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Maisaia Is Under Psychological and Physical Oppression

The Human Rights Center calls upon the international organizations to get interested in the case of Maisaia.

On May 5 2009 the Ministry of Internal Affairs arrested political scientist, military expert Doctor Vakhtang Maisaia.

The Human Rights Center was informed that during the detention Vakhtang Maisaia has been subjected to psychological and moral oppression. As a result of the intimidation from law enforcement officers Maisaia signed the testimony where he pleaded guilty. Based on his testimony Irakli Batkuashvili and Besik Oboladze were also detained.

Former military attaché of Georgia Irakli Batkuashvili was arrested for spreading secret information and former expert of the Committee for Economical Security of NATO Besik Oboladze was charged for encouraging the crime.

Attorney of Vakhtang Maisaia sent letter to the investigation department and requested protection of her client’s rights. She requested the investigation to allow her to attend the interrogation process of Maisaia. The request was not satisfied.

The attorney claims Maisaia is mostly questioned in the evening after working-hours and the lawyer does not attend the process. The detainee was compelled to confirm his initial testimony and is requested to cooperate with investigation. Otherwise he is threatened with physical assault.

Investigators mentioned many reasons why lawyer Natia Korkotadze is not allowed to read case materials and it deprives the defense side to assess evidence gained by the investigation as acceptable or unacceptable.

Vakhtang Maisaia stated he was last interrogated after working-hours on July 6. “Deputy Head of Counter Intelligence Department Otar (he does not know the surname) and one more person (he does not know the person) led me into the room opposite the office of Tamaz Meladze (head of detention setting N 8) and we started conversation. Otari told me I was behaving very badly and was writing some statements that could impact on my future fate very negatively; that means I could face 20-year-imprisonment because of my action and they said it was doubtful if I stay alive within 20 years. They threatened with creating real hell in prison for me and that I would dream about suicide… two-three days were set for me to think about the continuation of so-called “cooperation with them. Otari also told me they were not going to release Oboladze, Batkuashvili and Janashia from prison and I would destroy them and myself as well if I decline their offer. Finally I refused to cooperate with them,” wrote Vakhtang Maisaia in the interrogation protocol.

The Human Rights Center appeals to international organizations to get interested into the case of Vakhtang Maisaia and request the information on his detention. We hope, with the support of international organizations it will be possible to start impartial investigation. Questioning of Maisaia without attorney shall stop immediately and the lawyer shall be allowed to study the case materials.

The Human Rights Center

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