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Rustavi Media Management Company to Lodge Administrative Suit to Appeal Court

On February 4, at the Appeal Court of Georgia the Rustavi Media Management Company is going to appeal the decision issued by Tbilisi City Court according to which Rustavi Media Management Company is to pay GEL 1,300,000 to the channel for the damage inflicted to Maestro TV-owned technical equipments, Rustavi Media Management Company lawyer Gocha Svanidze told Media.ge.

Maestro TV sued Erosi Kitsmarishvili’s Rustavi Media Management Company for the damage of TV-Company owned equipment on 5 December 2011 and requested compensation of GEL 1,800,000. Tbilisi City Court partially upheld Maestro TV’s lawsuit.

“I am astonished. The probability that this complaint was not upheld in either way. Maestro is considered as the television of the winning people and conjectural fear is in place towards the company. Everybody should come round. We should judge according to law instead of louder yelling on TV air,” said Gocha Svanidze reporting to Media.Ge.

There is another court dispute on between Rustavi Media Management Company and Maestro as well. The company, under the motive of ungrounded abrogation of the contracts, demanded Maestro to pay out the compensation of GEL 2, 500, 000 and reimbursement of the money invested in the TV Company. 

http://www.media.ge/en/stories/courtdismissescomplaintl Tbilisi City Court declined the complaint lodged by Erosi Kitsmarishvili’s company. Rustavi Media Management Company, Svanidze said, is going to appeal this decision too. “We got the court’s decision few days ago, after getting well acquainted with it we are going to lodge relevant appeal,” he clarified.

Relations between the Management Company and Studio Maestro tensed on 30 November 2011.  At that time Erosi Kitsmarishvili and several other persons intruded the TV-Company building and occupied it.  TV-Company operation was paralyzed due to the incident.


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