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Most of the projects started during pre-election period have not been completed


Shorena Glonti, Guria

In the municipalities of Ozurgeti, Chokhatarui and Lanchkhuti of Guria region, the program of agricultural development was used for winning election. As it’s revealed, the main priority for the government was starting new jobs and completing them in the terms established by agreements.

Almost all the works foreseen by the agricultural program started several days before the elections. Most of the projects were supposed to end by May 20th. The pace of works expedited during the pre-election period, but not much has been completed yet.

In comparison with last year, in the current election year, the money and accordingly, the number of projects increased. The village Natanebi of Ozurgeti Region has one important problem – for the last 20 years they practically have not been provided with water. So, in the frameworks of the program, agricultural development of villages, the fixing of the drinking water system was decided.

42 378 lari were provided for Natanebi territorial region in the frameworks of the 2009 village support program. 29950 lari out of this money were meant to be used for conducting montage on the 3 water storing reservoirs. According to the project estimation, 1155 meter length, 50mm width plastic pipes should have been attached to the reservoir that would have provided the water for the village. Though, none of the water storing reservoirs has neither the filler from the bore, neither 1155 meter pipe.

As the economist Levan Chkhaidze says, according to the project, the construction of the magisterial pipe cost 4966, 5 lari. The acts of the acceptance-yielding of the municipality never indicate the relevant information about introducing the pipes to the water storing reservoirs. This fact confirms that the individual firm “Avtandil Khurtsidze” never implemented the montage of the magisterial pipe foreseen by the agreement. The fact of the purchase of the pipes is indicated here as well. The former governor of the Ozurgeti Municipality Avtandil Meqvabishvili and individual firm “Avtandil Khurtsidze” made an agreement on April 19th, 2009, 8.3 paragraph of article 8 of which requires that in case of time delay, after the June 15th of 2009, for each belated day, the contractor should pay 0.1 % of the contract cost, which is 29, 74 lari for a day.

According to Chkhaidze, the executive organ of the Ozurgeti Municipality – the local government did not perform its duties. The act of acceptance-yielding was conducted with the violations of the “Law on State Procurement,’’ that damaged the state and local budget.
“For the last period, the budget experienced a loss of 6420 lari as a surcharge,” – he says.

The procurator of the village Natanebi Irakli Tsertsvadze states that for 2009 they could not manage purchasing of 300 meter length pipe that caused the incompletion of the project.

The intermediate acts of acceptance-yielding indicate: the act of May 7th of 2009 – 50 mm, 385 gram/m plastic pipe has been purchased; the act of May 23d of 2009 – 50 mm, 370 gram/m plastic pipe has been purchased; act of June 15th, 2009 – 50 mm, 390 gram/m plastic pipe has been purchased.

The former assistant of Ozurgeti Municipality governor, current governor Giorgi Takidze states that the relevant commission accepted the implemented works and the act of acceptance-yielding has been signed by him.

“According to the act of acceptance-yielding, the local government commission recorded the purchase of 1145 meter length pipe,” – states Chkhaidze and says, that besides, this fact contradicts the statement of Nanateni procurator, Irakli Tsertsvadze, that raises doubt whether the acceptance-yielding acts of the inspection groups comply with the reality. The relevant legal organs should discuss these matters,” – considers economist Levan Ckhaidze.
Ozurgeti Municipality Supervision Service won’t comment on the issue and say that the prosecutor’s office took the investigation materials.

The assistant of the Ozurgeti Municipality governor, Mikheil Gogotishvili, who has been the assistant of the Ozurgeti Municipality Sakrebulo for the last four years, says, that of course, the Sakrebulo is responsible for the monitoring of the works implemented in the frameworks of the agricultural development program of the villages, but more competent in this matter is the executive organ.

“This case needs presenting the documental materials and searching. As far as I know, nobody has come with pretension. The water system has been conducted a montage. This is a matter of the last year and we are ready to investigate the facts,” – said Gogotishvili.

For this time, the works has been started in all three municipalities of Guria Region… but the completion of works remains to be a problem – problem, which could not be solved by government till the elections. Although, it seems like the main priority of the government was to start the works and not to complete in the terms established by the contract.
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