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Jambulat Tedeev Leaves Russia After Meeting Security Generals

Coach of the Russian national wrestling team Jambulat Tedeev left the Russian Federation after meeting Security members, Tskhinvali’s opposition web site informs. Tedeev was summoned to the federal service of security before leaving Russia. He was alone at the meeting with three generals and a colonel. The generals reminded Tedeev about saving him from death and taking him out of the so called South Ossetia and that they stopped Eduard Kokoity.

Tedeev was also warned that he would be accused of betrayal of the homeland and the security service demanded from him to stop supporting the winning presidential candidate of so called South Ossetia Ala Jioeva and confronting incumbent de-facto President Kokoity and Bibilov.

Tedeev responded by saying that there are no anti-Russian politicians in the so called South Ossetia and Ala Jioeva is the most outstanding among the Ossetian politicians. He considers that Jioeva will not bring shame to Russian policy as Kokoity did. Jioeva’s main supporter also mentioned that nobody saved him and he left Tskhinvali when he decided to do so. Tedeev told Russian generals that he cannot be accused of betrayal as he has two homelands – South Ossetia and Russia and he fought for both of them.

“Tell me how you are better than Georgians – you want to make our people kneel and Ossetian people have been fighting against this for over 20 years and will do so as long as they shall live. We cannot live this way and people will fight for our choice. Your actions have weakened Ossetians’ desire to be with Russians. Some of them think that Russians and Georgians are equal in having this territory without Ossetian people”, Tedeev told Security Generals.

Tedeev offered Security service representatives to arrest him, though it didn’t happen. He left Russia with some of his friends. Tedeev’s surroundings presume that he cannot be accused of betrayal and his murder may be attempted.


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