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Alliance for Georgia Requests to Annul Precinct Election Results after Votes Were Counted

Political union “Alliance for Georgia” appealed to the Tbilisi City Court and requested to annul the election results at the polling station # 14 in the Poti Election District # 70 and to count the votes repeatedly. The court satisfied their request on re-counting the votes.

Next day of the municipal elections, the representative of the Poti organization of the Alliance Zviad Shubitidze, who was first candidate on the election list of the Alliance, filed a complaint to the Poti District Election Commission (DEC) and requested to annul the election results at the PS # 14. Shubitidze stated that after counting the votes at the precinct, the commission member from the Alliance Rusudan Tsomaia was not handed the final protocol because of technical faults; Tsomaia signed empty protocol and later, when she was handed the final protocol, she discovered that the figures were changed in it.

More precisely, the number of the proportional votes of the Alliance for Georgia was seriously reduced. The complaint was attached by the explanation letter of Tsomaia. Poti DEC did not satisfy her complaint because the other commission members attending the session did not confirm the allegation of Tsomaia and chairman of the DEC Zaal Kuchukhidze trusted them.

According to the court judgment, the votes were counted repeatedly and they discovered some shortcomings too. Tsomaia categorically denies her validity of her signature on the final protocol. Zviad Shubitidze stated that after re-counting the votes, they discovered that their votes were reduced while the votes for the Entrepreneurs were increased. Besides that, the number of the annulled ballot papers was also changed. “The ballot papers marked in favor of any other party were clean; they had damaged only the ballot papers where our election number was changed into the election number of the Entrepreneurs. Commission members made decision in favor of the Entrepreneurs and annulled another part of ballot papers. There is a huge difference between the Election Day and the sealed up protocols; so we now request to annul the election results at the PS # 14 and to hold repeated elections at this precinct.”

Inga Gvasalia, Samegrelo
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