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Man with automatic gun is “victim”, socially disabled – “businessman”, patrol-investigator “settles the problem.”

Marika Vacharadze, Khoni

Khoni district court has been discussing the criminal case with nine accused people for several months. They are blamed in following criminal traditions, storage of weapon, and extortion money from businessman, hooliganism and purchase-possession of narcotic substance. Khoni district police carried out special operation to detain them based on the secret phone-calls.

The investigation team cannot clarify why they started secret listening to the phone-conversations of the people. The accused people – Melkadze, Chakvetadze and Chankseliani spoke with the so-called criminal authority Noe Tsulaia in the secret recording of phone conversations. They are relatives of Tsulaia. The law enforcement bodies connect their conversation with the incident on March 6.

The case materials expose that one of the detainees – Shota Chavchanidze had argument with patrol-investigator Aleksandre Kakabadze, who lives in the village of Kukhi in Khoni district. The patrol-investigator met Badri Ugulava - the brother-in-law of Shota Chavchanidze to clarify the situation. Badri Ugulava asked the god-father of his child Temur Berdzenishvili to take him to the meeting with Ugulava by his car. Temer Berdzenishvili took Ugulava to the bus-stop in Kukhi village where about ten men were drinking wine. Ugulava asked about Shotiko Chavchanidze who was not there. Berdzenishvili recognized his relative Giorgi Chankseliani among the boys and started conversation near the car.

Berdzenishvili said in his testimony: “During my conversation with Giorgi the boys started argument; I went towards the car and took out the stick which I always have in my car. I swang the stick and accidentally hit Giorgi Chankseliani. Suddenly I head the shouting – they have killed our man. We got afraid and ran away.”

The argument continued next day near the so-called pond in the village of Akhalbediseuli. Berdzenishvili and Ugulavas arrived at the place with automatic guns. Berdzenishvili wrote in his testimony that he kept the gun as a “sovereign” because it did not work.

Koba Kakauridze is also arrested as an accused who heard the shouting of Berdzenishvili and Chankseliani and suggested Berdzenishvili to reconcile. “Koba Kakaurdize is my family members and my elder friend. He gave advice to me to stop quarrelling with youngsters. Giorgi Chankseliani is much younger than I am; his mother is my neighbor and distant relative,” said Berdzenishvili at the trial who is victim in case materials.

Giorgi Chankseliani is represented at the court by lawyer Madina Tvauri. She asked the investigation: why is Temur Berdzenishvili declared victim in case materials who had not received any physical, moral or financial damage in the incident?

It is interesting that Berdzenishvili personally agreed to remove the victim status from him and confirmed that he had received neither physical, nor financial or moral damage except making testimony at the trial.

One more detail emphasized by the lawyer, is the business endeavor of Berdzenishvili. As it is indicated in the case, Berdzenishvili is a businessman and he was extorted. But, according to the lawyer, neither at the time of the incident, nor later, Berdzenishvili was not doing any business. More, his family falls under the line of poverty and is receives relevant financial assistance.

While searching Berdzenishvili’s home, police confiscated automatic gun which was used for intimidation at “Sagubari.” Despite this, investigation still renders him status of sufferer.

Despite these details, Melkadze is convicted in the attempts of physical liquidation of Berdzenishvili. Secret recordings are filed to the case materials that were presented to Berdzenishvili while being interrogated in the police. In the secret telephone recording, Amiran Melqadze talks to someone named Murman Tsivtsivadze. The case materials indicate that Berdzenishvili recognized both voices. This is surprising, since Berdzenishvili confessed in his testimony that does not know Tsivtsivadze.

Lawyer Madina Tvauri addressed investigation with one more question: why Giorgi Chankseliani was interrogated as a suspect and not as a victim? Investigation doesn’t have an answer to this question yet despite that there is testimony of Berdzenishvili that Chankseliani broke his head with stick.

On the application of prosecutor, the request of interrogation of investigators was submitted to court. Investigator Pridon Gugava stated to court that the testimonies of brother Ugulavas and Berdzenishvili were recorded word by word. But the fact is that the testimonies given to investigation and the court don’t correspond each other. Thus, it is not excluded that the criminal case may be filed against them for giving false testimonies.

Court investigated patrol-investigator Alekandre Kakabadze who stated that he is not aware of events developed after the argument with his countrymen. He requested publicity of his first testimony given to the investigation that he maintained at court.

It should be noted that Kakabadze, Chankseliani and Chavchanadze are from the same village. It was the argument between the patrol-investigator and his countrymen that caused following criminal events.
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