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Policemen from Samara Beat Young Georgian Man to Death


Police officers from Samara, Russia, beat Mamuka Kakhishvili, 19, was beaten to death.

The incident occurred several days ago, on November 10, 2011 in the Upravlencheski district of the city. Kakhishvili went to the Café “Kaspia” together with his friends. He entered the café to find vacant place but several minutes later he left building because it was closed for another party. Afterwards, the friends held on outside the building for a few seconds to decide where to go.

As Kakhishvili`s friends recall, soon three men went out of the café and approached Mamuka Kakhishvili; they pushed him down the ground, started beating him and even put irons on his hands. Soon other people also joined them from the café and started beating of Kakhishvili’s friends too. Two of them escaped the assaulters and ran away together with their girl-friends. Later, the boys returned to help their friend but it was already late. 

One of the friends, Dimitry Trishkin, who drove car that evening, recalled that he was dragged out of the car and beaten. He said 4-5 people were beating him while 8-10 people were beating Kakhishvili; so he survived unlike Kakhishvili.

A police car arrived at the scene of accident later and threw Mamuka Kakhishvili into the car like a “sand sack.” The police officers in the car noticed that the boy was not breathing. One of the harassers even put a lit cigarette on Kakhishvili’s body to check whether he was alive or not. Kakhishvili did not move.

Afterwards, Kakhishvili was taken to hospital and Trishkin to police station. Kakhishvili’s father Levon recalled that when they arrived at hospital doctors could not save their son any longer. He said he could not even recognize his son.

According to militia, the officers were celebrating their professional day in the cafe and when they saw the boy, they thought it was a person sought by militia. They tried to arrest him but he ran away, they chased him, detained and put him in the car and finally they realized that the boy was dead.
The Kakhishvilis moved to Samara 17 years ago. Mamuka Kakhishvili had his right hand undeveloped and held 2nd level disability status.


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