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Bizina Ivanishvili Blames President of “CartuGroup” in Spying for Georgian Government

Bizina Ivanishvili blamed president of CartuGroup Giga Chrdileli in spying for the Government of Georgia. Ivanishvili made the statement in his open letter.

The businessman mentioned Chrdileli in his appeal to the Minister of Interior Vano Merabishvili. He wrote he tried to convince the government of Georgia in his firm decision not to join politics through their spy. Ivanishvili alleged that the government won the CartuGroup’s president over three years ago.

“Your spy believed whatever I told him and then convinced you that I would never join politics. Consequently, you were calm and did not bother about it; that’s why you were shocked by my last statement. You won that person over three years ago and not now. It was the time when we still had good relation with each other. It is your manner and character – you cannot mercy and love anybody!”

“Your spy does not know yet that he was exposed. He will learn about it from newspapers today. He is a good financer and you can take him with you; he will be useful for you. I am speaking about Giga Chrdilelli, the president of CartuGroup,” Ivanishvili wrote.

The businessman warns the government that all their attempts to set up a spy network against him “will fail like this particular one failed.”


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Name: იიიიიი
2012-06-15 03:26
საგოლ მაგარი კაცია ბატონი ბიძინა
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