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Mamuka Akhvlediani February 25th Statement - Prices of Mini-Buses will not Increase

Deputy Head of Tbilisi City Hall Mamuka Akhvlediani stated on February 25 at Tbilisi City Hall session that the prices of new mini-buses will not increase.

On July 15th new Ford type mini-buses appeared in Tbilisi. The price of the mini-buses increased to 80 tetri that caused displeasure in the passengers. However, according to the City Hall, 80 tetri will be only the first ride. The second ride will cost 65 tetri. Socially vulnerable citizens will pay half of the price and the City Hall will cover the rest.

The text of Mamuka Akhvlediani’s statement was published on the official website of Tbilisi City Hall. Interpressnews presents the full text of the statement made on February 25th:

“As you know Tbilisi City Hall announced tender on the mini-buses to arrange the transport system. The winner companies among which the city was divided according to the received scores have been announced. According to the tender terms, the drivers would keep the jobs if they wanted to. The daily payment was determined to be 10 GEL. Besides, the drivers are given opportunity to purchase the mini-buses handed to them by the company during the term of 5 years. According to the tender terms, the price of transportation will not increase which is very important for every Tbilisi resident. There is one more significant news. Starting from this year after the companies start working full time, the socially vulnerable people will be granted with privileges,” – says Mamuka Akhvlediani’s statement.

The passengers who rode in the Ford type mini-buses, state that the comfort and security is welcome. But most of them protest against the price of the transportation – 80 tetri.

The drivers also talk about the discontent regarding the price. As for the working conditions, drivers state that the work has become more comforting for them and they are satisfied with the received payment. According to the drivers, their employer pays them 40 GEL a day.


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