People claim that the personnel of the company order certain people to collect the money that is not right,” said Giorgi Laghidze.

Laghidze said that if the population refuses to pay additional money, the company will cut off the electricity supply for them.

Representatives of the “Energopro Georgia” stated to the Medianews that the company has never led illegal activities and always complied with the norms estimated by the Energy Regulation National Commission. “It is early to comment on the suit until we discuss the accusations of the party in detail. However, generally we can say that it is absurd to blame our company for similar violations,” said the officials from the Power Distribution Company.

Source: Medianews

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Name: მანანა
2012-01-25 18:45
თბილისში ყველა ქვითარზე აღნიშნულია გადახდის თარიღი მრიცხველის ჩვენებასთან ერთად,რაც არ ჩანს ენერგო-პროს ქვითრებში.ნათესავის სახლში მომადგნენ,შენ ბიძას გავუთიშავთ ელექტროენერგიას,თუ არ გადაიხდიო.იმის მიუხედავად რომ იანვარში საერთოსდ ბინაში არავინ ყოფილა,კომპანიამ დამარიცხა 78 ლარი,ამა გარდა აღდგენის!!!! 2 ლარი და რაღაც გაურკვეველი დეპოზიტი 19 ლარი.ეს სამარცხვინოა!!!!!!!!!დეპოზიტი იმიტომ დაგარიცხეთ რომ ურჩი გადამხდელი ხართო!ბანკია ენერგო-პრო,სასამართლო თუ ელექტროენერგიის მომწოდებელი კომპანია?
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