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Press-Conference about Constitutional Lawsuit at Human Rights Center

Tomorrow, on December 25, at 12:00 pm, Human Rights Center will hold a press-conference about its constitutional lawsuit lodged to the Constitutional Court of Georgia.

Human Rights Center carries out long-term monitoring of the Georgian Parliamentary Elections of October 1. In the frame of this project, HRC lodged a constitutional lawsuit to the Constitutional Court of Georgia where Ucha Nanuashvili and Mikheil Sharashidze were applicants.

The constitutional lawsuit appeals against constitutionality of formation rule of single-mandate majoritarian election districts for the parliamentary elections of Georgia regulated by Article 110 Part I and II(1)  of the Election Code of Georgia with regard to Article 14(2)  and Article 28(3) Part I  of the Constitution of Georgia. 

In accordance to the constitutional lawsuit, there is significant difference between numbers of registered voters in single-mandate election districts and it contradicts the principle of equality guaranteed by Article 14 of the Constitution of Georgia.

Namely, 5 810 voters elect majoritarian MP in single mandate election Kazbegi district # 29 whilst 128 545 voters elect one majoritarian MP in Saburtalo DEC # 3. Thus, number of registered voters in Kazbegi DEC is 22 times more valuable than votes of voters registered in Saburtalo DEC. Authors of the constitutional lawsuit believe the aforementioned circumstances breach the equality principle guaranteed by the Constitution of Georgia including the principle of equality between voters’ votes that discriminates voters in accordance to their places of residence.

Human Rights Center 

1. (Part I: “For the elections of the Parliament of Georgia, 73 single-mandate majoritarian election districts shall be set up, including 10 majoritarian election districts in Tbilisi.” Part II: For the Parliamentary elections, each municipality (self-governing city, district), except for Tbilisi, shall be a single-mandate majoritarian election district.)

2.  Article 14 of the Constitution of Georgia: “Everyone is free by birth and is equal before law regardless of race, colour, language, sex, religion, 
political and other opinions, national, ethnic and social belonging, origin, property and title, place of residence.”

3. Constitution of Georgia, Article 28, Part I: “Every citizen of Georgia who has attained the age of 18 shall have the right to participate in referendum or elections of state and self-government bodies. Free expression of the will of electors shall be guaranteed.”
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