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Content and Discontent IDPs from Karaleti Settlement


Saba Tsitsikashvili, Gori

IDP settlement is getting ready for winter. The residents of Karaleti settlement are satisfied with the renovation of the cottages. However, they will soon see how the renovated houses endure the frost in winter. The Gori office of the Human Rights Center got interested how IDPs prepare for winter.

IDP from Eredvi village Manana Metskhvarishvili said they have problems of heating in winter. “We have ovens on; we have three children at home. They should be in warmth. They have supplied the settlement with the gas but it badly heats our cottages.”

Otar Askilashvili: “I have heart problems. Initially, they aided us with medicines but we have not received any allowances for 4 months already. We are three members in the family. My grandchild goes to school. We have sent two petitions to the ministry of education and requested them to assist us with text-books but they refused – they assist only those people who are extremely impoverished. Are there any people more impoverished than we are? We are content with everything rest. They have renovated our cottages but medicines and food are most important for people.”

Tatiana Jojishvili is an IDP from Vanati: “No aid is delivered to us. My husband is a retired person and we hardly keep our family. We have not warmed our house for several months already. The gas-oven is on all day long but cannot warm the cottage. Our child learns at Gori University. They funded his education until now. Lately I visited the ministry of education in Tbilisi and they told me his tuition will not be covered from the third year. I do not know what we shall do. I have a little child too; he is a school-boy. I hoped they would assist us at least at school; I sent petition but they said it was already late. They gave only several old books to him.

Ketevan Okropiridze from Disevi: “The text-books were given only to those school-children whose families received social allowances. It happened in the 12th form. Luckily a special mini-bus takes children to school. What shall people do? How shall we pay gas-bills, it amounted 100 GEL but they cover only 50 GEL and we will have to pay only half. Anyway, how should we pay even that half bill?”

Gia Tramakidze, from Disevi: “They have renovated our houses but the walls are cracked outside. We are happy that water is not leaking into the house now. They have installed gas-heater in the houses but we cannot turn it on; maybe they should be cleaned. We have not paid electricity bills but paid 103 GEL for gas. Our children are students. Paata Burchuladze (opera singer, head of Charity Organization) funded their tuition fee one year; the NGOs assisted us with medicines. Now, they do not assist us at all. During renovation they gave us one sausage to feed workers. There are four members in the family and nobody works of us; so we live only with the pension.”

Zeinab Turashvili from Eredvi village: “They had brought workers and renovated our cottages. We are satisfied with it. My children go to school; they are pupils of the fifth form. Nobody assisted them. They received free books only last year and this year they said our children were not on the list and could not assist us. We have not paid gas and electricity bills yet and it is a serious relief for us. We receive only social allowance; nothing more.”

Liana Zubashvili from Eredvi village: “Although we are satisfied with the renovation, nobody assists us now. I have many problems but they do not even give us medicines. I receive only 78 GEL per month as a socially disabled person. We warm house with gas but it cannot warm the cottage. We pay the bills for electricity and gas. We have not paid anything only this month. Our children go to Gymnasium. Nobody assists them either. They are transported to school by free mini-bus. We have to cover all other expenses ourselves. They promised us some assistance and repair of the cracked walls.”

Mariam Giunashvili from Disevi village: “I have a husband and a son. Our house was renovated. We are satisfied with everything. We have not received medicines and food yet but we hope they will renew the assistance too. I have grandchildren who learn in Tbilisi. The government pays their tuition fee. So, what else should we need?! We are satisfied with everything. We get social allowance every month.”
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