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Protest in front of Telasi Office



On October 19, part of employees of Telasi Service Centers requested resignation of the company’s commercial director Zurab Arsoshvili during the protest rally in front of the central office of Telasi (Tbilisi Electricity Distribution Company). According to protesters, employees of 15 branch offices of Telasi went on strike. Their colleagues, who were sacked two months ago, also joined the rally; they requested return to their working places.

Former head of Isani service office Lasha Kvachadze said about 150 people were sacked from Telasi after Zurab Arsoshvili was appointed to the position of commercial director. Former law enforcement officers have replaced them in Telasi.

Employees-on-strike and their fired colleagues protested establishment of police system and low salaries in the company.

Part of Telasi’s personnel claim the central office demanded controllers to collect information about subscribers. Employees of the Mtatsminda-Krtsanisi Service Center said on October 18, every branch office received blanks from the central office which contained the list of data controllers had to collect about subscribers.

They allege that controllers were instructed to collect information about ID numbers, phone numbers, email and working places of subscribers. This instruction was to be issued at the meeting on October 19 but since employees and branch office manager Giorgi Gomarteli had argument, the meeting postponed.

Telasi commercial director Zurab Arsoshvili denied information which claimed that employees’ of Mtatsminda-Krtsanisi business-center had also joined the protest of sacked employees.

He evaluated the accusations of the company’s former employees as speculation. Arsoshvili said nobody was illegally sacked from Telasi and those people complain now who did not want to work honestly.

“When we came in office, we offered everybody, including senior employees, to give up corruptive deals and bring their networks and unsanctioned attachments in order. Most of them accepted our proposal and started to follow new regulations and requirements. Small part, whom we are speaking about now, did not wish to work honestly. Now they will not be able to fine the violator subscribers from whom they used to extort money. So, part of them quitted job based on their own wish and filed resignation letters. But we fired another part of employees, whose work was not satisfactory for us,” Arsoshvili said.

He clarified that employees with dissatisfactory working results will be periodically fired and he, as a commercial director has authority to fire them.

“As for political views, it is speculation because people with different political affiliations still work in Telasi and they will continue working tomorrow too. Nino Tivadze, who is most active protester, was known among her colleagues as the National Movement’s members, but nowadays apparently it is not in fashion. As for political revenge, it is absurd because Tivadze’s sister Tamar still works at a high position in Telasi,” Zurab Arsoshvili added.

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