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Who Is Approaching CSD in Gori District Administration?


Saba Tsitsikashvili, Gori

After the head of the architecture department of the Gori municipal board Temur Natriashvili died, sudden information was spread. Before death the law enforcement officers visited him at home. Soon after the Gori office of the Human Rights Center started working on the issue, the new information about the detention of Zviad Berianidze – governor of the Karaleti village and of Mariam Orjonikidze, head of the department for the land management within the municipal board was spread. Both of them are accused in bribery. The representative of the CSD Soso Topuirdze reported about it at the special briefing.

What is the connection between these facts? Has the detention series started as it was expected after Arsoshvili occupied the position of the Shida Kartli regional governor? Will those detentions have any connections with the district governor Davit Khmiadashvili or his protector and former regional governor Lado Vardzelashvili (currently the minister of sport and youth affairs of Georgia)? It is fact that the first attempt of the CSD started badly because their visit at Temur Natriashvili’s house ended with his death. We do not hold the conclusion of the official expertise; however we will try to find out the real reason of his death. The investigation reinforces its accusation against Mariam Orjonikidze based on the testimony of Temur Natriashvili. At least, it is the recent information.

According to the information of the Gori office of the Human Rights Center, criminal case against Zviad Berianidze and Mariam Orjonikidze was launched under Article 338 Part I of the Criminal Code of Georgia. “Accepting bribes by an officer or a person equal thereto, in the form of money, securities, property or any other material benefit, for performing or not performing this or that action in favour of the bribe-giver that the officer or the person equal thereto must have or could have performed by using his/her official position, or his/her official authority could have promoted such action, as well as exercising official patronage by him/her,-shall be punishable by prison sentences ranging from 6 to 9 years in length.”

People saw the fact of accepting bribe by Zviad Berianidze on TV in the secret video-recording spread by the MIA. The Karaleti village governor does not wait to count the money, he points to his pocket where the stranger puts numbered money.

According to the investigation materials, resident of the village Shavshvebi in Gori district Joram Tskrialashvili decided to build a pool for trout in Karaleti village. He had to lease the land (pasture) in the village. On March 2, 2010 he met Mariam Orjonikidze in the Gori municipal board and promised her to pay moony for the necessary documents with the support of Temur Natriashvili. Jioram Tskrialashvili said it in his testimony to the ivnestigation.

Three days later, Jioram Tskrialashvili reported that Temur Natriashvili talked with him close to the building of the district administration and demanded 500 USD for Mariam Orjonikidze.

The CSD alleges that Temur Natriashvili took 500 USD from Joram Tskrialashvili in his working room at about 11:00 am on March 9, 2010; the notes were marked at the MIA in advance.

According to the investigation, Temur Natriashvili shared the money with Mariam Orjonikidze. The investigation holds the testimony of Joram Tskriashvili, protocols on the detention and search of the suspect, protocols on examination of the banknotes and money transfer, secret video and audio recordings based on the resolution of the Tbilisi City Court, as well as secret recording of the phone conversations to prove the allegation.

However, the journalists cannot study the above-listed materials yet because the attorneys and the parties avoid commenting on the fact. We do not have full information about the case and they are not going to introduce the journalists with the materials either.

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