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Astonishing Facts of Prisoners’ Torture in Prison



On September 18, TV-Companies Maestro and TV 9 spread video-materials of the prisoners’ torture in Gldani Prison # 8. The video-materials show that prison administration members beat, inhumanly treat and rape prisoners with broom.

Before these video-materials were released by TV-companies, the MIA spread statement about the prisoners’ torture. According to the Ministry, Tamaz Tamazashvili, former head of the Kakheti region police department and father of the Georgian Dream’s majoritarian candidate in Dedoplistskaro district, is associated with degrading and inhuman treatment of prisoners.

MIA’s detective Nika Kobakhidze said the obtained evidence proved that Tamaz Tamazashvili had ordered the prison personnel to organize inhuman treatment of prisoners, to video-record this fact in exchange of solid sums.

“At this stage of investigation and from the retrieved evidences, it became clear that initial contact with a client was provided by Tamaz Tamazashvili and then by means of Tamaz Elizbarashvili,” Kobakhidze said.

The MIA alleges that During searching activities held in the cabinet of Levan Purtskhvanidze police detected video materials depicting inhumane treatment exercised against prisoners and 17 000 USD. It is supposed that besides the above mentioned material there are other video records of the same character.

In the course of investigation Levan Purtskhvanidze, the head of security section, Levan Pkhaladze, section inspector Boris Parulava, were pronounced as an accused for committing the motioned crime and detained.  As for Vladimer Bedukadze, he was currently announced as wanted. Investigation is in progress.

According to MIA, On the basis of operative information received from Gldani N8 prison an investigation was launched upon the fact of degrading or inhumane treatment against prisoners from the side of certain penitentiary department employees.

As a result of investigative activities jointly conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Penitentiary Department, it was ascertained that Levan Purtskhvanidze, the head of security section, Vladimer Bedukadze, an operative duty inspector (dismissed from the occupied position in May 2012) and several individuals under their influence have exercised inhumane treatment against prisoners and made video records according to previously elaborated plot.

Besides that, MIA handed video-materials of prisoners’ beating to media representatives.

Deputy Minister of Interior Shota Khizanishvili clarified to journalists that this video-material is less horrible than the investigation holds.

He added that it is not recommended to show these videos to children. Khizanishvili clarified to journalists in private that Tamaz Tamazashvili’s intention was to discredit the government and the penitentiary department though the investigation will prove everything in future.

On September 18, Minister of Corrections and Legal Aid Khatuna Kalmakhelidze stated that chairman of the penitentiary department Davit Chakua was sacked.

As a follow up of the released video-materials, citizens organized protest assemblies in Tbilisi and various regions of Georgia; this protest still continues and participants demand liability of the chief prosecutor of Georgia and Minister of Interior alongside Kalmakhelidze’s resignation.

Early in the morning, President Mikheil Saakashvili made urgent statement.

“What happened in Gldani prison is shocking. All, organizers and executors, deserve strictest punishment. Police has already detained the majority of culprits and the rest will also be punished. MIA was estimating links between famous criminals and offenders. I want to tell victims of this crime that Georgia, which I am building with others, will not put up with similar crimes; neither any climate which might cause something like this Georgia will not put up with cruelty, impudence which we have all witnessed. We have not fought against organized crimes to witness similar crimes in penitentiary system after we have eradicated it in police. All, who were responsible for preventing such facts, will be dismissed, while those who committed this crime, will spent many years in prison,” Saakashvili said.

According to him, new Georgia is separated from the violence that was happening in the past. “We left all this behind and we will not put up with repetition of this in new Georgia. I commissioned relevant agencies to act quickly and to find and detain culprits. They should represent information to the society which is demanding response from state agencies. I will personally ensure protection of human rights in this system. In the country, that we are building, everybody has right to fair and worthy treatment. Our state is based on respect of human rights and honor, and we will put an end to this violence,” Mikheil Saakashvili said.

In the morning of September 19, Minister Khatuna Kalmakhelidze filed resignation statement to the Prime Minister.

Videomaterials contain horrible scenes and children are not recommended to watch it

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