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Office of Prosecutor Arrests the Chief Doctor of the Hospital


Shorena Kakabadze, Kutaisi

One year work at Kutaisi Regional Rehabilitation Center for Elderly and Invalid ended with the arrest of the chief doctor and accountant. Peculation of 400 thousand lari and violations in the medical histories of patients – this is the charge imposed on the arrested by the Prosecutor’s Office.

Prosecutor’s Office entered hospital exactly a year ago. As it was said, they were going to study the documentation. Since that almost every day we read whether or not it had completed the work and when we found out that it didn’t, it really surprised us. We never had a doubt that this examination would not have a good result. We had a little doubt that examination by the prosecutor’s office would not end with a good result. And exactly this happened. Two people were arrested. One of them, Avtandil Abuladze is now former chief doctor of the hospital. As it was said, the histories of patients had serious violations. What kind of violations they are talking about will be known later. Besides, they talk about the wasting and appropriation of solid amount of money. How the things will end, this will probably be determined by investigation and the court,” – state the officials of Kutaisi Regional Rehabilitation Center for Elderly and Invalid.

Avtandil Abuladze and Medea Maglakelidze were summoned to the Regional Prosecutor’s Office for West Georgia on September 24th. After imposing the charge, the preliminary two month arrest sentence was passed against the detainees and they were transferred to the temporary arrest isolator. Currently, both serve sentenced in #2 jail of Kutaisi.

Prosecutor’s Office showed the interest in the work of the Regional Rehabilitation Center of Elderly and Invalid in September of 2009 and started studying documentation in 2008-2009.

Last year, corresponding hospital was included in the list of those medical departments, which would be rehabilitated in the frameworks of “100 new hospitals”, a failed project advocated by the government. The renovation of the medical staff was planned as well that caused dissatisfaction and protest among the officials.

“As it was said, the hospital was going to be sold out and the new leadership appointed. New techniques and devices were supposed to be brought and the service lever raised as it happened in the Center of Intervention Medicine in West Georgia. The talk referred both to the elimination of medical staff and the appointing of the new head. But, the things developed differently. The hospital never got sold and the staff remained the same,” – state the hospital officials.

In the corresponding medical department, in a year after Prosecutor’s Office’s examination, the chief doctor resigned from his job. In the moment of arrest he had been resigned. Avtandil Abuladze, as well as the main accountant of the hospital Medea Maghlakelidze don’t find themselves guilty and state that the charges of Prosecutor’s Office are groundless. In case of confirmation of charge, they face 4-7 year imprisonment.
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