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Patardzeuli Village Is Punished for the Support of Opposition Parties

Population of the village of Patardzeuli in Sagarejo district protests their oppression because of their support for the opposition parties. Locals said they voted for the National Council in the municipal elections; consequently the natural gas supply was cut in the village.

“Maybe, our village is the only one where opposition parties defeated the ruling party in the elections. They cannot forgive it to us. As soon as the elections finished, we were threatened the election results will cost too expensive for us. Several days later we were left without gas supply,” said the residents of Patardzeuli village.

Sagarejo district interim governor Emzar Kuchuashvili stated that Socar Gas Georgia distributes natural gas in the district.

“As far as I know, Socar had to change old equipment and the population did not allow them to do. As for the claiming that Patardzeuli village lost gas supply because of their support for the opposition parties, Socar is a private company and does not obey the orders of the district administration,” said Kuchuashvili.

Manager of the subordinator company to the Socar Gas Georgia “SagarejoGas” Koki Sharabidze does not comment on the delay in the gas supply to the Patardzeuli village.

On May 30, 2010 the National Council won the municipal elections in the village of Patardzeuli. In the polling station # 15 the National Movement gained 125 votes; the National Council received 149 votes. In the polling station # 16 the National Movement gained 143 votes and the National Council received 498 votes.

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