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Call for cases for “Strategic Litigation in the Caucasus”.

International partners of the project are Netherlands Helsinki Committee (NHC), INTERIGHTS, and regional partners Armenian Institute for Development (Armenia) and Legal Education Society (Azerbaijan). This Project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and co-financed by the Secretary for State for Foreign and Commonwealth Office Affairs SPF-RE (UK).
The call for cases is open to all lawyers, as well as local or international organizations and NGO’s that are working in the field of human rights legal advocacy/litigation and have a case which fits the project’s case selection criteria.
Within the framework of the project a number of cases will be selected, for which limited funding is available and professional advice is provided from human rights lawyer of INTERIGHTS. INTERIGHTS will advise the applicant lawyer on their case in order to support the arguments, structure and presentation of the case and in order to increase its chance of success at the European Court of Human Rights.
The major criteria for considering a case as strategically important are:
** Discrimination on the ground of disability, gender, nationality, and sexual orientation.
** Unlawful administrative detention, lack of review of detention, denial of medical assistance in 
     detention, inhuman and degrading conditions of detention.
** Violation of social and cultural rights in the fields of education and health.
      ** Unlawful expropriation of property by the State
** Freedom of expression, freedom of assembly
            ** Priority will be given to cases regarding Demonstration issues, which took place in November, 2007.   

The strategic litigation cases within this project should address the violation of rights that are laid down in the European Convention of Human Rights.
For the project is important that the cases have a high potential of being submitted to European Court of Human Rights. The project partners will, together with the respective lawyer, decide on the possible submission of the case to the European Court of Human Rights.
Interested lawyers must submit following documents:
** CV
** Case proposal with brief description of issues raised in the case and its procedural history;
     ** Legal justification of the case and the expected results awaiting from the strategic litigation,
** Copies of relevant documents (i.e. complaint, indictment or other charging instrument, court  
    judgment and sentence) that are related to the actual strategic litigation case.

Please submit the documents in English or Russian languages by e-mail to: shorena@article42.ge.

The Deadline for submission of documents is 1 November, 2008.
For more information on the Case Call please contact us. 

Contact person: Shorena Nazghaidze
Tel.: +995 (32) 998856;
Tel/fax: +995 (32) 932859.


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